The bibliographic entries for our bibliographic holding in the main catalogue can be found here. They contain a few entries on book collecting and preservation.

Bibliography by author:

Anderson, Roger Charles - bibliography
James Barnes (1866-1936) - bibliography and notes
Bernoulli, Daniel - notes and bibliography
Bourinot, Sir John George
John Calnan and family - from County Cork to Prince Edward County
Cristobal de las Casas 1583 dictionary
Chapelle, Howard Irving
Dana, Richard Henry - Two years before the mast
Forester, C. S. - notes and bibliography
Sir Peter Johnson - biographical notes and bibliography
Kemp, Dixon - Yacht designer and writer
Lossing, Benson John - notes and bibliography
Lubbock, Alfred Basil - some biographical notes and bibliography
Norie, John William and a note on his navigational tables
Pease, Howard - bibliography
Pope, Dudley - Short biography and bibliography
Pope, Dudley - the introduction by Christpher McKee to "The Black Ship"
Slocum, Joshua - Sailing alone around the world.
Snider, C.H.J. - bibliography
"Taffrail" - Captain Henry Taprell Dorling, D.S.O, R.N., bibliography
Villiers, Alan J. - bibliography, and some biographical notes, and a summary of our holdings

Bibliography by subject :

Bibliographic terminology
Ballantine Illustrated History of the Second World War II - includes WWI (short series)
James Barnes (1866-1936) - bibliography
Balloons and dirigables - Charles Emery Rosendahl
Cable laying - cable laying ships and telegraphy
Chronicles of Canada - a major work
Cristobal de las Casas 1583 dictionary Toscano-Castellano
"Dave Dawson" series - WWII junior aeronautical fiction, by R. Sidney Bowen.
Early French texts - many naval, some merchant, by Gérard Delacroix.
Glenora ferries - references to the Glenora to Adolphustown ferries.
Historic Kingston - index - the journal of the Kingston Historical Society.
Nelson, Admiral Horatio - Reference
Nelson's times in fiction - Hornblower, Ramage and Aubrey-Maturin : C.S. Forester, D. Pope and P. O'Brian
Navy Records Society List
Privateering and piracy - a note on papers presentated at the ICMH, 1975.
The Royal Cruising Club - Journals, and associated Roving Commissions.
Shanty Bibliography - shanties (chanteys) and songs of the sea
The War of the Rebellion (Armies) (American Civil War)
The War of the Rebellion (Navies) (American Civil War)
"Seafarers" series - by Time-Life, various authors.
"What Life was like" Series - by Time-Life, 18 vols., bibliography
"World War II" Series - by Time-Life, - 39 vols., bibliography

Reviews, commentaries, etc :

100 Years of Our Navy - The Naval Service of Canada, 1910-2010, by R.H. Gimblett.
100 Years of Our Navy - All the Ship's Men, by Sherry Pringle.

Documents, etc :