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Our Guide to Sources for Research into the Royal Navy, prepared in house, will examine a wide range of published documents. This page is currently being reviewed for content and indexing.

Our Our Catalogue holdings, referring specifically to the Royal are extensive, as are those referring specifically to the Fleet Air Arm.

Ships and events:

Royal Navy: Articles of War, 1757.
Treaty of Friendship, Limits, and Navigation - Spain / US 1795
Serapis and Bonhomme Richard -some details of these ships, (Sept. 23, 1779), towards the end of the American Revolution.
The Topaz and HMS Diana 1807 - the High Court condemnation, 1811 (pdf file)
The Shannon and the Chesapeake - 1 June 1813, War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent - the end of the War of 1812
Rush-Bagot Agreement - April 28, 1818

Officers and men:

Admirals Hood [Bligh and the Bounty, Nelson and HMS Victory]
Royal Naval Asylum - move from Paddington to Greenwich; from the Naval Chronicle, XVIII
Victoria Crosses including Royal Navies, Airforces and Armies.


England expects that every man will do his duty - Admiral Nelson's most famous signal.
Battle of Trafalgar - propaganda - a rather optistic account of Lord Nelson's "defeat" at Trafalgar, by the Napoleonic press.

Publications, journals, magazines:

Warship - The British serial, quarterly and annual, from January 1977 until ....


"Navy Cut" cigarettes and HERO - advertizing memories for many generations of sailormen.


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