The schooner barge David Andrews (1867)


Port of Picton Registry, Number 4 of 1875 :

Name: DAVID ANDREWS Type: Schooner Barge
Official Number: 83152American Tonnage: 160
Where Built: South Bay Port of Registry: Napanee
Build Date: 1872 Builder’s Name: John Tait
Owners: Andrews and Downey
Master’s Name: Jacob Collier
Length; 105 feet Breadth; 22 feet
Depth of Hold; 8 feet Masts: Two
Stern: Round Decks: One
How Built: Carvel, of wood How Rigged: Schooner

David Andrews

David Andrews.

See also the entry for the Schooner barge David Andrews in our Ships Database.

There is a strong probability that the David Andrews was built on Tmber Island, just at the entrance to South Bay (See the first two Schooner Days entries at (12) below.)

  1. Name: DAVID ANDREWS ; Built By: Tait ; Build Location: South Bay ; Built When: 1872 ; Owner: Andrews ; Port of Hail: Napanee ; Value: $8,500 ; Class: A2 ; Date of Last Survery: 9/1873 Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters, Lake Vessel Register. 1873 Page 3.
  2. Description: Schooner Tonnage: 160 Built By: Tate ; Build Location: South Bay ; Owners: Andrews & Downey ; Port of Hail: Napanee ; Value: $9,000 ; Class: A2 ; Date of Last Survey: 2/1874 – Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters, The Marine Register. 1874 Page 17.
  3. [O.N.] 71066, David Andrews, Napanee, Sr. [schooner], South Bay, 1872, 150 [registered tonnage], Robert Downey, Napanee, Canada. – Mercantile Navy List and Maritime Directory for 1881 (Spottiswoode, London), p. 278.
  4. Schooner DAVID ANDREWS: [Re]built by Tait at Port Milford, South Bay, 1872. Rebuilt in 1880 and owned by Downey & Co. of Belleville, 1892. She was renamed the Delaware of Port Hope in 1895. – Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters, second edition, page 57. Willis Metcalfe. Note the first word 'rebuilt', rather than 'built', was an obvious typographical error, corrected in notes for Willis Mettaclfe's unpublished third edition (NMA, Metcalfe fonds).

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. The Toronto Mail, July 18, 1872: "South Bay: Messrs. Downey and Andrews of Napanee, built a barge here the past winter, and it was launched this afternoon. Mr. John Tait was the builder and contractor. She was called the DAVID ANDREWS. Her burthen is 180 tons and she will carry 12,000 bushels of grain."
  2. Kingston British Whig July 22, 1872 p. 3 Masonic Excursion and Launch: Excursion on PIERREPONT from Napanee to South Bay for picnic and to see launch of DAVID ANDREWS, 12,000 bushels capacity, building for Messrs. Andrews & R. Downey of Napanee, by Tait.
  3. Kingston British Whig June 14, 1873 p. 2 Man Overboard: from barge DAVID ANDREWS in Belleville Harbour
  4. Daily British Whig June 16, 1875 p. 2 Freights: Rates are so discouraging that schooners DAVID ANDREWS and BEN FOLGER were laid up and crews paid off.
  5. Toronto Daily Globe Thursday November 4, 1875 Kingston, Nov 3rd: The schooner DAVID ANDREWS, ashore at Mill Point, Bay of Quinte, is in a bad position. Two tugs are trying to get her off. (SUMMER & SHERWOOD, Daily News)
  6. British Whig March 14, 1878 p. 2 Schooner DAVID ANDREWS makes first trip from Napanee.
  7. Toronto Globe November 30, 1880: Schooner DAVID ANDREWS on the beach, 3 miles East of Oswego.
  8. [ Back ] References to the schooner Cataract appear in C.H.J Snider's articles:
    Schooner Days DXVI (516) "Timber Islander" and (under her later name of Delaware in "The Round Sterned Delaware", 9 Apr 1932,
    and more briefly in:
    "Tait's Types: Round Sterned Delaware, Gun-Barrel Picton, and her Hickory Jibboom", 28 Nov 1936,
    "And Only The Dog Came Home", 22 May 1937,
    "The Old Grey Shawl", 20 Sep 1941,
    "A Prince Of Prince Edward", 15 Mar 1947.

References and source notes

Mr. W. McNeil, Toronto
Mr. R Neilson, Kingston
Marine History of the Great Lakes
(13) C.H.J. Snider Schooner Days index, Naval Marine Archive.

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