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The War of 1812

President Madison of the United States formally declared war against Great Britain on 18 June 1812. The Treaty of Ghent was signed 24 December 2014, but took a while longer to be ratified and promulgated, the last action taking place on 30 June 1815 (US sloop Peackock attacking the British merchantman Nautilus.) Two centuries of historical writings have demonstrated much partisanship, the general conclusion being that neither side won, the losers being the indigenous peoples of North America.

The War of 1812 – a bibliographic starting point for research
Books, articles and documents – with grateful recognition of the late Robert Malcomson's assistance
Gunboats of the War of 1812
The Shannon and the Chesapeake – 1 June 1813, War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent – the end of the War of 1812
Our main library catalogue entry for works on the War of 1812.

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