The schooner J.N. Carter (1875)


Port of Picton Registry, Number 2 of 1875 :

Name: J.N. CARTERType: Schooner
Official Number: 72962 Tons: 187
Where Built: PictonPort of Registry / Hail: Picton
Build Year: 1875Value:
Builder’s Name: Wm. Redmond
Master’s Name: Thomas Wellbanks
Length: 112 & 42/10thsBreadth: 25 feet
Depth of Hold: 9 feetMasts: 2
Stern: SquareBowsprit: None
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: Schooner
Figure-head: NoneDecks: One
Subscibing owners: Hiram Wellbanks, Thomas Wellbanks and Hiram Ellis. Dated June 1, 1877



J.N. Carter

Schooner J.N. Carter

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  1. J.N. CARTER; Canadian; Tonnage: 251; Where Built: Picton; By Whom: W. Redman; Built When: 1875; Owners: Wellbanks & Others ; Port of Hail: Picton; Value: $7,000; Class: A1
  2. Schooner; Name: J.N. CARTER; New Tonnage: 251; Where Built: Picton; Built By: Redmond; Built When: 1875; Owners: Dyment; Port of Hail: Picton; Value: $3,500 ; Class: A2-1/2 ; Remarks: Requires Repair(ed), 1882-1884. (Mr. McNeils personal notes in hs personal collection.)
  3. Schooners; Name: J.N. CARTER; New Tonnage: 251; Where Built: Picton;By Whom: Redmond; When: 1875; Owners: Dyment; Port of Hail: Picton; Remarks: Requires Repairs;
  4. J.N. CARTER; Built: 1875; Official Number: 72962; Vessel Type: Schooner; Year of Build: 1875; Built At: Picton; Number of Decks: One ; Builder’s Name: W Redmond ; Square Stern; Hull Materials: Wood ; Master Carpenter: John Tait; Number of Masts: Two ; Original Owner & Location: James N. Carter, Picton, Ontario.; 112.42’ X 25’ X 9’; Gross Tonnage: 187 ; Net Tonnage: 187 ; Final Disposition and Location: Two miles East of Mississagi Strait Lighthouse, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. Date (Of Casualty): September 1894 How: Grounded in fog; wrecked by gales.
    HISTORY: Used in the grain and lumber trade on Lake Huron and Kingston, Ontario. June 14, 1875: Owned by Hiram & Thomas J. Wellbanks, Hiram Ellis, Picton, Ontario.; 1879: 251 Tons ; Sept. 1880: While in tow of tug PACIFIC, run into by Government steamer HAZE at Lime Kiln Crossing, Detroit River. Jan 29, 1881: Owned by Wellbanks, Ellis, and W. Dyment. Nov. 15, 1883: Stranded near Kincardine pier, Lake Huron, Ontario. Summer, 1884: Released by tug BOB HACKETT. Sept 1894: Wrecked.
  5. J.N. CARTER (also seen as J.S. CARTER) File #: 491 Official Number: C72962 Type at Loss: Schooner, Wood, with 2 masts Build Info: By: W. Redmond at Picton, Ontario *Built by John Tait at Redmond Shipyard. Specs: 112’ X 25” X 9’ Gross Tonnage: 187 Net Tonnage: 187 Date of Loss: 1890 Type of Loss: Stranded Place of Loss: Missagi Strait, NW end of Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron Carrying: ?
    Details: She plowed into a reef (now called “Carter Rock”) and was destroyed. Out of Picton, Ont. Owned by Wellbanks Bros. Also stranded 2 miles South of Kincardine pier, Ont on November 15, 1883 and tug ERIE BELLE, while attempting to free J.N. CARTER exploded. Major repair in 1882. Sources: slh, polk, mmgl, win, es, eb.

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. Kingston Daily News July 18, 1878 p. 3 Marine Notes Port Colborne, July 17th. Down J.N. CARTER; Cleveland – Toronto with coal.
  2. Kingston Whig-Standard September 28, 1880 On Saturday night the government steamer R.B. HAYES, while near Amherstburg, collided with the schooner J.N. CARTER, laden with grain for Kingston. The CARTER was struck on her starboard side, smashing her cutwater and carrying away her bowsprit and jibboom. The steamer’s bow was injured. The CARTER ran into Detroit for repairs. She does not leak. The HAYES is responsible for the accident as it did not answer the whistle of the tug which had the schooner in tow.
  3. Kingston Whig-Standard September 29, 1880 The schooner J.N. CARTER has libelled the R.B. HAYES and the tug PACIFIC for damage she sustained in the lake accident at Amherstburg. The CARTER left on Monday for Kingston in two of the propeller AFRICA. She gives the AFRICA $250 for bringing her here.
  4. Kingston Whig-Standard September 30, 1880 The damage sustained by the schooner J.N. CARTER is about $600. The R.B. HAYES suffers to the extent of $100.
  5. Kingston Whig-Standard October 19, 1880 The repairs to the schooner J.N. CARTER were completed today. She received a new jibboom, new rigging, sails, etc. It required over $700 to refit her. She left today for a Bay port to load barley.
  6. Oswego Palladium Tuesday November 23, 1880 REVERBERATION OF THE GALE. In Port & Ashore at South Bay, Nov 22nd: Schooners in Port: ... , J.N. CARTER, ...
  7. Casualty List for 1880. Toronto Globe November 30, 1880 Schooner J.N. CARTER damaged by collision, Detroit River
  8. Kingston British Whig March 28, 1881 p. 3 Marine Notes J.N. CARTER, a couple of new sails.
  9. Marine Record. November 22, 1883; Detroit Report: The schooners J.N. CARTER and H.N.TODMAN are ashore at or near Goderich, Lake Huron
  10. Marine Record. December 27, 1883. The schooner J.N. CARTER ashore near Goderich, Lake Huron has become a total loss.
  11. Statement of Wreck & Casualty for 1883, Dept. of Marine & Fisheries. J.N. CARTER. Schooner of 187 tons Reg., and 8 years of age. Home Port, Picton. Bound for Thessalon to Kincardine, and became a total loss. Amount of loss; Hull is $6,000 and Cargo of $300.
  12. Marine Record. June 19, 1884. The J.N. CARTER was released from Kincardine Reef last night by the tug BOB HACKETT and towed inside the harbour.
  13. Marine Record, September 20, 1894 The Canadian schooner J.N. CARTER, which is ashore at Mississauga Straits, Georgian Bay, has been abandoned as a total loss. She is owned by N. Dyment of Picton, Ont., and was built in 1875.
  14. C.H.J Snider referes to the J.N. Carter in
    Schooner Days CCLXVII (267) "From Grocery Scow To Great Eastern: More Ships That Jack Built - Jack Tait Of Prince Edward", 21 Nov 1936

References and source notes

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