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Oct:1974	1	 Traditional Boatbuilder's Tools,  Building a Sharpie,  Red & White Oaks,  A Modified Friendship.	tba
Nov/Dec '74	2	 The Lincolnville Wherry,  A Smoky Mountains Dory,  Electrical Installations,  The Decay of Wood in Boats,  The Maine Sloop. 	tba
Jan/Feb '75	3	 Racing Skipjacks on the Chesapeake,  Inspecting the Bilge,  The Cape Cod Catboat,  ALMA,  a San Francisco Scow Schooner. 	tba
Mar/Apr '75	4	 The Bath Marine Museum Apprenticeshop,  Scottish Fishing Boat Conversions,  Cold-Molded Construction,  Pete Culler on Boatbuilding.	tba
May/Jun '75	5	 The Mystic Seaport Small Craft,  Building a Whitehall from Lofting through Finishing,  Au Sable River Boats,  Building a Tancook Whaler,  Part I. 	tba
July/Aug '75	6	 Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe,  John Gardner on Marine Museums,  The Great Pacific Boatworks.	tba
Sept/Oct '75	7	 Estimating Construction Costs,  Cold-Molded Construction,  The Building of a Tancook Whaler,  Instant Boats,  ACTIVE to England. --Note: There was no Nov/Dec '75 Issue of WoodenBoat-- 	tba
Jan/Feb '76	8	 The Original Knockabouts,  Documentation Primer,  Ashcroft Construction,  Small Craft Restoration,  St. Lawrence Yawls. 	tba
Mar/April '76	9	 Rediscovering Hackmatack,  Mason Boat Works,  Barbados Boatbuilding,  Domestic Woods,  Part I: . 	tba
May/June '76	10	 Imported Woods,  Part II: ,  A Pro on Painting,  Folkboats Revisited,  Runabouts,  Seasoning Science. 	tba
July/Aug '76	11	 Understanding,  Appreciating,  Preventing Rot,  Some Thoughts on Lofting,  The Nearly Forgotten Art of Making Planes,  Teak Decks. 	tba
Sept/Oct '76	12	 An Intro to Refastening,  The Essence of Lofting,  A Winter Storage Primer,  Clamps & Cleverness,  The Bass Boat. 	tba
Nov/Dec '76	13	 Winter Layup,  Making Molds,  Leaks Are Lousy,  Keeping the Structure Together,  West Coast Traditions.	tba
Jan/Feb '77	14	 The Rabbet,  Saw Cuts,  No Wrinkles: Canvasing the Deck,  The Incredible Herreshoff Dugout,  Setting Up. 	tba
Mar/April '77	15	 Watertight: A Simple Teak Deck,  The Fine Art of Stripping Paint,  Ribbands,  Timbering Out,  The Venetian Gondola,  Pouring the Lead Keel. 	tba
May/June '77	16	 The Construction of GOLDEN DAZY,  Repairing a Cruiser Transom,  An Expert's Views on Varnishing,  Planking the Maine Lobsterboat.	tba
July/Aug '77	17	 New Frontiers: The Pacific Northwest,  Evaluating Sheathing Materials,  Italy's Premier Boatbuilders,  Surfboating on the Jersey Shore.	tba
Sept/Oct '77	18	 Building the Adirondack Guideboat,  Another Bolger Triumph,  New England's Lowells and Their Dories,  ENDLESS SUMMER.	tba
Nov/Dec '77	19	 Sailing Canoes of Polynesia,  The Banks Dory,  Taking Off Lines,  The Wooden Boat Festival.	tba
Jan/Feb '78	20	 Make Your Own Rudder,  Repairing the Cabintop,  St. Lawrence Rowing Skiffs,  The Life and Times of ColinArcher.	tba
Mar/April '78	21	 Maintaining the Seams and Topsides,  How to Understand Boat Plans,  A Wooden Submarine,  BuildingRacing Shells.	tba
May/June '78	22	 Deck Canvasing: The State of the Art,  Practical Bottom Maintenance,  Classic Cruisers: Power & Sail,  The Versatile Leeboard.	tba
July/Aug '78	23	 A Norwegian Boatbuilding School,  Electrolysis-Debunking the Myths,  The Classic Speedboats of LakeTahoe,  Multihulls.	tba
Sept/Oct '78	24	 A Sailing Whitehall,  The Genius of Laurent Giles,  Getting the Feel of Caulking,  Cold Molding: APowerboat for Today.	tba
Nov/Dec '78	25	 Living Aboard,  Cornish Gigs,  WHITEHAWK Under Sail,  Leaking Decks. 26,  Herreshoff's Rozinante,  How to Build a Classic Dinghy,  Surveying,  Cold-Molding in the West. 	tba
Mar/April '79	27	 New England's Oldest Dory Shop,  Professional Quality Maintenance,  Sailing Peapods,  Pete Culler's Workshop.	tba
Jan/Feb '79	26	Surveyors and surveying, building your own classic dinghy, how to sink and save a classic boat, sailing the Herrshoff rozinante, drascombe boats	tba
May/June '79	28	 William Hand's Motorsailers,  Norwegian Boatbuilding,  Lumber Forecast,  Bedding Compounds.	tba
July/Aug '79	29	 Design Competition Results,  Classic Runabouts Today,  Rebuilding the Wood & Canvas Canoe,  Friendship Sloops Under Sail.	tba
Sept/Oct '79	30	 Winter Layup,  The San Francisco Pelican,  Bow Chocks,  The Reliable One-Lunger.	tba
Nov/Dec '79	31	 Working Sail Returns,  Heating Your Boat with Wood,  Falmouth Oyster Boats,  Finish Off a Flat-Bottomed Skiff.	tba
Jan/Feb '80	32	 Simple Tools for Simple Boats,  Restoring a St. Lawrence Skiff,  John Alden's Yachts,  Understanding Marine Electrical Systems.	tba
Mar/April '80	33	 Making Half Models,  Nathanael Herreshoff,  The JOHN F. LEAVITT.	tba
May/June '80	34	 An Exquisite Yacht Tender,  Festival Season,  Cold-Molded Metamorphosis.	tba
July/Aug '80	35	 Herreshoff's New York Thirties,  St. Pierre Dory,  Restoring a Working Skipjack.	tba
Sept/Oct '80	36	 Understanding Marine Insurance,  The Birchbark Canoe Lives On,  How to Build a Seaworthy SailingCanoe,  The Versatile Swampscott Dory.	tba
Nov/Dec '80	37	 The Alaska Limit Seiner,  The History of Small Yacht Design,  Part I,  Finishing of the Seaworthy SailingCanoe,  Milling Your Own Lumber. 	tba
Jan/Feb '81	38	 The Oldest Known Boat in the World,  The Preservation of Ships and Skills,  The Remarkable HerreshoffMEADOW LARK,  Boats to Build from a Kit.	tba
Mar/April '81	39	 The Maine Schooner,  Making Patterns for Castings,  More Boats from Kits,  Stem Repairs andReplacements.	tba
May/June '81	40	 An Interview with John Gardner,  Spring Outfitting with a Pro,  Singlehanding an Old Gaffer,  The Last Wooden Shipbuilding Boom.	tba
July/Aug '81	41	 Yachting's Cutter Craze,  Build a Classic Plywood Dory,  Restoring a Runabout,  Narrowboats of Great Britain.	tba
Sept/Oct '81	42	 Planking the Plywood Dory,  Sailing Workboats for the Future,  Wooden Yachts That Earn Their Keep,  ASurvey of Boatbuilding Schools.	tba
Nov/Dec '81	43	 The Sea Bird Yawl Revisited,  Teaching Yourself to Build Boats,  Newport's First Wooden Boat Show,  Finishing Off the Plywood Dory.	tba
Jan/Feb '82	44	 A New Classic Runabout,  SEA BIRD's Atlantic Crossing,  Maritime Preservation,  Comparing Carvel andCold-Molded Construction.	tba
Mar/April '82	45	 Classics in Sail and Power,  Boatbuilding Woods ,  Vic Carpenter,  A Seaworthy Plywood Tender.	tba
May/June '82	46	 Laying a Tight Deck,  Details of Outstanding Craftsmanship,  English Maritime Museums,  Planking aPlywood Tender.	tba
July/Aug '82	47	 Saw Sharpening,  Tough Competition from Wooden Daysailers,  A Penny-Pinching Power Cruiser,  Craftsmanship on Deck.	tba
Sept/Oct '82	48	 Early Runabouts,  The Northwest's Frank Prothero,  An Inexpensive Boat Shelter You Can Build,  KeepingPower Saws Sharp.	tba
Nov/Dec '82	49	 The Masterful Work of Malcolm Brewer,  Small Boatbuilding,  Norwegian Style,  Quick & Dirty Boatbuilding,  Replacing the Keel. 	tba
Jan/Feb '83	50	 San Francisco's Nunes Brothers,  Cutting Your Own Natural Crooks,  Boats and Builders in Ireland,  Improving a Classic Dinghy.	tba
Mar/April '83	51	 Conversations with Bud McIntosh,  Restoring a Burned-Out Yacht,  John Gardner's Plywood Bateau,  Building the Wayfarer Dinghy Kit.	tba
May/June '83	52	 Lesson from a Great Lakes Schooner,  A Cold-Molded Rejuvenation,  Elegant Launches from Venice,  Building the Concordia Beetle Cats.	tba
July/Aug '83	53	 Making Gaff Rig Work to Windward,  Folding Boats at Sea,  An Elegant Classic,  Plank Repair andReplacement.	tba
Sept/Oct '83	54	 Build AMERICA's Half Model,  Plywood Boats for Oar & Paddle,  Winter Covers,  Auxiliary Engines: Diesel& Gas.	tba
Nov/Dec '83	55	 L. Francis Herreshoff,  The Schooner WANDER BIRD,  Restoring Molded Wooden Boats,  The GreatestLittle Motorboat.	tba
Jan/Feb '84	56	 The First Planing Power Cruisers,  A Classic in Lapstrake Plywood,  The Sharpie for All Seasons,  Restoring a Herreshoff 12 1/2.	tba
Mar/April '84	57	 One Ultimate Wooden Yacht,  Sailing the Bermuda Dinghy,  Restoration to the Highest Standards,  Making Your Boat Tight Again.	tba
May/June '84	58	 Getting Into Kayaks,  Sailing the Tancook Schooner,  Steam-Bending as a Science,  Modern Wooden Shipbuilding.	tba
July/Aug '84	59	 An Amphibious Cat-Ketch,  Outlook for World Timber,  Hawaii's Koa Canoes,  On Glues and Gluing.	tba
Sept/Oct '84	60	 How to Buy a Wooden Boat,  The Perfect Pram,  Cold-Molded Sheathing,  Celebration of Wooden Boats.	tba
Nov/Dec '84	61	 Build a Fast Plywood Single Shell,  A High-Performance River Boat,  Step-by-Step Cold-Molded Sheathing,   QQA Legacy of Ship Preservation.	tba
Jan/Feb '85	62	 Step-by-Step Traditional Teak Grates,  Lake Tahoe's Elegant Classics,  The Forward Thinking of Henry  QQScheel.	tba
Mar/April '85	63	 Hot Ideas for Cold-Molded Boats,  How to Row a Single Scull,  Spring Commissioning in Just Two  QQWeekends,  Restoring a Fantail Launch.	tba
May/June '85	64	 Albert Strange and the Canoe Yawl,  The Arts of the Riverboat Builders,  Spring Painting and Varnishing,   QQUnusual Backyard Boats.	tba
July/Aug '85	65	 Keeper of Classic Speedboats,  The Boatbuilder as Artist,  Making Traditional Mast Hoops,  The Wooden Boat Regattas.	tba
Sept/Oct '85	66	 In Praise of the Junk,  Seasoning Your Lumber,  Skiffs and Sharpies,  Renewing the Deck.	tba
Nov/Dec '85	67	 Make a Canoe Paddle,  A Classic Steam Yacht,  Part I,  Hatches and Deck Joinery,  A Plywood Sharpie. 	tba
Jan/Feb '86	68	 Celebration of Early 12-Meters,  State-of-the-Art Singlehander,  Renewing a Classic Outboard Launch,  Leatherwork for the Sailor.	tba
Mar/April '86	69	 Trimaran Jim Brown,  Make Your Own Wooden Plane,  Trailers and Cradles,  Powerboat Systems.	tba
May/June '86	70	 California Schoonerman,  Build a Plywood Kayak,  The British Wooden Boat Revival,  Buying Used Tools.	tba
July/Aug '86	71	 Make Your Own Oars,  Speedboats from the Golden Era,  Repairing Lapstrake Planks,  Sailing a Gaff Cutter.	tba
Sept/Oct '86	72	 Gulf Coast Outboards,  Starling Burgess,  Wooden Boat Insurance,  Recovering a Teak Deck.	tba
Nov/Dec '86	73	 Offshore Powerboats,  Casting Bronze Hardware,  Rod Stephens & the N.Y. 32s,  How to Build a Plywood Runabout.	tba
Jan/Feb '87	74	 Rowing the River Thames,  Jack Holt's Sailing Dinghies,  North Sea Trawler-Yacht,  The Gunter Rig.	tba
Mar/April '87	75	 Building a Pocket Cruiser,  Maintenance Schedules,  The Designs of Winthrop Warner,  Looking at Boat Plans.	tba
May/June '87	76	 High-Speed Sportfishing Yachts,  Build a Locker for the Main Cabin,  The Safe and Able Boats of Lyle Hess,  Hot-Weather Varnishing.	tba
July/Aug '87	77	 A Modern Northwest Classic,  Deck Care,  Production-Built Small Boats,  Buying a Runabout.	tba
Sept/Oct '87	78	 Canoe Restoration,  Centerboards and Trunks,  Exotic Rigs,  Danish Spidsgatters.	tba
Nov/Dec '87	79	 The New England Dragger,  Tool Storage and Transport,  Boatyard Hazards,  A Woven Coracle.	tba
Jan/Feb '88	80	 Grass Roots Outboard Racing,  Celebrating Concordia Yawls,  Replacing Planks,  Sano Magic.	tba
Mar/April '88	81	 Sailing a Bahamian Smack,  The Art of Brightwork,  . Building a Cabin Sole,  50 Years with DIABLESSE.	tba
May/June '88	82	 Summer Festivals,  Lyman Boatworks,  Galvanizing Hardware,  The Reelfoot Stumpjumper.	tba
July/Aug '88	83	 Proven Proas,  The Designs of Nick Potter,  Wreck at Cape Ann,  The Self Survey.	tba
Sept/Oct '88	84	 Stopping Leaks,  Howard Chapelle,  Herreshoffs Revealed,  Epoxy-Wood Connection.	tba
Nov/Dec '88	85	 Douarnenez Festival,  Tack-and-Tape Construction,  Charles Francis Adams,  A Cutter's Story.	tba
Jan/Feb '89	86	 The English Coble,  Scarfing Plywood,  The Legendary Prowler,  Collecting Marine Art.	tba
Mar/April '89	87	 Warp Speed,  Fishing Schooners,  Leakproof Hatches,  Good Skiffs.	tba
May/June '89	88	 Steam Boxes,  Windmill Boat,  Plank-on-Frame Dugouts,  Chesapeake Daysailers.	tba
July/Aug '89	89	 Snipes,  Repair Strategies,  Sprit Rig Basics,  Art of Wm. Gilkerson.	tba
Sept/Oct '89	90	 Double-Paddle Canoes,  The Steam Yacht ENA,  Build a Dory Model,  Simple Boat Details.	tba
Nov/Dec '89	91	 Mast Building,  Charter Classics,  Wianno Seniors,  Unleaded Gas Controversy.	tba
Jan/Feb '90	92	 Multihull Safety,  Build a Skylight,  Lapstrake Repairs,  Rig and Hull Performance.	tba
Mar/April '90	93	 Special Hands-On Issue,  Fitting Out,  Painting,  Quick Repairs.	tba
May/June '90	94	 Fast Commuters,  Louvered Doors,  Blanchard Boats,  Pocket Cruisers.	tba
July/Aug '90	95	 Class without Flash,  Gannon & Benjamin,  Building by Eye,  Squaresail Sailing.	tba
Sept/Oct '90	96	 Building the Biscayne Bay 14,  PRIDE OF BALTIMORE,  Replanking a Runabout,  North Woods Canoe.	tba
Nov/Dec '90	97	 Building a Canoe Yawl,  Kayak Designs,  Laminated Frames.	tba
Jan/Feb '91	98	 Olin J. Stephens II,  Steamboats at Windermere,  Building Crooked Drawers,  A New MOBJACK.	tba
Mar/April '91	99	 Raised-Panel Joinerwork,  A Trouble-Free DC System,  Build a Proper Icebox.	tba
May/June '91	100	 Maintenance Costs: Glass vs Wood,  The Hickman Sea Sled,  How to Scull,  Build WEE LASSIE.	tba
July/Aug '91	101	 Winning Shells in Wood,  Installing a New Diesel,  Great Lakes Small Craft,  The Buckboard Trailer.	tba
Sept/Oct '91	102	 Affordable Boat Design,  Build a Molded Coach Roof,  The Elco Cruisette.	tba
Nov/Dec '91	103	 The Perfect Skiff,  Mahogany Classics in Italy,  Patternmaking with Acrylic Plastic.	tba
Jan/Feb '92	104	 Kayak Camp,  Designing a Dream,  Build Sweet Pea,  Van Dam Craftsmanship,  Capt. Adrian Raynaud. 	tba
Mar/April '92	105	 Cabin Tables,  Epoxy & Wood,  Making a New Rudder,  Rope Fenders,  Sweet Pea,  Part II. 	tba
May/June '92	106	 The Constellation Controversy,  Buying the Right Plywood,  Coverting to Stitch & Glue,  Lowell's Boat Shop.	tba
July/Aug '92	107	 Build a Ship's Wheel,  Rybovich,  Civilized Daysailers,  A Shipyard in a Box.	tba
Sept/Oct '92	108	 Building a Double Paddle,  Designer Al Mason,  An Innovative Garboard Repair,  The Batavia Replica.	tba
Nov/Dec '92	109	 The Sea Bright Skiff,  Knowing the Ropes,  The Stone Boat Yard.	tba
Jan/Feb '93	110	 Wave-Piercing Catamarans,  Lofting Demystified,  Part I,  Curved Spars & Halyard Hooks.	tba
Mar/April '93	111	 Build a Perfect Skiff,  Part I,  Varnishing,  Mast Repair,  Shipworms & Gribbles,  Bottom Paints,  Copper Sheathing,  Lofting Demystified,  Part II. , 	tba
May/June '93	112	 Skiff Craft,  The Strip-Diagonal Combination,  The McManuses of Boston,  An Invisible Motor,  Finishing the Perfect Skiff. 	tba
July/Aug '93	113	 Building the Cape Charles Kayak,  Part I,  Restoration of VIOLET,  Edson Schock,  Riva! 	tba
Sept/Oct '93	114	 An Elegant Sea Kayak,  Part II,  Carlo Riva,  Refastening with Rivets,  Sharpies,  Square Meters. 	tba
Nov/Dec '93	115	 Double-Paddle Cruising,  Homemade Hardware,  Yacht Yards of the North Shore,  The Bonding Debate.	tba
Jan/Feb '94	116	 Shellback Dinghy,  Part I,  Extraordinary Launches from Minett,  An Ideal Tender,  Transom Repairs,  Kettenburg of California. 	tba
Mar/April '94	117	 Deck Seams,  Shellback II,  Oars,  A Grady-White Makeover,  Accurate Joinerwork,  Moorings. 	tba
May/June '94	118	 Sandbaggers,  Shellback III,  A Stealth Dinghy,  Norway's Maritime Traditions,  Tugs on San Francisco Bay. 	tba
July/Aug '94	119	 Canoe called Yakaboo,  Putting a Shaper to Work,  Building Dolly,  Sheathing Fabrics for Wooden Boats,  Inner-City Boatbuilding. 	tba
Sept/Oct '94 	120	 A Railbird Skiff, Schooner Stories, Finishing Off a Sportfisherman,  Tenacity,  A Woman's Work of Art,  WoodenBoat Heroes: Where are They Now? 	tba
Nov/Dec '94	121	 Grand Lake Canoes,  TILIKUM: A World-Roaming Log Canoe,  A Fast and Simple Garvey,  Designing TAMARA,  Future of Maritime History. 	tba
Jan/Feb '95	122	 Schooner BRILLIANT,  Boats of the Yangtze River,  Catamaran Designer James Wharram,  A Retractable Skeg.	tba
Mar/April '95	123	 PRINCIPIA Recycled,  The Canoe Yawl RED HEAD,  Clamps in the Boatshop,  A Folding Dinghy.	tba
May/June '95	124	 Boatbuilding Methods,  Dragon Boats,  Replacing a Keel and Centerboard Trunk,  Building CHANTY.	tba
July/Aug '95	125	 Understanding Hull Stress,  Part I,  A Modern French Fishing Lugger,  Paul E. Luke and ROSA II,  The 6-Hour Canoe. 	tba
Sept/Oct '95	126	 Building the Dory Skiff,  Part I,  Hurricane Island Boats,  The Purdys of Port Washington,  Whitehalls,  Double-ended Daysailer LALA,  Repowering CHEWINK. , 	tba
Nov/Dec '95	127	 Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes,  North Carolina Sportfishing Boats,  Re-decking a Philip Rhodes Yawl,  Making Oars and Leathers,  Beach Cruisers,  Dory Skiff,  Part II. , 	tba
Jan/Feb '96	128	 BLOODHOUND,  Drilling Long Holes,  Grey Seal,  Part I,  Potomac River Dory-Boats,  Ideal Trainer. 	tba
Mar/April '96	129	 ZULU,  Bending Wood with Dry Heat,  PT Boat Design and Development,  Trollers of the Pacific Northwest,  The Schooner BOWDOIN,  Building Grey Seal,  Part II. , 	tba
May/June '96	130	 Adirondack Guideboats,  Casting Bronze,  Alton Wallace,  The Knarr Class,  Grey Seal,  Part III. 	tba
July/Aug '96	131	 Build the Osprey Triple-Cockpit Kayak,  Part I,  Sailing Rigs for Kayaks,  Claud Worth,  Tale of Two Sonders,  Simple Patterns,  Huris,  Sunbuqs,  and Boatbuilders of Yemen,  Tops'l to Trys'l. 	tba
Sept/Oct '96	132	 The Trumpy Story,  Widgeon,  Manhasset Bay One Designs,  Harvesting Hackmatack Knees,  Harry Bryan,  McGruer's,  A Triple-Cockpit Kayak,  Part II. 	tba
Nov/Dec '96	133	 Aage Nielsen's Double-Enders,  Building Decks and Cabins,  Building a Plywood Peapod,  Part I,  Mathis-Trumpy,  Part II. 	tba
Jan/Feb '97	134	 Wooden Rowing Shells,  Japanese Tub Boats,  Marinize a Subaru Engine,  Plywood Peapod,  Part II. 	tba
Mar/April '97	135	 Bahamian Boatbuilding,  Birchbark Canoes,  Refastening a Hull,  Tips for Varnishing	tba
May/June '97	136	 A Draketail Launch,  Installing Gasoline Engines,  Building the Mill Creek Kayak,  Part I,  Scarfing,  Building SPITFIRE. 	tba
July/Aug '97	137	 Powerboat Designs,  Setting up a Building Jig,  Sharpies of North Carolina,  Building the Mill Creek Kayak,  Part II. 	tba
Sept/Oct '97	138	 N.G.Herreshoff s Hollow-Bowed Boats,  Master Mariners Regatta,  Taking Lines from Models,  Build a 14' Lapstrake Sailboat.	tba
Nov/Dec '97	139	 CONSTITUTION Sails!,  A New Rowing Gig for the Northwest,  Boats of Bangladesh,  Build a Daysailer.	tba
Jan/Feb '98	140	 Classic Powerboats Gather in Florida,  How to Carve a Nameboard,  Updated Rigging for a Traditional Daysailer,  EDA FRANDSEN: The Lives of a Danish Fishing Boat.	tba
Mar/April '98	141	 GRAYLING: Back from the Brink,  Build a Cedar-and-Canvas Canoe,  Part I,  Essential Edge Tools,  Sailing Vintage 12-Meters,  Galway Hookers. 	tba
May/June '98	142	 LEZARD: 100-Year Old Racing Sloop,  Longleaf Yellow Pine,  SALLY: Albert Strange Canoe Yawl,  Cedar-and-Canvas Canoe,  Part II. 	tba
July/Aug '98	143	 Essex-Built Schooner,  Waldo Howland's Life in Boats,  Build a Baidarka,  Cedar-and-Canvas Canoe,  Part III. The Creation of BELLE MARIE. 	tba
Sept/Oct '98	144	 Sheathing Strip-Planked Hulls,  York Boats,  Bird Boats,  Simmons Sea Skiff,  Heisler and Son. 	tba
Nov/Dec '98	145	 60 Families Build 60 Boats,  A One-Station Skiff,  Winter Covers,  Reefing Out Seams: A New Approach,  The World's Fastest Boat. 	tba
Jan/Feb '99	146	 Building a Whaleboat,  The Nordic Folkboat,  A Nesting Dinghy that Works,  Shop-Made Lapstrake Planking Clamps,  A Gallery of New Boat Designs. 	tba
Mar/April '99	147	 Saving the USS CONSTELLATION,  A Shop-Made Hand Plane,  Teak Decks on Plywood Sub-Decks,  Designer Hugh Angelman,  Hobokibune,  the unusual sailing trawler from Japan,  Designs of Joel White,  Sea Island One-Design. 	tba
May/June '99	148	 A Viking Ship Replica,  Plywood Boat Design on the Computer,  Ben Seaborn,  Naval Architect,  Ralph Stanley Builds a 28' Schooner. 	tba
July/August '99	149	 The Resurrection of an Aging Pilot Schooner,  Stripping a Tired Finish,  History of the Thunderbird Class,  Pinky Schooners,  A New Twist on Round Hollow Spars. 	tba
Sept/Oct '99	150	 25th Anniversary Issue: Jon Wilson on Founding WoodenBoat,  25 Boats from Past Issues,  Build a Skiff with Hand Tools,  The W-Class Sloops Race at Antigua,  Ring-Andersen Shipyard. 	tba
Nov/Dec '99	151	 Building a Skiff with hand Tools (part 2),  Designer Fenwick Williams,  Oyster Boats at Work,  Cutting Station Molds: A New Way,  Oregon's Drift Boats. 	tba
Jan/Feb 2000	152	 Venetian Gondolas,  A Leak-proof Centerboard Trunk,  Building a Skiff with hand Tools (part 3),  HM Bark ENDEAVOUR,  An Electric Launch. 	tba
Mar/April 2000	153	 The Crosbys of Osterville,  Build a Lightning,  Importing Lumber from Suriname,  Shop-made Counterbores,  EASTWIND: Pragmatic World Voyaging. 	tba
May/June 2000	154	 Wooden Tour Boats of Southeast Alaska,  Pushing the Limits: Powerboat Speed,  Pilot Holes for Screws,  Lightning-class,  Build,  Part 2,  Boatbuilding: French & Webb,  Windfall: Harvesting Timber. 	tba
July/August 2000	155	 A Wooden Boat Festival in Norway,  Maintaining an Island Mail Boat,  San Francisco's Rowing Clubs,  Restoration of a San Diego Pilot Boat.	tba
September/October 2000	156	 Build a 12' Sailing Dinghy,  SPIRIT the Legendary Sloop,  Pacific Voyaging Canoes,  Hodgdon Yachts,  Topsail Schooner Sea Training. 	tba
November/Dec 2000	157	 The Research Behind Restoration,  Runabouts: A builder of contemporary classics,  Troubleshooting Planes: Part 1,  Shoal Draft and Self-Righting,  The Genesis of DEVA,  Building Ellen Part 2,  How to Make a Rabbeting Chisel. , 	tba
Jan/Feb 2001	158	Brest/Douarnenez 2000,  Mackinaw Boats,  The Rhodes Sloop KIRAWAN,  Hand Planes and Their Use: Part 2,  Building a Schooner Hull in Australia.	tba
Mar/Apr 2001	159	Building Handy Billy: Part 1, . Loss of the JOHN F. LEAVITT,  Farallone Clippers,  Capt. Robert Douglas,  The Lyman King,  Flatfish Lead Ballast,  Getting Out a New Plank.	tba
May/June 2001	160	The Evolution of Robb White,  Shipworms,  Raising CHRISTIANIA,  The Heir Island Sloop,  Cantieri Navale dell'Argentario,  The Ranger boats of Southeast Alaska,  Building Handy Billy, Part II.	tba
July/August 2001	161	The Penbo Boats, The Humble Tenon Block, F. Spaulding Dunbar, Alastair Garland - Restoration, Lobstering Under Sail - Friendship Sloop, Jessie - Rough Water Daysailor	tba
Sept/Oct 2001	162	ELLY a Scandanavian Workboat,  Vincent J. Serio, Sr. and the Hampton One-Design,  A New Lead Keel for California Schooner Spike Africa,  Reviving an Elco Launch,  A Murray Peterson schooner,  The Steamboats of South Australia's Murray River,  The wrecks o	tba
Nov/Dec 2001	163	George Calkins bartenders, yacht america, laid decks, camp cruising surf dory, Rabbet plane, 	tba
Jan/Feb 2002	164	88 class st Lawrence skiffs, rotating daggerboards, Ralph Stanley, runabouts switzerland, schooner pacific grace,	tba
Mar/Apr 2002	165	Schooner SULTANA, Epoxy surfaces, fair deck lofting, Oregon surf dories, tuning sprit rig, 	
May/June 2002	166	Winefield Lash, Freda, F. Williams dinghy, wwod screws, jim stevens, painting boats	
July/August 2002	167	Sam Crocker, Recycling Teak, Britt Brothers Boat Builders,  The Legacy of Sam Crocker,  Preparing a Wooden Hull for Sea,  A Laser for Lines Taking,  Cockpit Sole Repair.	
Sept/Oct 2002	168	Riverside dinghy, repairs, rob roy, john macgregor, vacuum bag, Atkin, 	Dolphin, rebecca, hother, 
Nov/Dec 2002	169	Herreshoff P-boat, salmon trollers, Atkin design, Adney collection birch bark canoe	Caribou, Joyant, Madrigal, Guardian, Mini Rose, Lark,Namaki
Jan/Feb 2003	170	faring with epoxy, designs of William James Roué, South Carolina workboats, Greenland kayak, Herreshoff's Q-boats, Maine lobster boats, fuel consumption, wood strengths	Questa, Nor'easter V, Rambler, Babson Island 35, Zetes, Haligonian, Bluenose Junior, Maud II, Bluenose
Mar/Apr 2003	171	whaleboat, mystic, duck-hunting, barnegat bay A-cats, Elcos	
May/June 2003	172	removing kellbolts, replica ships, steam bending, Sparkman &Stephens, lapstitch boatbuilding	Buzzards Bay 25, Vitessa, Flying Dream, Bagatelle
July/August 2003	173	High -performance sailing, replica yachts, v-bottoms, vinyl fender, Fellows & Stewart, classic sails, Dough Shumpert	Olympias, Batavia, Jeanie Johnston, Dunbrody
Sept/Oct 2003	174	wooden shells, moels Rod Napier,  marine plywood, Poulsbo boat, J class boats, replicas, Robert Stephens design -58'	Cygnus II, Jenny, Prestige,Valiant, Windward, Avatar, Islalena, Friendship  of Salem, Fame, Spirit of South Carolina, Gotheborg Lois McClure, Kalmar Nyckel, Utrecht Statenjacht
Nov/Dec 2003	175	A Jet-Driven Flyfisherman,  Replicas, Part 4,  Sailing Cruiser Design,  Jig for Scarfing Plywood,  NECTAR: from Montgomery Alger, Legendary Yachts,  Stephens Brothers	
Jan/Feb 2004	176	Rowing dory for circumnavigaton, Tom Cat, Family Island regatta - Bahamas,	Irving Johnson, Exy Johnson, Swift of Ipswich
March/April 2004	177	Luder 16, Gil  Smith designer, Shannon one design, cornerposts, floating docks, Concordias, bunker and Ellis power boat, brightwork care, Henwood and Dean, Lug-riided dinghy, designer Paul Gartside,	C.A. Thayer, Sara Frances, Sumurun,Selina II, Desparate Lark, Weetamoe, Voodo, Silohouette, Storm, Ladt Helen, Madigan, Moonbeam,Edna, Lucile, Gay B,
May/June 2004	178	Coriolis, Fire Safety, Traditional Lapstrake Plank Scarf, Shrimp Boats, Education of Myles Thurlow, Twig Bower and the schooner Heron, Kirawan's, painting top-side, Wooden Bilge Pump	
jul/Aug 2004	179	spirit of tradition, olin stephens, camp cruiser, birdwatcher, shop-made-vise	wild horses, 
Sept/Oct 2004	180	Redwing 18 camp cruiser, Juniata 35 commuter cruiser, Cahpelle's Melson seed, St. Tropez, Eirka -folkboat, Lutr flyfisher,	Pleione -eight meter, bona Fide
nov/dec 2004	181	birchbark canoe, daysailer, ornamental carvings, alan payne, vanished coast, 	gretel, intrepid, 
jan/feb 2005	182	ice boats, bunting, half model, wanderer III, windjammers	wanderer, slipper, 
March/April2005	183	Crowninshield classic -Stella, Concordia, Caledonia yawl, New York 30 Alera, Gull II, Norway ship preservation, dovetails	Secret, Tinkerbelle, Vital Spark, Marilee, Hilda Willing
May/June 2005	184	New York 30's. rebuilding wooden boat, B.B. Crowninshield "Martha", Australia's sailing skiffs	Martha, Linnet, Nautilus, Cara Mia, Banzai, Hindu, Viajero
July/August	185	Caledonia yawl, Fife - Mariquita , Dennis Conor's Q-boat Cotton Blossom, Nomad III sun-powered	Vitessa, Gertrude
Sept/Oct 2005	186	West coast lumber schooner -C.A.Thayer, Musketaquid- thoreau's  boat,Simmons sea skiff,classic sea chest, Kingston lobster boat   and modern adaptation, LaDonne's YNOT crusier moterboat.24' sharpie ketch drawings	
Nov/Dec2005	187	Coquina - Nat Herreshoff's cat-ketch, yacht restoration, Sweden, Simmons sea skiff, Cape Henry 21, Davy wood shell blocks,	Pride of Baltimore,America, Marité, Glorybe, Olinka, William B, Mayan, Odessey
Jan/Feb2006	188	Schooners of Canadian Maritimes, hurricane damage,Internation Yacht Restoration School, simmons skiff, steaming frames, Linnet,	Son of a Gun, Ocean Planet,,Alera, Rumbleseat, goose Lodge, Nimbus,
Mar/Apr2006	189	rescuing vintage yachts -Tiedemann collection, Janet Dear 20,  sailboaat restoration, Haiti's sloops, workiing sail  -british, building RIFF -sailing dinghy	Wawona, Glorious, Old Ironsides
May/June 2006	190	birth of Bermuda race, part 2 RIFF, amphibious timber tugs of Canada, International Yacht Restoration School, Knockabout class - Crowninshield designs,Mower, alden, Triangle class, racing scows, New Zealand diesel launch, sailboat restoration.	Nancy, Cock Robin, Tunipoo, Outlook, Chewink, Little Haste, Miss Modesty
Jul/Aug 2006	191	camp cruising in baja, new galway hooker, wooden surfboards	scottish herring drifter
Sept/Oct2006	192	R class boat, Joshua Solcum, ketches of L. Franis Herreshoff,David Roberts design Wooden Shoe,making oars and paddles, Ed Cutts boats, wooden plane	Pirate, Curio, Silver Lining
fall/winter'87	193	Wooden Boats of the Centennial Bermuda Race, wood technology, South Coast Company, McGuiggan Clamp	C.C Hanley, PT-15, An Reamon, Mermaid, Bangalore, Black Watch, Dame of Sark, Goshawk, Gusto, Lindy, Restive, Siren, Solution, Sonny, Synergy, Ticonderoga, Van Ki pass, Wester Till, Westray
Feb:2007	194	Long edge joints, Chalanas, Puerto Rico, photography, Benjamin Mendlowitz, restored yachts, Krebs Shipyard, unsolved mysteries, currents, beveling and chamfering with hand tools, wood technology, ventilation, launchings, chalanas	Hadlock 23, Valora, FOTO, ALANA, 
Apr:2007	195	Argentina, splicing wire, passanger launches, Van Dam Custom Books, Alaska, poison alert, wood technology	Lanchas Colectivas, Conduit Skiff, David C. McIntosh, Willow, Mystic, Escapades, Susan C, Jacqueline 
Jun:2007	196	Small boat design, vintage yacht restoration, family boatbuilding, America's Cup, Manuel Campos, teak 	Willow, Bernice, Mary Rose, Brilliant, Scherzo, Phoenix, Sure Dave, Crusader
Aug:2007	197	Pine tar and european union law, Creation of the Turtle Dove, Willow Part 3, Simon Sadubin, Dust control strategies, Felicity and Apple Pie, Destined Creation of Kate, Van Blerck Motor Company	Turtle Dove, sea kayak, Merlin, Sao, Windward, Hoana, Felicity, Apple Pie, Kate
Oct:2007	198	jet power lobster boat, Pocock rowing shells, mark a boot top, Norman Fortier photography, intor into strip planking	
Dec:2007	199	Bluenose !V, building Nymph,  Commuter 36, private signals, Bermuda fitted dinghies, vacuum bagging, Winfield M.Thompson reporter sailor, Paul Gartsode design 30' cruiser.	
Feb:2008	200	yacht interiors, Neith - Herreshoff sloop, SS boats, rebuilding Neith, Callahan	Seneca, Nymph, Truant II,
Apr:2008	201	restoration of Dorade,	
Jun:2008	202	multihulls, P-399 sea horse wartime,	Peggy Bawn
Jul:2008	203	guide to wood selection, innovations of Penn Yan, four Herrshoff sloops restored, handling a hull in the shop, new england's last catboat fisherman, 	
Oct:2008	204	Buzzard Bay 30's, Oceanus -Garden design, Asahel Curtis photography,	Veteran, Roann
Dec:2008	205	James Dodds artist, Wingnut II - dirt boat	Tioga, Spirit of south Carolina
Jan:2009	206	viking voyage, town class (marblehead), Harry Pidgeon,toolbox, fuel efficient powerbaot, 	
Apr:2009	207	"Q" class,, Newfoundland dory, Trumpy man Jim Moores, Peter Freebody	
Jun:2009	208	Great lakes schooners, down the Mackenzie river, -Penelope, Sea brigt skiff	Maggie B
Jul:2009	209	lance lee, icon boats, George Luzier, sharpie for 21st century, 1888 lawley sloop, rivival of Cutty Sark, 	
Sep:2009	210	Strip epoxy skiff, small boats coastal cruising, virtues linseed oil, kit boats, removing old screws, 	
Dec:2009	211	Norways rescue boat Stavanger, McCoy brothers boat builders, and rum runners	
Jan:2010	212	coast guard greatest rescue, scotland's fishing boats, peapod, john and WilliamAtkin, Hugh Saint, 	
Mar:2010	213	double enders, oldest marine engine, michigan boatbuilder, backyard builder alaska	Rozinante (canoe yawl), 
May:2010	214	29' Gannon and Benjamin, woodenmastand hardware, gold leaf, fractional ownership	
	215-227	MISSING	
Oct:2012	228	Hermione launched in Rochefort France, workbenches, a square rigged wagon on the desert, the Concordia - Halcyon, San Juan Sharpie schooners, redesigning a 41Ohlson sloop Gyre,  folding saloon table, Sam Devlin designed power boats, Hollnad's Botters, Car	
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