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Yachts and yachting:

Allan Nye Scott - a County (and Quinte) boatbuilder
      Nye Yachts - an article from the County Magazine.
Hullmaster 31 - a Ted Brewer design
Atalanta versus Mischief - Canadian challenge for the America's Cup 1881
George Herrick Duggan - a most successful Canadian yacht designer
Harmsworth programme 1961 Prince Edward Yacht Club
The yacht Leda - a Concordia by C. Raymond Hunt
Magedoma - Cangarda - ready to restore
Merriman - 1928 catalog G - early bronze wiches for sailing yachts
Philip R. Marett - yacht designer, 1820-1857, notes
Red Jacket - a design by George Cuthbertson, 1966
Roderick Stephens, 1909-1995

Wooden boats:

Coquina - a Herreshoff, built by Bob Davis
Stormy Weather - a history of her early days, with drawings and some photographs of her later career.
Stormy returns to Antigua - a local press report.
Pickle was not "HMCS" - the story od a well loved sail-training yacht
Distribution of shipworms (Bivalvia: Teredinidae) in the New Zealand region by J. L. McKoy

Signals, flags, burgees and yacht clubs:

Evolution of Signal Flags - contains further pages on various signal codes: single letter, Marryat and international, as well as illustrations.
Commercial Code - Captain Marryat's enduring signal code.

Indexes and extracts from journals and magazines:

Rudder magazine: some articles in .pdf format
Rudder magazine index: a more detailed index of our Rudder collection.
Rudder magazine designs: an index of designs and designers in our Rudder collection.
Sail magazine: description and partial index of our Sail magazine collection.
WoodenBoat magazine: "The Magazine for Wooden Boat Owners, Builders and Designers."
WoodenBoat magazine: an index of articles and boats...
Yachting magazine: some articles in .pdf format
Olin J. Stephens: interview by George Cuthbertson

Power boats:

Power Boat Racing - Gold Cup and Harmsworth
Gold Cup - 1976
Huckins 34' Fairform Flyer, by the PT Boat yard

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