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Over the last twenty years, we have collected and produced a number of documents – fully fledged articles, notes, pdf files, scans, transcriptions – only a few of which are currently available for browsing.


Over the next several months, we will expand this part of our web presence, together with a rational search capability. In the meanwhile, we have tried to subdivide the content into categories and chapters, some obvious, some a little more obscure. Suggestions would be welcomed.

Our target date for quasi-completion is end of July 2021; however, new material will be added on a regular basis.



We make every effort to respect copyright and intellectual property; if any author feels that we have unintentionally impinged on their rights, please advise us, and we will correct matters very expeditiously.

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This is currently (April 2020) a work in progess, to rationalise, facilitate and expand our exiting page at the Naval Marine Archive. Some pages are very recent, some date back twenty years and may or may not have been reviewed and/or edited recently; we appreciate any suggestions for improvements.