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Guide to Sources for Research into the Canadian Army

Standard references

These works were not published by the Government of Canada. They are, however, considered to be highly accurate and are standard references for the study of Canadian naval history.


cook clio

Clio's warriors : Canadian historians and the writing of the world wars : Tim Cook (Vancouver : UBC Press, 2006) (Studies in Canadian military history; no. 10.)

One of Canada's leading military historians examines the subject of historical memory and writing, the creation of archives, and the war of reputations that followed each of the world wars. While not an “official history” in itself, and being largely “army” in focus, there are significant entries on each of the Navy and Air Force. Writing the World Wars -- 1 Documenting War and Forging Reputations, 1914-18 -- 2 The War of Reputations, 1918-39 -- 3 Clio in the Service of Mars, 1939-45 -- 4 History Wars and War History, 1945-48 -- 5 Official History, Contested Memory, 1948-60 -- 6 Forging the Canon of Canadian World War History, 1960-2000 -- Conclusion: An Ongoing Dialogue -- Notes -- Select Bibliography of Official and Semi-Official Canadian Histories.



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