The schooner ROBERT McDONALD (1890)


Formerly PARTHENON, schooner 1873; later ROBERT McDONALD steambarge 1907.

Port of Picton Registry, Number 1 of 1890 :

Name: ROBERT McDONALDType: Schooner
Official Number: 94921Register tons: 90
Where Built: Picton Port of Registry / Hail: Picton
Build Year: 1890Value:
Builder’s Name: A.W. Hepburn
Length: 70 feetBreadth: 19 feet
Depth of Hold: 6 feet 6 inchesMasts:2
Stern: Bowsprit:
How Built: How Rigged:
Figure-head: Decks: One
Subscibing owners: John W. Hyatt including Robert McDonald





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  1. 1892, June 22: Owned by Hyatt, McDonald, & Matthews.
    1899, June 16: Owned by Hyatt & Alonzo Matthews.
    1902, January 14: Owned by Alonzo Matthews, Charlotte, Ontario.
    1906, October 27: Owned by Stirling Orr & J. Eves, Kingston, Ontario.
    1907, Rebuilt as steambarge/tug?, 96’ Length x 19’ Beam x 6’ Depth. 97 Gross Tons, 50 Net Tons.
    1919, Sank in Picton Harbour, Ontario, Lake Ontario and later abandoned
    1920, Dismantled.
  2. Schooner: ROBERT McDONALD Built: 1890 Where Built: Picton New Tonnage: 70 Built By: Hepburn Port of Hail: Picton Owners: MacDonald & Company.
  3. ROBERT McDONALD. Other Names: May have been former schooner PARTHENON. Official No. 94921; Type at Loss: propeller, wood, freighter; Build Info: 1890 by Hepburn at Picton, Ontario, as a schooner-barge. Specs: 96’ x 19 x. 97 tons Date of Loss: 1919. Place of Loss; Picton Lake: Ontario Type of Loss: Sank. Details - Sank in harbour and was abandoned. Converted from 2 masted schooner to steam in 1907. (mmgl.csv.)

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. Many references to the schooner Picton appear in C.H.J Snider's work:
    Schooner Days CCLXVIII (268) ""
    Schooner Days, DCVII (607) ""

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