KO Neste and his Mono-Kestrel

The following is from the Ross Richardson fonds, and will be subject to further additions and modifications after full cataloguing of the contents. (Location: Cabinet 11, second floor.)

KO Neste (Kenneth Neste) designed and built this low-wing monoplane between 1932 and 1935. He died in it after an accident (probable wing or aileron failure) on 26 December 1935.

Specifications: (final configuration)

Span: 31' 5"
Length: 23' 11"
Height: 6' 11"
Wing area: 135 sq ft
Weight empty: 1080 lbs
Weight loaded: 1580 lbs
Angle of incidence: 3°
Dihedral angle: 5°
Sweepback: 3°
Engine:: Cirrus MK III


KO Neste and his Mono-Kestrel, 1935.