Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, 2011

Stormy Weather lives on

Stormy Weather, one of the best-known and best-loved classic yachts sailing today, is expected back in Antigua next month for the 2011 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

Stormy Weather 2011, note no lifelines

Designed by Olin Stephens when he was only 25 years old, the 54-foot yawl was launched from the Henry Nevins yard in New York in 1934.  The following year, at the beginning of an illustrious racing career, she won both the Newport-Bergen Transatlantic race and the Fastnet race.  The most successful racing yacht designer of the 20th Century, Olin Stephens often said Stormy Weather was one of his favourite yacht designs.  In 2007, when he was 98 years old, Olin Stephens raced on Stormy Weather for the last time in Argentario, Italy.

In 1995, the 60th anniversary of Stormy Weather’s first victory in the Fastnet race, she was still competitive enough to place sixth overall in the current year’s race.  Although a very successful racer, Stormy Weather is also a comfortable and practical cruising boat that attracts much attention wherever she goes.  During her long career Stormy Weather crossed the Atlantic over 30 times, and underwent at least two major restorations, one in the Caribbean during the 1980s, and most recently in Argentario, Italy in 2000-2001.

During the 1980s and 1990s Stormy Weather, then owned by Paul Adamthwaite, spent a lot of time in the Caribbean and sailed in Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta many times.  Paul even donated a trophy to the regatta named the Stormy Weather Trophy, which is still very much coveted by the Vintage fleet.  Sadly, Paul was forced to sell the yacht over 10 years ago due to ill health[1].  She has since had two owners, the latest of which is delighted to be bringing her back to the Caribbean once again and to participate in this year’s Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.

It will be wonderful to see the lovely Stormy Weather gracing the waters surrounding Antigua once again next month.


This appeared in "Antigua Nice in 2011 as "Stormy Weather returns to Antigua classic yacht regatta" dated Tuesday 22nd March 2011. Photo by Patricia Lascabannes.

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