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Guide to Sources for Research into the Royal Canadian Air Force

The intent of this guide is to provide a list of authoritative reference materials to introduce researchers to the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Since it would be impracticable to include the full list of several hundred titles (which continues to grow), the emphasis is on histories that are considered as thoroughly researched and reliable for use in the study of the history and heritage of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

These volumes are held in the NMA Collections, and indeed duplicates of many are available for purchase. The links [titles in bold blue text] are to the original publication data.

  1. Major works - this page is populated
  2. Authorised Accounts - started
  3. Commemorative Histories - started
  4. Conference Proceedings and Essay Collections - subdivision to follow
  5. Standard references - started
  6. Aircraft Histories - subdivision to follow
  7. On-line Collections - subdivision to follow


This is currently (February 2021) a work in progess, to rationalise, facilitate and expand our existing page at the Naval Marine Archive. Some pages are very recent, some date back twenty years and may or may not have been reviewed and/or edited recently; we appreciate any suggestions for improvements.