Research – local, Quinte, Great Lakes and Canadian

Regional, Prince Edward County, Quinte:

Prince Edward County - the origins of the name
Prince Edward County - some titles referring to the County and Quinte region
Picton harbour - some eaarly drawings and photographs, local ships in the harbour
Point Petre, Prince Edward County - the origins of the name
Hay Bay Tragedy - a terrible loss of life in 1882
Moses Dulmage
Naval Marine Archive at the Victory - 'Treasure Trove' as described by the Wellington Times, August 2021
Claude W. Cole - the King of Main Duck Island
Rathbun shipyard (Deseronto) - short history, 1865-1889
Main Duck Island - a very short history of this part of the "Graveyard of Lake Ontario"
The Calnan family - from Glandore, Ireland, to Prince Edward County
Scotch Bonnet Lighthouse - its origins and decline

The following three references are composed of mutiple pages developed by summer students:

Early settlers to Prince Edward County
Barley Days - includes some early ships, Tait, Hepburn and more
Water quality - updated 2020

Great Lakes:

St Clair River [Great Lakes] - cartography
Ghosts of the Great Lakes - ships, barges and a lighthouse keeper, the recollections of Rowley Murphy.
Journal of Captain Walter Butler - on a Voyage along the North Shore of Lake Ontario, from the 8th to the 16th of March, 1779.
The Cruise of the Nymph - 1904 Mss transcription, 32' yacht cirumnavigation of Lake Ontario
Toronto Harbour - the rare last four chapters by H. Scadding (multiple pages)
Welland Canal - a short history with sketch maps and photographs
William Johnson - pirate of the St. Lawrence

Ships and shipping lines:

Detailed data sheets - Picton built ships, from Registry entries and multiple other sources
Schooner BAVARIA - after her stranding, Galloo Island, November 1889, and the Enquiry.
The schooner BIGLER - a slow boat with a jubaju; five versions of a song about her
Schooner C. GEARING
Schooner DAN WILLIAMS (other names: Alexander, Mary Gormally)
The two-masted schooner KATIE ECCLES and three-masted schooner OLIVER MOWAT Benjamin Ioset's "Stage 2 Research Report of the 2019 Last Schooners Project" (Texas A&M University)
Sailing barge KINGHORN
Schooner NANCY - the Letters of John Ross Richardson (OHS)
Schooner NANCY - "The story of the Nancy" by Col. E. Cruickshank (OHS)
Schooner PICTON - press report of a a bad weather incident, 1879
Schooner PICTON - press report of her loss, 1900
The PRINCE EDWARD - a Murney ship
The SOUTHERN BELLE - ex-Rothesay Castle
The SUCCESS - convict ship
Schooner W.J. SUFFEL - accident report, Oswego, 6 August 1887
Shipping lines:
Shipping lines - based or trading in Quinte
Bateau, (batteau) (battoe) - early transport, rivers and Great Lakes
Captain Nelson Palmatier, 1854-1937 - early memories of the rescue of the crew of the schooner St. George
Early shipping in Prince Edward County
Early Sail Vessels and Steamboats on Lake Erie - 1881, Francis A. Dewey
The Edmund Fitzgerald - the song of her loss
First steam ships on the Great Lakes - some brief notes
"First Steamer on the Great Lakes" - Richard F. Palmer (with permission), Inland Seas, Spring 1988
Early steamships on the Great Lakes - Fred Erving Dayton, 1929
Glenora ferries: (i) Early years, (ii) Later years and (iii) bibliography
Marine losses on the Great Lakes 1854

"Schooner Days" by C.H.J. Snider in the Toronto Evening Telegram

"Schooner Days" by C.H.J. Snider - index of available articles.
Some notes about C.H.J. Snider and a bibliography of his published books.
C.H.J. Snider - a more complete biography of C.H.J. Snider.

Mariners' Service:

Mariners' Service, Prince Edward County; a brief history
A wave is born

The Silver Covenant Chain

Meeting on the River of life - Announcement of the original exhibition, 2009.
Meeting on the River of life - the opening of the exhibition, 2009.
Meeting on the River of life - The two Row Wampum belt and the Silver Covenant Chain (short summary).
Meeting on the River of life - The two Row Wampum belt and the Silver Covenant Chain (full background).

Other articles of first nation interest

Hunting and fishing and the Crown, evolving definitions - legal documents
Inner man Dr. Peter Martin - white man, or, Oronhyateka - Mohawk indian?
"Our Caughnawagas in Egypt" - By Louis Jackson, of Caughnawage, Captain of the Contingent, 1884-1885.
Bull boats
Canoes, Canadian aboriginal - F.W. Waugh, Canadian Field-Naturalist, vol. XXXIII, no.2, May 1919.
Intertribal Warfare Precursor of Indian-White Warfare on the Northern Great Plains; John C. Ewers, 1975.


These pages refer to Benjamin Hallowell, the father, R.N Officer and head of Customs in Boston at the time of the Tea Party; his son and namesake, who became one of Lord Nelson's "band of brothers"; HMCS Hallowell, a WWII Flower class corvette. The Naval Marine Archives' building, The Victory, is located on part of the original Ontario land grant to Hallowell.