Research – merchant ships and shipping


Canadian Merchant Navy losses - during the Second World War
The MV Derbyshire - 2001 enquiry into her sinking, D. Faulkner, FRINA.
Fishing Ports and Port Registration Letters - European fishing vessel data.
Four masted ships - list based on a note in the Mariner's Mirror, 1933.
The Fitment and Decoration of Ships from the "Great Eastern" to the "Queen Mary".
Guillotine - Ship launching - response to a query from MarHst-l
The Jalbhut – a typical and fairly common form of dhow
The Lennie mutiny - an analysis of a somewhat rare occurence
Muscat dhows (English) || français - Muscat dhows: 1904 decision on French flagging.
Blue book of American shipping -- marine and naval directory; statistics of shipping and shipbuilding in America.

Journals and magazines

The American Neptune - A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History, and Arts (includes index.)
Marines: Yachting - Guerre - Commerce - bi-monthly, French langauge.
Sea Breezes - the ship lover's magazine; includes a partial index of our collection.
Merchant navy, merchant marine - some references to our periodical holdings.

Shanties, songs of the sea, and a tall tale

Sea shanties
Shanty Bibliography
The schooner BIGLER - a slow boat with a jubaju; five versions of a song about her
Johnny Crapaud - sea shanties and more.
Cheerily Man - the shanty Nancy Dawson or Sally Rackett
The Edmund Fitzgerald - the song of her loss
The Saga of the "WIFE OF BATH" Piano - humour for marine historians


Bentinck boom
Capstan, cabestan, barbotin
City of Madras
Clipper ship early origins - a note by John Lyman in v. xxx of The Mariner's Mirror (1944)
Copper sheathing - some notes on its origins
Seaworthiness of Sailing Rafts - an article by Edwin Doran, 1978


The Bounty's anchor - a note in The Mariner's Mirror v. xliii
Cruikshank illustration for Smollett - Roderick Random
Davy Jones - and his locker
Dictionary of Sea Terms - from Darcy Lever's Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor
Le Havre - French port (history, etc)
Holms, A Campbell, Practical shipbuilding; 1916, pdf file spar making, rivetting; also see catalogue entry.
Marine propulsion - rotating nozzle - Eaton's U.S. Patent No. 21,825 (19 October 1858)
Mast partners
Merchant Navy - badges use in the mercant navy
Smith and Rhuland, Lunenburg, NS
SOS, CQD and other emergency signals
Squilgee, squillgee, squillagee, squeegee
Tall Ships - what are they?
Rainbow Warrior
Ropner Shipping Company - fleet list
W.H. Cockerline Fleet
Roundhouse and "Kidnapped"
The North American Fisheries - as described in 1854
Russell, John Scott: John Scott Russell; early wave theory
Salt in Marine Boilers - from Henry Evers, LL.D., Steam and the Steam Engine, 1873.
Titanic in white
Worm, parcel and serve various notes

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