The Scooner Oliver Mowat

Note that this page is provisional, including various notes; will need verification and editing.

The folowing based upon Dave Swayze's Casualty List

Other names : none also seen as OLIVER MOWATT
Official No. : C92384
Type at loss : schooner, wood, 3-mast
Build info : 1873, Beaupre, Millhaven, Ont.
Specs : 116 x 26 x 11, 341 t.
Date of loss : 1921, Sept 1
Place of loss : near Pennicon Shoal off Main Duck Isl.
Lake : Ontario
Type of loss : collision
Loss of life : 3 of 5
Carrying : coal
Detail : Rammed and sunk by the 1700 ton steel steamer KEYWEST, whose Capt & Mate were jailed for keeping such a poor lookout. She was owned out of Bowmanville, and known as a fast sailer. Ashore & heavily damaged by storm near Oshawa, Ont. Nov 28, 1905.

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