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Ports and Harbors
Mon / Year Vol / Num Articles
Aug-68 13/8 port of New York authority,
Oct-68 13/10 Philadelphia Piers
Nov-68 13/11 Rottendam-Europort
Dec-68 13/12 Port of Houston
Jan-69 14/1 Hong Kong
Feb-69 14/2 Port of Rijeka, Canadian land Bridge,
Mar-69 14/3 Port of Nassau
Apr-69 14/4-5 Melbourne conference
Jun-69 14/6 Port of Boston, A new major Deep Water Port Development on Canada's Eastern Seaboard
Jul-69 14/7 LA is world's safest port
Aug-69 14/8 Singapore
Sep-69 14/9 Port of Le Havre,
Oct-69 14/10 Port of Rouen,
Nov-69 14/11 Port of San Francisco
Dec-69 14/12 Port of Kobe
Jan-70 15/1 Southampton, sky-rocketing port,
Feb-70 15/2 Belfast Port, Japan's first nuclear ship,
Mar-70 15/3 Port of Toledo,
Apr-70 15/4 Port of Hamilton,
May-70 15/5 Port of Savannah, Evolution of Harbour Activity in Canada
Jun-70 15/6 Saint John, N. B.
Jul-70 15/7 Portland Oregon, Japan's first computerized ship.
Aug-70 15/8 Port of Antwerp, Austailia's future
Sep-70 15/9 port of Lisbon
Oct-70 15/10 Bremerhaven,
Nov-70 15/11 port of Tampa
Dec-70 15/12 Osaka South port
Jan-71 16/1 Port of Tokyo,
Feb-71 16/2 Wellington harbour,
Mar-71 16/3 port Elizabeth,
Apr-71 16/4 Montreal Conference, Britian leads northern Europe in container traffic, port of Montreal,
May-71 16/5 Consultants' Economic analysis of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Oil terminal in the Seine bay
Jun-71 16/6 Freight handling charges, forest products, Bubbler system is key to keeping Great Lakes St. Lawrence seaway open to year round shipping, Canadian Engineers awarded project in Yemen.
Jul-71 16/7 Appeal for improved Philidelphia Port area.
Aug-71 16/8 Montreal conference,
Sep-71 16/9 Beyond Duty -Report from Ministry of Transport newsletter Canada,
Oct-71 16/10 Britian leads Europe in containership traffic,
Nov-71 16/11 Port of New Orleans
Dec-71 16/12 Port of Amsterdam
Jan-72 17/1 Port of New York,
Feb-72 17/2 Port of Long Beach
Mar-72 17/3 Port Adelaide Austrailia, Montreal Traffic increase in 1971
Apr-72 17/4 Port of Antwerp
May-72 17/5 Port of Hamburg,
Jun-72 17/6 Marseilles - Fos,
Jul-72 17/7  
Aug-72 17/8 Port of Singapore
Sep-72 17/9 Port of Helsingborg
Oct-72 17/10 Port of Copenhagen
Nov-72 17/11 port of Auckland
Dec-72 17/12 Port of Naples,
Jan-73 18/1 port of Oakland
Feb-73 18/2  
Mar-73 18/3 San Juan,
Apr-73 18/4  
May-73 18/5 Port of Manchester
Jun-73 18/6 Port of Gothenberg,
Jul-73 18/7-8 8th conference,
Sep-73 18/9 new York,
Oct-73 18/10 Port of Kobe,
Nov-73 18/11 Port of Arhus,
Dec-73 18/12 Port of Baltimore,
Jan-74 19/1 Port of Fremantle, A new canal proposed to link Lakes Ontario and Erie.
Feb-74 19/2 Port Gdynia,
Mar-74 19/3 Port of Auckland,
Apr-74 19/4 Port Taranaki,
May-74 19/5 Hong Kong, New oil recovery system from bridgestone,
Jun-74 19/6 Port of Boston,
Jul-74 19/7 Port of Nassau, Annual report of St. Lawrence development corporation,
Aug-74 19/8 Port of Lytttleton,
Sep-74 19/9 Port of Long Beach,
Oct-74 19/10 Panama Canal,
Nov-74 19/11 Port of Acajutla,
Dec-74 19/12 Port of Portland,
Jan-75 20/1 Port of Los Angeles,
Feb-75 20/2 Port of Townsville,
Mar-75 20/3 Port of Helsingborg, Sweden
Apr-75 20/4 Port of Dakar, The port of Toronto,
May-75 20/5-6 9th conference,
Jul-75 20/7 Port of Rouen,
Aug-75 20/8 Port of Abu Dhabi,
Sep-75 20/9 Port of Bristol, Port of Toronto,
Oct-75 20/10 Port of Marseilles, "Seaway tolls should be dropped" -Toronto,
Nov-75 20/11 port of Dunkirk,
Dec-75 20/12 Port of Oakland,
Jan-76 21/1 Port of Le Havre,
Feb-76 21/2 Port Khorramshahr Iran,
Mar-76 21/3 Curacao,
Apr-76 21/4 Port of Picton New Zealand,
May-76 21/5 Port of Aden,
May-76 21/5 Port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire,
Jun-76 21/6 Port of Gothenburg,
Jul-76 21/7 port of Taranaki,
Aug-76 21/8 San Francisco,
Sep-76 21/9 Port of Vancouver,
Oct-76 21/10 Port of Montreal,
Nov-76 21/11 Port of Antwerp,
Dec-76 21/12 Port of Suva Fiji
Jan-77 22/1 Port of Rotterdam
Feb-77 22/2 Port of Callao
Mar-77 22/3 Port of Wellington
Apr-77 22/4 Port of Helsingborg, Sweden, Port of Quebec,
May-77 22/5 Port of Spain -Trinidad,
Jun-77 22/6-7 10 conference in Houston
Aug-77 22/8 Long Beach,
Sep-77 22/9 Port Lyttelton,
Oct-77 22/10 Lower Manhattan, convention in Mexico City,
Nov-77 22/11 Southampton,
Dec-77 22/12 Trieste, Italy
Jan-78 23/1 Port of Le Havre,
Feb-78 23/2 Paris Seaport,
Mar-78 23/3 Port of Gothenburg,
Apr-78 23/4 Bordeaux-Le Verdon,
May-78 23/5 Halifax, N.S.
Jun-78 23/6 Zeebrugge,
Aug-78 23/7-8 Port of Melbourne,
Sep-78 23/9 Port of Kobe,
Oct-78 23/10 Vancouver, B.C.
Nov-78 23/11 port of Tauranga
Dec-78 23/12 24/1 port of Dunkerque
Feb-79 24/2 Port of Marseilles,
Mar-79 24/3 Porto De Belem
Apr-79 24/4 Saint John, N. B.
May-79 24/5 Le Havre
Jun-79 24/6 Port of Nagoya,
Jul-79 24/7-8 IAPH conference
Sep-79 24/9 Port of Haugesund, Future of world ports,
Oct-79 24/10 Wellington, New Zealand
Nov-79 24/11 Port of Helsinki
Dec-79 24/12 Bremerhaven,
Jan-80 25/1-2 Port of Osaka
Mar-80 25/3 port of Auckland
Apr-80 25/4 Port of Brisbane
May-80 25/5 Newport Docks
Jun-80 25/6 port of New Orleans
Jul-80 25/7-8 Mina Qaboos
Sep-80 25/9 Port of Corpus Christi,
Oct-80 25/10 South Locust point
Nov-80 25/11 Port of Hamburg,
Dec-80 25/12 Port of Antwerp, Austailia's future
Jan-81 26/1-2 Port of Los Angeles,
Mar-81 26/3 Port of Penang,
Apr-81 26/4 Cyprus, Panama canal
May-81 26/5 Port of Nagoya,
Jun-81 26/6 Vancouver,
Jul-81 26/7-8 12th conference
Sep-81 26/9 Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Oct-81 26/10 port of Dublin,
Nov-81 26/11 Chaleston, Fraser river harbour,
Dec-81 26/12 port of Douala, The New Canadian Ports Policy,
Jan-82 27/1-2 Includes Feb. Port of Copenhagen,
Mar-82 27/3 Sydney,
Apr-82 27/4 Fraser Port canada, Mercury pollution and its remedy,
Jun-82 27/6 Port of helsinki, port performance reports,
Jul-82 27/7-8 Port of Aruba,
Sep-82 27/9 Port Economic Impact Studies, The Kuala Tanjung Industrial Port Project -An example of Indonesian/Japanese cooperation, Fraser Port.
Oct-82 27/10 Port of Balboa, New Canadian Ports Bill enacted into law
Nov-82 27/11 National Harbours Board,
Dec-82 27/12 Port of Hamburg,
Jan-83 28/1-2 Includes Feb.,Port of Seattle
Mar-83 28/3 Port of Gladstone
Apr-83 28/4 Port of Gothenburg,
May-83 28/5 Port of Southampton,
Jun-83 28/6 Port of Tokyo,
Jul-83 28/7-8 13th conference,
Sep-83 28/9 Port of Long Beach
Oct-83 28/10 Port of Lisbon,
Nov-83 28/11 Port of Lyttelton,
Dec-83 28/12 Port of Wilmington,



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