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Note: Many issues have not yet been indexed; however, unless a "Vol / Num" is not in the table below, or is marked as "missing", we do hold that issue.


Month/Year Vol / Num Articles Yachts Comments Dup Condition
Jan-19071/1New York Yacht Club, Power Boat, Power Boat Development, Uniform Rule, Power Boat Design, Rating Rules, Racing Rules, Yachting Events, Yacht Races, Power Boats, Cary Smith, Clinton Crane, Shipwreck Bar Harbour, Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, Chicago Yacht Club, Lipton Cup, Makinac Race, America's Cup, Sir Thomas Lipton, Plans Loose centre pages, Loose Cover
Feb-19071/2Uniform Rule, Ice Boats, Poughkipsee, New Jersey, Shrewsbury River, Scooter, International Races, Sonderklasse Race, Canada's Cup, Seawanhaka Challenge Cup, Gasoline Engine, Inland Lake Yachting Association, Wisconsin , Lake Winnebago, Edina, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Oyster Bay, Plans, Racing VenuesLoose centre page, otherwise good
Mar-19071/3Commissioning, Canada's Cup, RCYC, Rochester Yacht Club, Jamestown, Lake Worth, Motor Boat Race, Small Boat Racing, Gravesend Bay, Dory, Canoe, Gravesend Yacht Racing Association, Yachts, Lake Michigan, Mackinac Race, Lipton Cup, Illumination, Electricity, Kerosene, Acetylene, Edina, Scow Plan, Building Instructions, Scow Sailboat, Weetamoe Cabin Plan Vesta, Fleetwing, Mayflower, Dauntless, Weetamoe1vg (dup poor)
Apr-19071/4Scooter, Motor Scooter, Maine Casco Bay, Motor Boat, Casco Bay Yacht Club, Power Boat, Gasoline Engine, Dory, Canoe, Canoeing, Commissioning, Catboat Plan, Plans Loose Cover, othwerwise good
May-19071/5Windjammers, Yachts, Steam Yacht, Motor Boat, Bermuda, Yachting, Lake Michigan, Canada's Cup, Prince of Wales Cup, RCYC, Rowing, Cornell Stroke, Varsity Rowing, Jamestown, Inland Navigation, Yacht Buying, Boat Buliding, Amateur Boat Building, Plans, Schooner Plans, EdnaNorth Star, Ventia, Corsair, Niagara, Lysistrata, Loose centre pages, Loose Cover
Jun-19071/6Auxiliary Schooner, Schooner Design, Rating Rules, Q Class, 22 Raters, New England, Scantlings, Racing Rules, Table of Scantlings, Lake George, Motor Boats, Lake George Regatta, Small Craft Plans, Plans, Boat Costs, Lipton Cup, England, Yacht Building, Yachting, Lake Saint Claire, Bouys, Bouy Maintenence, Monte Carlo, Motor Boat Racing, Legislation, New Construction, Canoe, Edna Loose centre pages, p377 Ripped, Loose Cover
Jul-19072/1Psychology, Racing, Ignition Systems, Motor Boat, Canoeing, Canoe, Cruising, Mississippi, Plans, Georgian Bay, Ocean racing , Bermuda Race, Thousand Islands, Great Lakes, Yacht Club Cruises, Hudson River, Delaware River, Delaware Raritan Canal, Makinac Crusing Race, Bermuda Race, Ocean Racing, Mississippi River, PlansZena, Sachem, MendotaIstalena, Neola, Effort, , Rainbow, Yankee, Constitution, Columbia, Humma, Shark, Altair, Hyperion, Dervish, Shamrock, Tammany, Flamingo, Zurah, Lila, Ailsa Craig, Idaho, Eleanor IV, Kosagaas, Butterfly, Adele1Loose centre page, otherwise good
Aug-19072/2Larchmount Yacht Club, Keil Week, Kiel, Sonderklasse Trials, Inland Lake Yachting, Bermuda Race, Ocean Racing, Motor Boats, Yacht Racing, Buffalo, Motor Boats, lubrication, Cooling System, Hydroplane, Gasoline Engine,Plans, 90 foot Sloop Plans, Connolly,1Loose centre page, otherwise good
Sep-19072/3Laying Up, Boat Storage, Cradles, Canada's Cup, Motor boat, Carburetor, Marblehead, Motor Boat Race, Marblehead Motor Boat Race, Block Island Race, NewYork Athletic Club, Warfare, Motor Boat, Gasoline Engine, Torpedo Boat, Mackinac Race, Chicago Yacht Club, Torpedo, British International Cup, 1907 British International Cup, Miami Race, Miami to Nassau Race, Plans, Boston Yacht Club One Design Plans, Barnegat Racing Cat Plans, Britian, Yachting, Women, Sailing Effort, , Vencedor, Vanenna, Alice, Tannis, Arcadia, Chicago Light, Ranger, Swastika, Manazanita, Argo, Okee, Vingt-Trois, Alyce, Busy Bee, Picaroon, Aldred, Irene, Hopalong, Spirit, Mischief IIAnenome, Paloma, Lurline, katrina, Avenger, Siwanoy, Chinook, Istalena, Seneca, Imp, Dixie, Alexandra, Eileen, Kelpie, Klondike, Whiz, Good Condition
Oct-19072/4New York Yacht Club, Cruising, New York Yacht Club Cruise, Astor Cup, Canada's Cup, Aemelius Jarvis, Charlotte New york , Lake Ontario, RCYC, 1907 Canada's Cup, Motor Boat, Saginaw Bay, Sonderklasse Racing, Emperors Cup, Kiel, Turbine Engine, Reciprocating Engine, Turbine, Lake George Regatta, Gold Cup, American Power Boat Association, Sir Thomas Lipton Competative Cup, Lake Michigan, Columbian Yacht Club, Larchmount Race Week, Handicap Racing Class, Motor Boat Club of America, Gasoline Engine, PlansSeneca, Adele, Elmina, Shimna, Ingomar, Elmina, , White Heather, Nepsi, Gardenia, Chewink III, Spokane I, Marblehead, , Tarantula, Yale, Lusitania, Winnish, Carol II, Bunny,Crescent, Jig Step, Chip II, Stranger, Pirate, Cherry Circle, C.A.A., Quien Sabe, Yo San, Jackson Park, Queen, Shimna, 1Loose centre page, otherwise good
Nov-19072/51907 National Motor Boat Carnival, National Motor Boat Carnival, Hudson River, British International Cup, Motor Boat Club of America, Put in Bay Regatta, Lake Erie, Lightships, Light Vessel, Navigation, Motor Boats, Inland Lakes, Boat Design, Alexandria Cup, The Fishermans Race, Fishing Schooner, Trawlers, Lipton Cup, Boston Light, Indian Harbour Yacht Club Ocean Race, Gasoline Engine, Gasoline Engine Design, Detroit River, Catboats, Iceboats Ice Boat Plans, Building Instructions, Engine Maintenance, Repairs, Engine Repairs, America's Cup, Plans Dixie,Rose Dorethea1Loose centre pages, otherwise good
Dec-19072/6Scooter, Scooter Building, Scooter Plans, Building Instructions, Ice Boat, Gravesend Bay, Lipton Cup, Coastwise Cruiser, Motor boats, Shipwrecks, Salvage, St Lois,, St Lois Power Boat Association, Power Boat Race, Chesapeake Bay, Jamestown Exposition, Roosevelt Cup, King Edwards Cup, Yacht Race, Farallon Cup, San Fancisco, Crowninshield Plan, Plans, National Motor Boat and Engine Show, Boat Design , Engine Design1vg (dup fair)
Mar-19083/3Cape Horn, Building Instructions, Boat Buliding, Amateur Boat Building, 15 foot Raceabout Plans, Knots, Inland Lakes Yachting Association, OshkoshPower Boat, Pacific Coast, Motor Boat, San Francisco, Torpedo Boat,Gasoline, Gasoline Engine, Warfare, Naval Ships, Shipwreck, Tramp Steamer, Exhaust System, Underwatwer Exhaust System, Motor Boat Operation, PlansAnnandale Loose centre pages, Loose Cover
Apr-19083/4Commissing, Painting , Varnishing, Caulking, Operating Cost, Motor Boat, Power Boat, Illumination, Lumiairies, Electrical System, Electric Lighting, Engine Installation, Sail Boat, Auxiliary Installation, Rescue, Shipwreck, Lifesaving, Schooner, Boat Launching, Boat Buying, Purchasing, PlansBritannia, Rainbow, Goblin, Charlotte T Sibley, IldicoRipped Binding Otherwise Good condition
May-19083/5Lake Worth Regatta, Palm Beach Power Association, Motor Boat Racing, Auxiliaries, Auxiliary Yacht, Whaling, Whaling Vessel, Whaleship, New Bedford, Oil, Lubrication, Lubrication Systems, Knots, Cape Horn, Motor Boat Development, Motor Boat Design, 6 Cylinder Engine, 4 Cylinder Engine, Joshua Slocum, Anchor, Anchor Cable, Boat Equipment,PlansSultana Constance, Winnebago, Spray,Loose centre pages, otherwise good
Jun-19083/6Yachting Season, RCYC, Canada's Cup, Asbestos,New England, Long Island, New York, Detroit River, Interlake Yachting Association, Controls, Motor Boat Controls, Cape Horn, Knots, Hitches, Monaco, Hydroplane, Time Allowance, Handicap, Rating Rules, Racing Rules, America's Cup, Yachting Events, Power Boat, Power Boat Race, Marblehead - New Rochelle Race, Plans, Davits Vigilant, Shamrock1Good Condition
Jul-19084/1Great Lakes, Cruising, Toronto, Boston, RCYC, Amelius Jarvis, Motor Boats, Engines, Canal, Lak4e Champlain, Whitehall, New York, Hudson River, Albany, Diamond Shoals, Cape Hatteras, Gale, Makinac Race, Engine, Engine Trouble shooting, Cooking, Yacht Stove, Stove Fuel, Galley, Bermuda Race, Cape Horn, Provisioning, Plans Zahara, Endymion, Dervish, Venona, Zhrah, White HeatherGood Condition
Aug-19084/2Canoe, Motor Canoe, Block Island Race, New York Athletic Club, Knots Turks Head, Cape May Race, Lipton Cup, Booklyn Yacht Club, Marine Engines, Batteries, Storage Batteries, Interior Design, Cabin Cruisers, Bermuda Race , Marblehead - Bermuda Yacht Race, Motor Boat, Lake Michigan, Michigan City Race, Columbia Yacht Club, Engine, Gasoline Engine, Cape Horn, Fuel, Ignition System Revenue Cutter, Concrete Ships, Ferro Cement boats,Zuhrah, Venona, Esperanza, Atlantic, Shamrock1Good Condition
Sep-19084/3Emergency, Engine Repairs, Engine Room, Engine Room Design, Cape Horn, Spark Plugs, Ignition System, Storms, Weather Prediction, Storm Signals, Clouds,US Weather Bureau, Makinac Race, Lake Michigan, Marblehead - New Rochelle Race, Power Boat Race, Astor Cup, Harmsworth TrophyViator, Dixie II, Avenger, Wolsely-SiddelyGood Condition
Oct-19084/4Gold Challenge Cup, Chippewa Bay, Chipewa Yacht Club, Marblehead, Marblehead Race Week, Rowboats, Motor Installation, New York Yacht Club, Cruising, Kings Cup, Exhaust System, Underwater Exhaust System, Trans Pacific Ocean Race, Cape Horn, Interlake Regatta, Plans, Steam launch, WS Burgess, Measurements, Handicapping, Rating Rules, Motor Boats Dixie II, Chip III, Istalena, Lurline Hawaii, Lady Maud, Gwendolyn II, White Heather, Iolanda Good Condition
Nov-19084/5Searchlights, Motor Boats, Magneto, Battery, Ingnition System, Power Boat, Power Boat Development, Lipton Cup, Lake Michigan, 21 Footers, Motor Boat, National Motor Boat Carnival, Hudson River Cape May Race, Columbia Yacht Club, Cape Horn, Webb Endurance Race, Illinois River, Peoria, Tender, Power Tender, Building Instructions, Boat Buliding, Amateur Boat Building, Power Tender Plans, Turbine Yacht Toront Motor Boat Club, Fire, Plans, P Class Sloop Plan Mayflower, VanadisLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Dec-19084/6Power Tender, Building Instructions, Boat Buliding, Amateur Boat Building, Power Tender Plans, Inland Lakes Regatta, Bay city Boat Club, Motor Yacht Regatta, Knots, Shroud Knot, Mathew Walker Knot, Lubrication, Lubrication System, Bow, Stern, Flag, Etiquette, Cape Horn, Canada's Cup, Yacht racing Union of The Great Lakes, RCYC. Plans1no cover, Dup Loose front cover, Loose centre pages
Feb-19095/2Cruising, Motor Yacht, Power Cruiser, Cabin Cruiser, America's Cup, Handicap Class, Handicap Class Racing, Signal, Signaling Device, Horn, Whistle, Boat Building, Amateur Boat Building, Building Instructions, 20 Foot Launch Plan, Horsepower, Horsepower Rating, Fishing, Commercial Fishing, Fishing Schooner, Sonderklasse, Rating Rules, QuarterBeam, Measurement, Racing Rules, Gasoline Consumption, S Class boat Plan, Plans, Motor BoatConstitutionLoose Cover
Mar-19095/3Seventies, Seventy Foot Class, America's Cup, Great Lakes, Two Stroke Engine, Tuning, Gulf of Mexico,Catboat, Cruising, Boat Building, Amateur Boatbuilding, Building Instructions, Gasoline Engine, Motor Boat, Business Factor, Business Requirement, Captain John Barr, Narragansett Bay, Narragansett Bay Races, Blizzard, Splicing, Eye Splice, Spark Plugs, Plans, 25 foot WL Sloop Plans IroquoisGood Condition
Apr-19095/4Sails, Sail Maintenance, Yachting, Yachting Season 1909, New England, Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, Sail Handling Water Cooling, Water Cooled Exhaust, Water Cooled Muffler, Exhaust, Muffler, Boat Design, Engine Design, America's Cup, B Crowninshield, Monaco, Yacht Design Independence, Dixie II, Volunteer, Puritan, Meta, Vision, Splicing , Short Splice, TaverseTable, Dead Reckoning, Lubrication, Fitting Out , Painting, Caulking, PlansLoose centre pages, otherwise good
May-19095/5House Boat, Compass, Motor Boat, Motor Boat Racing, Hurricane , Schooner, Tender, Operating Costs, Maintenance Costs, Racing Cups, Kings Cup, America's Cup, Commodore's Cup, Cape May Challenge Cup, Astor Cup, Fog, Weather, William Fife, Compass Errorm, Variation, Bearings, Deviation, Azimuth Table, Motor Installation, Carburation, Fuel Mixture, Bellport Bay One Design Plan, Plans Loose centre page, otherwise good
Jun-19095/6Gasoline Tank, Splicing,Monaco, Motor Boat, Motor Boat Racing, Lake Michigan, Yachting, America's Cup, Great Lakes, Detroit River , Lake St Clair, Catboat, Open Boat, Accomodation, Long Island, Race Around Long Island, Atlantic Yachting Club, Long Splice, Engine, Gasoline Engine, Propellers, Propeller Blades, Plans, Engine TroubleshootingDixie II, Defender, AlohaLoose centre page, otherwise good
Jul-19096/1Bermuda, Power Boat Race, Sail boat Race, Cruising, Rideau Canal, Kingston Wiring, Wiring Arrangement, Yacht Racing, Pacific Northwest, Gravesend Bay, Providence, Georgian Bay, Great Lakes, North Channel, Lake Michigan, 30,000 Islands, Back Splice, Splicing, Grommet, Oil, Heavy Weather, PlansAmorita, Margaret, Comet, Dauntless, Dorothy Q, Cover is taped,Otherwise Good
Aug-19096/2Cape May Race, Crocker Cup, Brooklyn Yacht Club,New York Albany Race, Motor Boat, Motor Boat Race, George Cup Lake Ontario, Kingston Ocean Racing, Power Boat Racing, Mackinac Race, Long Island, Race Around Long Island, Fishing Boat, Block Island Race, New York Athletic Club, Nantucket Shoals, Hudson River , Lake Champlain, Champlain Canal, Navigation, Charts Sounding Rods, Lead Line, Plans, 118 Foot Waterline Schooner Plans, gasoline KathleenGood Condition
Sep-19096/3Long Island, Yacht Race, Power BoartRace, Marblehead, Bay Ridge to Marblehead, Lake Michigan , Makinac Race, Chicago Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Motor Boat, Cruiser, Gasoline Engine, Cruising , California, Mexico, Ignition System, Idividual Coil Sytem, Synchronized Ignition System, Distributor System, Disributor, Hudson River , Lake Champlain, Champlain Canal, Navigation Compass, Barometers,Log Line, Thermometer, Dividers, Protracators, Paralell Rules, Plans, Massachusetts Bay 18 Footer Plans, British International Trophy, Lake Ontario, Canada's CupAloha, Atlantic, Reomar, Montauk, Grayling, SenecaLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Oct-19096/4Duck Hunting, Power Boat, Power Cruiser, Sonderklasse Races, Predient Taft Cup, 1909 Sonderklasse Races, Gold Challenge Cup, Thosand Island Yacht Club, American Powerboast Association, Alexandria Bay, ST Lawrence River, Eastern Yacht Club, Lake Michigan, Lipton Cup, Astor Cup, New York Yacht Club, Maine, Motor Boat, Mississippi River, Put in Bay , Welland Canal, Lakewood Yacht Club, Lake Erie, Chesapeake Bay, Variation, Deviation , Compass, Navigation, PlansDixie III, TimandraBack cover loose
Nov-19096/5Navigation, Hudson River, Hudson Fulton Celebration, Motor Boats, Sail boats, Henry Hudson, Robert Fulton, New York Yacht Club, Commodore , Arthur Curtis James, Race Week on Gravesend Bay, AtlanticYacht Club, Brooklyn Yacht Club, Puget Sound International Yacht Racing Association, Dunmuir Trophy, Put in Bay , Welland Canal, Lakewood Yacht Club, Navigation, Piloting, Plans, Northwestern Regatta, Toledo, Interlake Yachting AssociationHalf Moon, Clermont,ZaharaGood Condition
Dec-19096/6Models, Motor Boat Racing, Lake Erie, Sumner H Foster Memorial Cup, William Gardiner, Naval Architecture, Handicap Yacht Racing Class, Long Island, Yacht Models, Windjammer, Barquentine, Cruising, Ship's Log, Long Island, One Design Class, Great South Bay, Great South Bay Yachting Association, Oyster Bay, Newport, Piloting, Mercator Chart, Mercator Sailings, Middle Latitude Sailing, PlansShakespeare Altair, Muriel1no cover Loose centre pages, Loose front Cover
Jan-19107/1Hydroplanes, Towing, Water Navigation, Weather, Bahama, Cary Smith, Naval Architecture, Inland Lakes Regatta, Inland Lakes Yachting Association, Carburetour, Carburetor Adjustment, America's Cup, America's Cup 1893, NewYork Yacht Club, Flagship, Aloha Plans Vigilant, Muriel, AlohaCovers off, Loose centre pages
Feb-19107/2Iceboats, Lifeboats, Gasoline Engine, Lake Ontario, Ice Yachting, Bahamas, Cruising, Naples, Royal Sailing Club of Naples Bay of Naples, Water Navigation, Weather, Harmsworth Trophy, British International Trophy, Whipping, Lake Michigan, Raceabout Class, Millwaulee Yacht Club, Macatawa, Seamanship, Heavy Weather, Heaving To, Engine Maintenance, Twenty Footers, Steam Yacht, PlansCampaneroLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Mar-19107/3Labrador, Cruising, Yacht Clubs, Long Island, America's Cup, 1885 America's Cup, Jamica Bay Yacht Club, Boat Building, Charts, Chart Making, Maine, Casco Bay, Scooters, Iceboats, Racing Cabin Cruiser, Engines, PlansPuratin, Priscilla, GenestaLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Apr-19107/4Whaling, Ship repairs, boat building, Plans, Cruising , Lake Champlain, Quebec, Boat houses, Fitting Out, Commissioning, SouthBay Yacht Cklub, Bellport Bay Yacht club, Yacht Clubs, Long Island, Mackinac Race, Duck Hunting, Steel Ships, Docking Facilities, Motor repairsLoose centre pages, otherwise good
May-19107/5Plans, Windjammer, Windjammer race, Sails, Tackle, Purchases, American fishing schooner, fishing schooner, Atlantic Yacht Club, Palm Beach Regatta, Lake Ontario , Bay of Quinte, Port Credit, Knockabout, Rating Rule, Time Allowance Tables, American Power Boat Association, Long Island, Yacht Clubs, Ship worm, Borer, Boating equipmentAphrodite, DusseldorfLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Jun-19107/6Plans, Great Lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan Lake Ontario, George Cup, Seawanhaka Cup, Lake Ontario Sailing Skilff Association Trophy, RCYC, Long Distance Racing, American fishing schooner, fishing schooner, Knockabout, Trent Severn Waterway, Trent Canal, Georgian Bay, Ignition Systems, Sails, Brooklyn Challenge Cup, Ocean Challenge Cup, Fiords, Newfoundland, Windjammer, Windjammer race, Aphrodite, DusseldorfLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Jul-19108/1Philadelphia - Havana Race, power boats, Motor boats, San Francisco - San Pedro, Cruising, Montreal, Saint Lawrence River, Lake Champlain Hudson River, Champlain Canal, Jump Spark Euipment, Chesapeake Bay Americas Cup, America's Cup 1887, VolunteerLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Aug-19108/2Plans, Bermuda race, powerboats, Marblehead-bay Rdge Race, Mississippi Rvivwer Powerboat Association, M.V.P.B.A., Illinois, Brooklyn Challenge Cup, Ocean Challenge Cup, Ocean racing, Block Island Race Newyork Athletic Club, Yachting Cup, Cornfield Lightship Race, New Rochelle Yacht Club, British International Trophy, Harmsworth Cup, Marine Photography, New York Albany Race, Catboat, Cruising, Montreal, Saint Lawrence River, Lake Champlain ShimnaLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Sep-19108/3Plans, British International Trophy, Harmsworth Cup, Power boats, Power boat racing, Mackinac Race,1910 Mackinac Race, Seawanhaka Cup, Manchester Yacht Club, Royal Saint Lawrence Yacht Club, chicago Yacht Club, Mackinac Cup, Dry Cell Batteries, Bermuda Race, Cesapeake bay Yacht Racing Association, Larchmount Racing Week, Lake Michigan, Jackson Park Yacht Club, RCYC,Aemelius Jarvis, Canada's Cup, Mine Lying, Gasoline, Distribution box launch, motor boat racing , Dismal Swamp, Four Stroke Engines, Engine Installation, gasolene engines, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Regatta results, side wheeler, Jump spark coil, Gold Challenge Cup Divie III,Loose centre pages, otherwise good
Oct-19108/4Plans, Schooner Yacht , Shipwreck, Ketchikan to Alaska Race, Sonderklasse series, Spanish American races, Northwet Regatta, Wisconson ,Illinois, Minnesotta, Atlantic Yacht Club, P boat, New York Yacht Club, Cruise, New York Yacht Club Cruise, ER Thomas trophy, Interlake Motorboat Championship, Niagara River, speed boats, Western Power Boat Association regatta, duck hunting, Illinois Valley Yacht Club, Four Stroke Engines, Engine Installation, gasolene engines, Cape May, Detroit Yacht Club, Ventnor Yacht and Motor Boat Club, Westward, Lady Maud, Tartargood condition
Nov-19108/5Plans, Schooner Yacht , Shipwreck, Trawler, Georges Shoal, Fishing Schooner, Winter Fishing, Commercial fishing, Dory, National Carnival , Hudson River, Power Boats, Motor Boats, Americas Cup, Four Stroke Engines, Engine Maintenance, Open Boat, Wire Rope, Marlin Spike Seamanship, Tide Predicting Engine, Splicing, TideLady Maud, Lizzie M Stanley, Priscilla, TartarLoose centre pages, edge rips on pages, otherwise good
Dec-19108/6Powerboats, British Powerboats, Ice boats, Lake Michigan, Chicago, Chicago Yacht Club, Inland Lakes Regatta, Inland Lakes Yachting Association, Georges Shoal, Commercial fishing, Fishing Schooner, dory, winter fishing, Poweryacht, Handicap yacht racing class, Oshkosh Yacht Club, schooner Yyacht, shipwreck, Marine engines, Plans, TrawlerGloriana, Ariel, Emerald, Lady Maud, Lizzie M Stanley1ripped cover, dup loose centre pages otherwise good cond.
Feb-19119/2Boat House, Floating Boathouse , Cruising , Gulf of Mexico , Florida, Tampa Bay, Mobile, Bermuda , Ocean Voyage, New York, Great South Bay, Sharks, Harpoon, Inside Route, Chesapeake Bay, Rockaway Beach, Raritan River, Wreck, Lofting, Lines Plan, 98 Foot Cruiser, Accommodation Plan, 50 Foot Raised Deck Cruiser, 50 Foot Day Boat, 50 Foot Cruiser, Power Cruiser, New York Motor Boat Show, Runabout, Express Launch, Gurnet Dory, LifeboatPrivateer, Bunnie, Ursa, Berneyo, Lady Maud, AlgaLoose centre pages, otherwise good
Mar-19119/3Motor Dory, Power Dory, Gurnet Dory, Dory, West Indiaman, Barque, Barquentine, Merchannt Marine, Windjammer Apprenticehip, West Indies, Cruising , California, San Francisco, San Joaquin River, Suisun Marsh, Amateur Boat Building, 35 Foot Power Cruiser, British International Trophy, Motor Boat, Rules , Revision, Racing Rules, Navigation, Sextant, Chronometer, Inside Route, Chesapeake Bay, Beaufort, Grounding, Steam Yacht, Lofting, Lines Plan, Moulds, Taking off, Schooner Yacht, Cruising, Wreck, 63 Foot Motor Boat, Tigris River, Euphrates River, St Petersberg, Accommodation Plan, 24 Foot Power Cruiser, Raised Deck Cruiser, 26 Foot Dory Cruiser, 45 Foot High Speed Ferry Launch, Express launch,55 foot Seagoing Cruiser, 35 Foot Power Cruiser, 60 Foot Fast CruiserWestwood, Irondequoit, Iola, Go Sum, Alga, Cigarette, Lady Maud,1no cover, Dup Loose front cover, Loose centre pages
Apr-19119/4Class R Boat, R Boat, Great Lakes., Lake Erie, Lakewood Yacht Club, Dinghy, Tender, Stowage, Interior s Power Boat, Equipment, California, San Francisco, Sacramento River, Navigation, Sextant, Chronometer, Ignition System, Make and Break Ignition System, Lighting System, Engine, Engine Selection, Fuel Tank, Installation, Water Tank, Whistle Tank, Precautions, Safety, Windjammer, Clipper Ship, Navigation Equipment, Motor Boat, Binnacle, Taffrail Log, Azimuth Instrument, Navigation Lights, Maine, Sloop, Ground Tackle, Mooring Equipment, Anchor, Inside Route, Chesapeake Bay, Beaufort, St Augustine, Wreck, 23 Foot Knockabout, 55 Foot High Speed Motor Launch, 21 Foot Raised Deck Auxiliary Cruiser, 21 Foot Auxiliary Cruiser, 80 Foot Cruiser, 80 Seagoing Foot Cruiser,Lasca, Helen E, Sturdy, Florissa, Hornet III, Yale, Flying Cloud, Sir John Franklin, Dreadnought,Great Republic, Cara Mia, Lusitania, Alga, Lady Maud, 1taped cover Dup Loose pages
Aug-191110/2Regatta, Power Boat, Mississippi Valley Power Boat Association, Hydroplane, Dubuque, Manhasset Cup, Manhasset Bay, Cape May Race, Benton Reef Cup, Chicago Michigan City Race, Cruising, San Farnacisco, Guaymas, 50 Foot Power Boat, British International Trophy, Trials, Long Distance race , New Rochelle Yacht Club, Cornfield Lightship, Echo Bay, Block Island Race, New York Athletic Club, New York Albany and Return Race, Semaphore, Yachting, Signalling, Communication, Wig Wagging, Wreck, Schooner Yacht, 53 Foot Power Cruiser, Great Lakes, Accommodation plan, 25 Foot Runabout, Yawl, 32 Foot Cruising Yawl, 32 Foot Auxiliary Cruising Yawl, 40 Foot Cruiser, 40 Foot Raised Deck Cruiser, 40 Foot Power Cruiser, 55 Foot Cruiser, Day Boat Ocean Race, Atlantic City, Fire IslandLeading Lady, Pronto III, Red Top III, Missouri,Comet, Disturber II, Hoosier Boy, Karina, Joyant, Corinthian, Sayonara, Amoret, Italia, Timandra, Cara Mia, Windward, Ilys, Bandit, Capsicum, Larikin, Lark, Dixie ,Arapahoe, Canadice, Sim Too, Caroline, Wanderer, Dixie IV, Ediana, Crescent, Alert, Blue Peter V, Classic, Bunk III, Thistle, Monreve, Peter Pan IV, Katsix, Ruth II, Lady Maud, Eugenia, Isabella II, Chetwood, Sybilla IICovers Loose
May-191313/5no cover
Jun-191313/6ripped cover
Sep-191314/3ripped cover
Jun-191415/6ripped cover
Aug-191416/2no cover
Mar-191619/3no cover
Jan-191721/1ripped cover
Feb-191721/2ripped cover
Apr-191721/4ripped cover
May-191721/5ripped cover
Jun-191721/6ripped cover
Jul-191722/1ripped cover
Aug-191722/2ripped cover
Sep-191722/3ripped cover
Oct-191722/4ripped cover
Nov-191722/5no cover
Dec-191722/6missing a chunk
Feb-191823/2no cover
Sep-191928/1Model Yachts, schooner designs, R boat, J.G Alden, dayboats, Solent day boat, Knockabout boat, racing results, 25 ' Cruiser Spray, CiPam, Cigaretteno cover
Aug-192028/2Americas Cup , 1920 Americas Cup, British International trophy, powerboat racing, plans, Arctic Voyage, Block Island Race, v bottom powerboat, celestial navigation , navigation, St Hilaire problem, propulsion, marine propellors, submarine chasers, Bermuda, submarine chasers race Resolute, Shamrock IVgood, no rips
Sep-192028/3ripped cover
Oct-192028/4no cover
Nov-192028/5taped cover
Dec-192028/6ripped cover
Mar-192129/3Fisher Trophy, Miami, powerboat racing, gondola,Trans Atlantic race, King of Belgium's Cup, windjammers, war, plans, model yachts, model yacht fittings, buying a boat, H.E. Boucher Mfg. Mackinac RaceFleetwingcover ripped and taped
Mar-1922321/3Buzzards Bay 30, Nova Scotia, Blue Hill, Cape Cod, Bay Of Fundy, Boat, Purchase, Buying a Boat, Selection Criteria, Express Cruiser, RCYC, George Cup, Pringers Cove, Star Class, Star Class Association, Freeman Cup, Class R Boat, Chesapeake Bay Canoe, East Indiaman, House Boat, Power House Boat, William Starr, Amateur Boat Building, Building Instructions, Diesel Yacht, 180 Foot Diesel Powered Yacht, Blocks, Power Cruiser, Accomodation Plan, Cruising Schooner, Schooner, Fisherman Type Cruising Schooner , 39 Foot Express Cruiser, Sloop, 40 Foot Auxiliary Sloop, Class S Boat, Lake Huron, Square Rigger, 18 Foot Catboat, Model Yacht, Measurement, Rating Rules, Model Yacht Linres Plan, Model Power Yachts, B Class model Yacht, Ice Boat, Sterling EnginesVagranr, Sonnica, Zingara, Jada, Richocet, Dolly Varden, Thames, Sea Chest,Owisquat,no cover
Feb-192333/2ripped cover
Mar-1923MISSINGno cover
May-192333/5ripped cover
Aug-192334/2no cover
Sep-192334/31no cover
Oct-192334/4Motor boat Show Numbergood
Dec-1923XXXIV / VIno cover
Mar-192435/321 ripped cover,1 missing cover
Jul-1926XL/1Model Yachting,Yachting Monthly Cup, Plans, South Pacific Cruising, Sulu Sea, Bounty, Launch, Navigation, Class E Inland Lake Scows, inland lake scows, Barnegat Bay, Ventilation, Engine Room, Gulf Stream, Bermuda Rig, Clipper ship, Young America, Tides, Racing strategyJolie Brise, Elanor, 1Binding is going, some tears in cover
Aug-1927XLII/2John Black,Model Yacht, Model Yacht Design, A Class, Model Yacht Plans, Model Yacht Racing Association, Express Motor Yacht, Chris Craft, 22 Foot Chris Craft Cadet Tender, 44 Foot Schooner, Ian L McKenzie, Ralph E Winslow, Decked Sailing Canoe, Express Day Boat, Triple Screw Express Day Boat, Diesel Yacht, Yawl, Cruising Yawl, Philp L Rhodes, Luders Marine, Racing Boat, London Cape May Race, Corinthian Yacht Club, Gibson Island Race, Cape May, New York Yacht Club, Glen Cove, New York Yacht Club Cruise, Eastern Yacht Club Cruise, Privateer, Privateersman,Atlantic Voyage, Labrador, Staight Of Belle Isle, Indian Harbour, Hamilton Inlet, Mooring, Ground Tackle, Stays, Marconi Mast, Rig, Stress, Chicago to New Orleans Race, Outboards, Class M Sloop, Bear Mountain Race, Block Island Race, New York athletic club, Northrup Memorial Trophy Race, Lake Erie, Class R, Buffalo Canoe Club, International Six Meter Class, Scandinavia, Frederick B ThurberVanitie, Teal, Duckling, Windjammer, Terry, Camilla, Azor, Sachem, Yankee Girl, Alert, Black Goose, Butterfly, Malbar VIII, Kissyput II Bluewater, Seven Bells, Blue Water, Hearts Desire, Caroline, Phantom, Lynx, Carolina, Pleione, Ann, Adventure, Invincible, Happy Days, Unique, Yale, Miss Chicago , Miss Saint Louis, Miss New Orleans, Prestige, Curlew, Miss Okechobee, Edee, Duchess, Algol, Sea Dream III, Quiver, Thalata Ardette, Latonka, Papoose, Live yankee Puffin, Paradox,Bostonia II, Lily, Marilou, Cintra, Whitecap, Obeka II, Comoco, Whitecap, Sea Witch, Pirate Sketches, Life aboard a windjammer by Charles Rosener
Dec-1927ripped cover
Jan-1928Yolanda - owned by commodore of RCYC
Feb-192826 Chris Craft hydroplane = ad
Mar-1928New York Boat show
Jul-1928RCYC commodore macrae dies1
Sep-1928XLIV/IIItransatlantic to Spain, Lake yacht Racing Asoc. - Gardenia winning championship - RCYC, bermuda race Benjamin Weston
Oct-1928Marblehead race -RCYC Snider
Nov-1928Bermudians win team match, loss of yacht Rifa, inland lake, staysail rig, deep water sailing fxing leaks , northweat harbor fleet goes cruising, central park retains the Eagle trophyColleen, Fan Kwai, Bimesa, Bang Chon, includes pen and ink sketchesfront cover off, half front cover inside
Dec-1928RCYC - Thomas Wade
Jan-1929XLV/1Model Yacht, Model Yacht Design, 10 metre model, Ocean Racing, Luck, Chance, Miami, Cat Cay, Gulf Stream, Wabun, Cruising, Nova Scotia Gaspe, Montreal, Madura Prau, Prau, Singapore, Ocean Racing, Fastnet, Navigation, Mechanical Interpolator, Rating Rule, Measurment Rules, International Rule, Universal Rule, PlansLoose Cover
Feb-1929XLV/2San Diego Midwinter Regatta, Motor Boats, Racing, Spain, trans Atlantic Race, Ocean Racing, Power Cruisers, Twelve Metre Boats, Twelve Metre Racing, Solent, Cowes Week, Cruising, Sloop,Sound Inter-Club Class, Long Island Sound, Rating Rules, Measurement Rules, Racing Rules, Rig, Development Class, Gadgets, Pau Bugis, Singapore, Plans, Motor Boat Show, ExhibitorsAtlantic1ripped cover Dup good Condition
May-1929Captain Howard Blackburn, Tansatlantic passage in ketch Seven Bells, Ghosts of the south atlanticJoo Seng, Hesperus, Seven Bells,includes pen and ink sketches1no cover/dup has loose cover
Jun-1929ripped cover
Oct-1929XLVI/ IVThe Cruise of AliceJolie Brise, Photo Mistral contents pageripped cover
Nov-1929XLVI/ VMarblehead Closes a record seasonMarblehead, Schooner, Rainbow VII, Photo Of Old Britannia contents Page
Dec-1929XLVI/ VIPreventing Gasoline Explosions on YachtsTauraatai, Twakow, Carlsark,Photo of Carlsark p69
Jan-1930XLVII/ IHow much water have we?The Cabbage Rose, Carlsark, Oso IV,Photo of Istalena contents pg
Feb-1930XLVII/ IIThe Compass Vs A crate of RavensEmilie, Hotsupr, Photo of Alert contents pg
Mar-1930XLVII/ IIIA summer Cruise to GreenlandThe Mud-Jabber, Tiercel, Dragoon,Photo of Schooner Malay Contents pg
Apr-1930MISSINGMiss America
May-1930XLVII/ VCalifornia's Mid-Winter Regatta opens American Racing SeasonWindJammer, Haligonian, Photo of Schooner Contents pg
Jul-1930XLVIII/ IAmerica's Cup Aspirants Do BattleWanderlure, Trinket, Carlsark, Nantucket, Photo of Avalanche Contents pg
Aug-1930XLVIII/ IIArecord fleet sails Bermuda RaceSinbadPhoto of Sinbad Contents pg
Sep-1930XLVIIIAmericas Cup, 1930 Americas Cup, propulsion, diesel electric drives, Transatlantic crossing, Canadas Cup, Canadas Cup1930, Rochester, 8 metre boats, Chicago to Mackiniacrace, Q class, power yachts, Port Huron to Mackinac race, TransPacific race, International six metre race, Motorboat Laws-equipment, Bayside -BlockIsland race, Golden Jubilee races, Larchmount Weetamoe, Enterprise, Whirlwind, Yankee Shamrock V, Quest, Thisbe, Siren, Enchantress1
Mar-1931XLIX / 3Cape Horn, Ben Ames, gadgetsChinook, Abraham Rydberg,
May-1931XLIX / 5Great lakes, Clippers, Model Yacht Design, Design Principles, Dory, Boat Building, Amateur Boatbuilding, Building Instructions, Plans, Bermuda Race, Racing Rule, Sail Area, Rating Rule, Rig, Cape Horn,Barquentine, Naval Vessel, Decommissioning, Gadgets, Dodges, Lake Superior, Watercrasft , New Guinea, Papua, Havana Race, Harmsworth Trophy, Gar Wood, Nassau, San Salvador, Gamecock, Ingomar, Abraham Rydberg, Taeping , Aeriel1Dup cover taped
Jun-1931XLIX / VIBermuda sixes, transatlantic, Mosquito,Antares, Dandy,
Sep-1931Transatlantic, Olin Stephens, dorade, siren, elizabeth, hotsy totsy, Snider on Pirates,
Feb-1932LI/ IIWaterspouts I have not metMahdee, Photo of a waterspout p 37, Lowest on page
Mar-1932LI/ IIIAn Extended Passage, Various Cruises, Clipperships - Ancient and OldNightingale
May-1932LI/ VThe Miami RegattaAbadab, Maitenes II, Wrinkles, Photo of March races in Miami
Jun-1932LI / VIInitiationLenore II, Griffin, Viking, Wanderer, Sixes,Photo of Alice p40
Jul-1932LII/ IWeek-Ending in MermerusMermerus, Gosling, Photo ofMermerus on p27
Aug-1932LII/ IIOn the Starboard track to BermudaInverness,Photo of Tamar III p 52
Sep-1932LII/ IIIUnited States Wins British-American Team matchQuick Silver II, PonjolaPhoto of El Lagarto p 52
Oct-1932LII/ IVHarms Worth Trophy stays in detroitAltair, Jill, Marco Polo, Ahto, Photo of Altair contents page
Nov-1932LII/ VWest Coast wins star TitleWeldera, Marco Polo, Photo of U.S.Coast Guard contents page
Dec-1932LII/ VICruising in PatagoniaBlue Bird, Carrie-Fin, WrinklesPhoto of Lunenburgh contents page
Sep-1933LIV / IIIFastnet Weston MartyrElLaGarto, Miss Britan III, Dorade'sYacht Design P52-541
Dec-1933LIV / VIEvolution Charles H. HallAhto's, Iris,Ship Plans p37-391
Jan-1934LV / IFishing Harry BelknapMagic, Shawara, Lelanta,Ice Boats p53-54
Feb-1934LV / IIBahamas Hyatt VerrillFish, Mind Your Helm,Painting (old Thermopylae) p43
Mar-1934LV / IIIBig Winds TalmanComet,Winibelle II Photo, p331
Apr-1934LV / IVBarging in C.H.J. SniderForty-Fives, Golden Hind,Painting of the Golden Hind2
May-1934LV / VSuicides Afloat LoomisSui Generis,Picture Ottawa races p 43
Jun-1934LV / VIProtests Nightingalw, Jr.Rainbow,picture butcher Boy
Jul-1934LVI / IA Long Glance WeagantFins, Antares, Escapadepicture of old soo lock p48
Aug-1934LVI / IIBermuda Loomis,Sixes,photo sw p29
Sep-1934LVI / IIIthe defense of the Cup Herbert StoneEndeavour, El Lagarto, Rainbow,America's Cup number
Nov-1934LVI / V"Carlsark" goes Treasure hunting SmithCarlsark, Endeavour, Photo of Carlsark p25 (top)
Dec-1934LVI / VIThrought the rip ColemanMarco Polo, Yarra, Carsark,Photo Marco Polo p 30 (top)1
Jan-1935LVII / INature in the roar MorganVanite, Marco Polo, Photo Vanite p 28-29
Feb-1935LVII / IIBimini, Sweet Bimini! MahonyBimini, Roon II, Photo George W. Sutton, Jr. p771
Apr-1935LIX / IVMiami- Nassau Race Sailed In Record TimeAlice, Vamarie photo p41
May-1935LVII / VSquare Topsails For Schooners, new Records aboardVamarie, Game Cock, Sans Atout Photo Atlantic P531
Jun-1935LVII / VIRacing in the large classes in England HoytWishboom, Viking, Photo Uldra p69
Jul-1935LVIII / I"Yankee" goes to meet John bull LoomisYankee, Photo Gyro Boat p471
Aug-1935LVIII / IIDriving along the northern Sea Lanes LoomisBanshee, LochinvarPhoto vamarie p29 (top)
Sep-1935LVIII / IIIStars shine over Great South BayLochinvar, Meteor, Lil-singvaPhoto Golden Rose p 41 (bottom)1 - no cover
Oct-1935LVIII / IVStormy Weather wins Light Weather Fastnet MartyrStormy Weather, Betty V, Jolie Brise, Royal Sovereign,Photo sw p27
Nov-1935LVIII / VRacing on the PotomacGold Rush, Marechal Foch, Elf,Comets Racing Photo p 531
Dec-1935LVIII / VIA Christmas race GoodwinTabloidPuffin Photo p 49
Mar-1936LIX / IIIOcean Racing LoomisSiadah Photos p68
Apr-1936LIX / IV
May-1936LIX / VPhotography for the Yachtsman FordPhoto Babe p51 (top)1
Jun-1936LIX / VIStowaway goes to Cape Breton BrownStowaway, SixesBuilding the N.Y.Y.C. Photos P56-58
Jul-1936LX / ITo Sea with Red Spritsails CHJ SniderLochinvar, Jeannette's,Photo Edu Rivals, p591
Sep-1936LX / IIIClaud Worh- An Appreciation StephensEdlu, Indian scout,Photo Baccarat p 39
Oct-1936LX / IVTo Cuxhaven in Hambrg AmesHamburg, Ace, Photo Barbara Contents Page
Nov-1936LX / VFishing, Swordfish, Louisburg, Bermuda Race, National Outboard Championships, Chicago, Potomac River, presidents Cup, Comet Class, Virgin Islands, Caribbean Sea, St Thomas, Gorda Sound, Cook Strait, New Zealand, Gale, samoa, Tahiti, Tahiti Harbour, motor Boat, Motor Boat Race, Burnham Park, Canaling, New York Barge Canal, Chain Ferry, Sparkman and Stevens, S&S, Barnegat Bay, Ralph Winslow, Cruiser Racer, Motor Sailor, Sport Fisherman, 26 Foot Centreboard Auxliary, Sloop, Alden Sloop, John Alden, 96 Foot Motor Yacht Gay Head, Director, Siren, Uldra, Sylvia III, Kirawan Aquila, Challenger, Morbid, Gwen, Capella, Devshir, Curlew, Birchbark II, Parrot, Alda Azania, Betsy, Arielle, Rainey, Ne-Tha, Ariel, Conewago, GitanaDeck of Nantucket Whaler Frontispiece Photo Kirawan in Bermuda Race P471
Dec-1936LX / VIBeyond Ten Thousand MilesAilsa Graig,Photo Victory p61
Jan-1937LXI / IYachtings Thirteenth AnniversaryEndeavours, Illustration El Hami Pacha1
Feb-1937LXI / IIArielle's Voyage MarieArielle, Hemat, Photos Sea Nymph, p 421
Mar-1937LXI / IIIProfessionalism Rears it's ugly head YarnAkista,Photo sw , p 662
Apr-1937LXI/IVNew yachts at Southern California Regatta, amphibians, making your boat more enjoyable, stars race off Havana, marathons, Yankee ne-design class, rocking chair navigation, Chicago Boat Showno cover, spine damaged, pages creased, badly stained and water damaged
May-1937LXI / VThrough the Gulf Of Georgia MillerLulu, Wagers, Maja,Photo Siroco, p72
Jun-1937LXI / VIRanger Goes Over Board StoneRanger, Photo Vanora p49ripped cover
Jul-1937LXII/ ICup yachts swing into actionWally II, Martha, Amanda, Windigo, Ptarmigan, Photo of Gleam, Pg69, bottom.1
Aug-1937LXII/IIAnger the American Defender, Anger, Endeavour II, Ranger, Edlu,Edlu Photo ,Pg. 71 top left 3
Sep-1937LXII/ IIIRanger Shows the wayRager,Better 'Ole, Rubaiyat, Week-Ender, Photo of Gleam, Contents page.2, one no cover
Oct-1937LXII/ IVSix-metres racingSixes, Ranger,Notre Dame Photo contents page2
Nov-1937LXII/ VMotor Racing's 1937 swan songEndeavour I,Yacht Design P69-721
Dec-1937LXII/ VIControl point Abeam!Veni, Vidi, Vici,Mariska Photo , contents page..
Jan-1938LXIII/ IDesigning a modern boatPraxilla, Windigo, Photo Bimini water front, Pg 701 + 1no cover
Feb-1938LXIII/ IIthe return of PinkyVamarie,Ranger,Bounty, Pinky,Photos of wind song pg 561 no cover
Mar-1938LXIII/ IIIReincarnationLucky Five, Hambug photo , Contents page,1 no cover
Apr-1938LXIII/ IVWill she be a buzz at sea?starlight, photo of the crusailor. Pg. 74
May-1938LXIII/5Lake Superior, Bermuda, Miani's Regatta, Tasmania to Norfolk IslandLittle Anemia1 - no cover
Jun-1938XLVII/ VIThe First Airplane Reaches BermudaGreek, Viking, VittlesPhoto of Alta Ricca Contents pg
Aug-1938LXIV/IIBermuda, St. Ann's Harbour, Maryland vs. VirginaBaruna, Cayuga, Kite1
Sep-1938LXIV/3New York Yacht Club cruise, reel fishing, Port Huron to Mackinac Island1 - badly water damaged
Oct-1938LXIV/4APBA Gold Cup, radio navigation, , Comet TitlePimm, Motu2
Dec-1938LXIV/6Racing ice boats, hurrican of 1938 in New England, fishing in Panama, Thomas Clapham, star rigsLightning, Wee One, Islander1 - no cover, torn
Feb-1939LXV/IIRed Sea passage, cruising hints for the West Indies, South SeaSilvie1
Mar-1939LXV/IIIAlaska cruise, puddle-hopping, Midwinter Star Championships, South Seas, racing motor boats, NassauCaplin, Puffin Stormy Weather1
Apr-1939LXV/IVAlaska cruise, California's midwinter regatta, make your boat your summer home, Thomas Clapham, Gold Cup RacingBlitzen1 - no cover
May-1939LXV/VWorld's Fair, tackle tactics, Alaska cruise, hints for inland cruising, keeping the bilges clean1
Jun-1939LXV/VIThoughts on cruising, hints for inland cruising, motorboat laws and safety, choosing the youngster's first boat1
Aug-193966/2weather proverbs, tuna, loki,
Sep-193966/3chicago-mackinac, larchmont, goose,
Oct-193966/4comets, inland lakes, punkin, my sin, pimm,
Dec-193966/6yachtsmen and the navy, ice boating, gurka II, Pilot,
Jan-194067/1Ice Boat Design, Ice Boat, Cuba, Havana, Instumentation, Engine Instumentation, Florida Keys, Mangrove, Cape Florida Lighthouse, Building Material, Plywood, Plywood Construction, Sport Fishing, Boat Handling, Sportfisherman, Angler, Mexico, Maritime Law, Regulations, Port Authorities, Navigation, Charts, Navigation Aids, Mapping, Plotting, Line of Position, Forenoon Sight, Cruising Yawl, Yawl, Henry Scheel, Accommodation Plan, Auxiliary Cruiser, Fishing Cruiser, Offshore Cruiser, Fast Cruiser, Day Sailer, 57 Foot Motor Yacht, Sparkman and Stevens, Raceabout, 23 Foot Senior KnockaboutMarjon, Lone wolf, Innisfail, Bahama Belle, Nedumo, Recco III, Jersey Lightning, Marlen V, Sunbeam, Timberdoodle, Nameni, Stout Fella, Dorothy, Amici, Cassandra, Alouette, Judy XII, Shamrock, Tioga TooBoat show number pages 80-81stuck together1water damage
Feb-1940LXVII/IIBay Of Fundy, Patagonia, Voyage, Racing Tactics, Standing Rgging, Wire Rope, FishingMary Celeste2spine damage
Mar-1940 Nassau RaceStormy Weather, 1
May-1940LXVII/VInland sailing in the southwest, automatic steering for yachts, navigation, education for juniors, cruising to Italy and back, big game fishing, aerosailPunkin1
Oct-1940LXVIII/IV Whale Ship, Mutiriny, New Bedford, Junior, Andrew Hicks, Windigo, Dol Lar,1
Nov-1940LXVIII/VMackinaw Boats, Collingwood Skiff, Florida, Tarpon Springs, Cruising, Fluky Weather, Racing Tactics, Yacht Racing, Winter , Wintering Aboard, Great Lakes, Fishing Boat, Guibre, Jib, Beak, Whale Ship, Crew, Hydroplane, Presidents Cup, Yacht Club, Cottage, Weekend Retreat, Sport Fishing, Marlin, Cat Cay Tuna Tournament, Cruising Ketch, Power Cruiser, John G Alden, Ketch, 47 Foot Motor Cruiser, Sloop, Auxiliary Sloop, 41 Foot Sport Fisherman, Henry Scheel, Shoal Draft Sloop, Cruising Tips, Throttle, Throttle Controls, Gas Fire, Fire Extinguishing System, Fire Extinguishing, Gadgets, Mutiny, RCYCThisbe, Marbett, Rebel, Bonnie Dundee, Coquina, Westerly, Bounty, Junior, Notre Dame, Sea Flea, Cayom, Cheemaun II, Lucky Me, Commodore, Barbara II, Roamin, Hal Win III, Viking, Rebel, Restless, From Now On, Ranger, Viper, Why Worry
Dec-1940LXVIII/VIRio Almendares, Cuba ,Wintering, Maine, Coasting, Penobscot Bay ,Mount Desert Island, Ice Boat, Ice Boat Design, Trend, Scott Paine, Motor Craft, High Speed Motor Craft, Chesapeake, Grounding, Size, Speed, Rating Rules, Time Allowance Tables, Fluky Weather, Racing Tactics, Yacht Racing, Tea Clipper, US Coast Guard, Legislation, Yachtsman, US Coast Guard Reserve, Tancook Whaler, Whale Ship, Crew, Mutiny,, Murder, Nomansland Boat, Double Ender, Sport Fishing, Planning, Cruising Tips,, Gadgets, Fast Commuter, Motor Sailor, Cruising Cutter, Motor Cruiser, Power Cruiser, Accommodation Plan, Fishing TripTioga Too, Lamarga, Hot Spur, Cutty Sark, Thunderbird, Sea Otter, Josephine M III, Elco XXXIX, Mocking Bird, From Now On, Junior, Winsome, Penelope III, Vanward, Ada II, Hal Win III, Whirlwind, Yankee Girl III
Jan-1941LXIX/IGulf Stream, streamlined navigation, tuning up your marine engineshow number2cut advert
Feb-1941Harry Pigeon1
Apr-1941LXIX/IVFitting out number, cruising to Haiti and Eastern Cuba, antifouling plants, Habana RaceFin Chaser, Gulf Stream
Oct-1941LXX/3Naval DefenseVema, Ciclon
Nov-1941LXX/4Painting 'Charles W. Morgan' by Sylvia, CondorHopewell, Rualla, Dilemma
Dec-1941LXX/5Dorade, Gesture
Jan-1942LXXI/1Tide , Wind, Local Knowledge, Elco, Power Boats, National Defense, Naval Craft, Mine Sweeper, Coastal Mine Sweeper, Sub Chaser, Small Craft, Fitting Out, Shortages, Varnish, Paint, Wire Rope, Hurricane, South Pacific, Hawaii, New Zealand, Voyage, Marconi Rig, Balboa, Acapulco, Cruising, Gulf of California, Naval Small Craft, Sport Fishing, Soth America, Chile, Peru, Vacation,Baltimore, Oshkosh, Inland Waterways, Trent Severn Canal, Fox River, Great Lakes, Elco 57 Foot Power Cruiser, Racing Rules, rotest, Yacht Racing, Collision Rules, 65 Foot Power Cruiser, Lighter, Landing Boat, Motor Boat Act, Seamanship,Gadgets,Motor Cruiser, Day Boat, Auixiliary, 24 Foot CruiserRapunga, Bees, Edlu II, Sea Urchin, Red Hen, Chanticleer, USS Parrakeet, Last Bucaneer, Strout Faella Senior, Flagship Motor Boaty show in Print Wartime Show Number)1Dup Good Condition
Feb-1942LXXI/2Bahamas, Cruise, Schooner, Scrap Metal, Tide, Naval Small Craft, Ship Building, Howard Chapelle, Ohio Pound Net Boats, New Haven Sharpie, Fishing Boat, Long Island Sound , Yacht Racing, Class R Boats, R Boats, Class M Boats, Star Class, Crash Boat, La Guardia, Electricity, Electrical System, Generator, Battery, Electical Load, Stripers, Fishing, Striped Bass, Surf Trolling, Surf Boat, Surf Fishing, Skiff, Flying Boat, Yacht Design, Hatch, Telescoping Hatch, Captain, Hoax, Queen City Yacht Club, Cincinnati, Carles D Mower, Obituary, Gadget, Police Boat, Auxiliary Cruiser, Knockabout, Winslow 33Pinta, Constellation, Serenade, Mars, Dawdler, Cassandra, Blue Peter, Carl J, Sally Duck, Optimist III, Paratus, High Light, Goose, Pagan1Dup Good Condition
Mar-1942LXXI/3Nassau, New York, Atlantic Crossing, Inland Waterway, Junks, Sampans, Spinnakers, Small Boats, Lightning Class, Sail Handling, Electricity, Electrical Load, Electrical System, Switchboard, Fuses, Grounding, Circuit Breakers, College Yachting, Pacific Coast, Lifeboats, Rescue Boat Ambulance Boat, Whaleship, Commodore Perry, Japan, Splicing, Wire Rope, Manila, Long Splice, Race Buoy, Dunphy Griffin, New Zealand Cutter, Chris Craft, 40 Foot Double Cabin Cruiser, 35 Foot WL Cutter, Cutter, GadgetAvante, Mao-Mao, Marie Noroit, Spunky, Penquin II, Charles W Morgan, Dew III, Toufic Saad, Conch, Capronia, USS Mississippi, USS Susquehana, Kelpie1Dup Good Condition
Apr-1942LXXI/4Fitting Out, Wartime, Shortages, Sport Fishing, Marlin, Guaymas, San Pedro Island, Key West, Wreck, Salvage, Fowley Rock Light, Maintenance, Painting, Varnish, New York, Quebec, Lake Ontario, Cruising, Champlain Canal, Atlantic Crossing, Wartime, Huron Boat, Fishing Boat, Lake Huron Georgian Bay, Haywood Boat, Wheeler Boat, Engine, Engine Tuning, Spark Plug, Distributor, Spinnakers, Small Boats, Sail Handling, Rigging, Pin Rack, Gadget, Five Metre Class, Racing Cruiser, Double Ender, Diesel YachtAlicia,Lugano, Ingrid, Dellie, Mao-Mao, Marie Noroit, Rita, Stumar, Rhonda Jean, Belle Jean Anne, Dawdler, Tops Pup, Diana, Lady Esther II Good Condition
May-1942LXXI/5Lake One Design Class, George Cup, Crescent Yacht Club, Chaumont Bay, Grand Coulee Dam, Upper Arrow Lake, Grand Coulee Yacht Club, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Charles mower, Japan, Naval Tradition, Japanese Navy, Japanese Naval Tradition, Battle of the Yalu, Battle of Tsushima, Cruising Ketch, Motor Sailer, Sparkman and Stevens, Accommodation Plan, Gadgets, Coast Guard, Sonder Boat, Class R Boat, R Boat, Class M Boat, 6 Metre, Centreboard Schooner, Charles D Mower , US Naval Academy, Atlantic Crossing, Wartime, Buoy Boat, Aerodynamics, Air density, Lift, Madeira, Nassau, Fire Fighting, Fire Boat, Motor Boat, Narragansett Bay, Time Allowance, Handicapping, Penguin Class, Moth Class, Comet Class, Lawley 110 Class Latonka III, Latonka, Latonka II, Tonka, Nina, Absaroka, Girl Friend, Stonewall, Panair XVI A Tern III, White Heron, Teragram, Joyette, Duckling, Ardette, Priscilla, Cheerio Too, Windjammer, Windward, America, Sunstar II, Marie Noroit, Nehi IV, Paratus, Fair Weather1Dup Good Condition
Jun-1942LXXI/6Great Lakes, Georgian Bay, North Channel, Mackinac Island, Whitefish Bay, Tobermory, Menominee, Mentor Harbour, Boat Building, Sub Chasers, Mine Sweepers, Fisher Boatworks, Burger Boat Company, Leatham Smith Ship and Building Company, Henry C Grebe Company, Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte, Little Red Onion Light, Point Traverse, Lake Superior, Toronto , Kingston, RCYC, Scarboro Bluffs, Stella Cove, Little Current, Mink Point, Brule Harbour, Great lakes Cruising Club, Macatawa Bay yacht Club, Lake Huron, Big Bay DeNoc, Traverse Bay, Power Cruiser, Killarney,26 Foot Chris Craft, Algonac, Appleton, Mooring, Harbour, Regulations, Preservation, Boat Storage, US Coast Guard, Ensigns, Shirking, Small Boat Building, Cruising Sloop, Tug, Gadgets, Liverpool Head, Sturgeon Bay Shipbuilding and Dry dock CompanyValkyrie, Alcy, Danmark, Sun Da GalMontague dawson painting of Valkyrie1Dup Good Condition
Jul-1942LXXII/1Schooner , Pacific Voyage, Hurricane, Tahiti, San Francisco, PT Boat, Philippines, Felucca, Double Ender, Fisherman's Warf, Sailing Skill, Maine, Cruising, Atlantic Convoy, Royal Canadian Navy, Dhow, Hull, Hull Form, Lines Plans, Current, water Current, Tidal Current, Measurement, Celestial Navigation, Form, Notebook, Naval Training, Midshipmen, Yachtsmen, Ship Building, US Coast Guard, Training Ship, Sparkman and Stevens, Amphibian Command, Gadgets, US Army, Shoal Water Cruising, Shoal Water Cruising Ketch Whaleboat, New Bedford Whaleboat, Puget Sound, Power CruiserWander Bird, Scud, Diablesse, Four Winds, Danmark, Vendeval, Cythera, Dilkhusa,Marjoly Good Condition
Aug-1942LXXII/2Yacht Race, Protest, Racing Rules, America's Cup, Cuttyhunk Harbor, Cruising, Vacation, Buzzards Bay, Power Plant, Engine, Sub Chaser, Whaler, Whaling, Killer Boat, Factoy Ship, Commerce Raider, German Commerce Raider, Navigation, High Speed Navigation, Montauk, Sport Fishing, Broadbill, Cost, Cost Overun, Boat Builders, Schooner, Intercoastal Waterway, Vacation, Wartime, Grounding, Fairmiles, Pacific 14 Foot Class, Lines Plan , 38 Footer, Gadgets, Loie Fuller, Pattern Making, Casting, Racing Sloop,Defender, Valkyrie, Jolly Fun, Halcyon, Haida, Myth, Paticia, Elske, Perroquet1Dup Good Condition
Sep-1942LXXII/3Hurricane, Schooner, Fiji, Victoria, Chesapeake Bay, Cruising, Mobjack, Tangier Island, Lay Up, Maintenance, Slave Ship, Slaving, Slaving Voyage, Hauling Out, Oxen, Nova Scotia, Navigation, Echo, Fog, Fog Navigation, Port Huron, Mackinac, Port Huron Mackinac Race, Mackinac Cup, Watch, Navigation, Navigation Watch, Chronometer, Evaluation, Plane Rearming Boats, Fairmiles, Sub Chaser, Royal Canadian Navy, US Navy, Pram, Boat Plans, Building Instructions, Amateur Boat Building, Sparkman and Stevens, Gadgets, Norwegian Cruiser, Cruiser Racer, Fast Patrol Boat, PT Boat, Yawl, Cruising YawlLorna D, Gwedolyn II, Red Jacket, Angelica, Spunky, White Cloud,Onaway, Revenge, Warrior, Hostess II, Falcon II, Vendaval, Charles W Morgan, Alice
Oct-1942LXXII/4Reaseach Vessel, Oceanagraphic Research, Woods Hole, Maine Shipbuilding, Marr Shipyard, Southwest Boat Corp, Manset Yard, Bristol Yacht Building, Tank Barge, Landing Barge, Mine Sweepers, Burger Boat Company, Wheeler Shipyard, Mine Sweeping, Florida, Cruising, New York, Trailering, Dinghy, Auxiliary Cruising Cutter, Auxiliary Yacht, Scow Schooner, Engine, Engine Starting, PT Boats, Gadgets, Bonze Blocks, Lipton Cup, Fish Class Sloops,Atlantis, USS Dominant, Kittiwake, Mai Tai, Tinkle, Marjorie1Dup Good Condition
Nov-1942LXXII/5Britain, Mosquito Navy, Ice Boats, Hudson River Iceboat, exact navigation, Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake 20, US Coast Guard, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, English Channel, Motor Torpedo Boats =MTB, Motor Gun Boats =MGB, Vosper, E Boat, Flying Boat, Rescue, Navigation, Mutiny, Ghost Ship, Slaveship, Slaving, Gloucesterman, Gloucester Fishing Schooner, Engine, Battery, Fuel Mixture, Idling, Cargo Capacity San Pedro, Key West, Wartime, Clipper Ship, Packet, Insurance, Hauling Out, Lay Up, Winter, Fast Cruiser, CutterAmistad, Sarah Newman, Esso Baytown, Cavalier, Oretha F Spinney, Vixen, Elja II, Haida, Hurricane, Amalasonta, Pelandok II1Dup Good Condition
Dec-1942LXXII/6Destroyer, Sub Chaser, Anti Submarine Patrol, Mutiny, Ghost Ship, Slaveship, Slaving, Ice Boat, Ice Boat Rig, Ice Boat Construction, Galley, Cooking, Cruising, Maine, Fittings, Submarines, Schooner, Picket Patrol, US Coast Guard, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Plywood Cruiser, Cutter , Ocean Racer, Depth Charge, Depth Charge ThrowerAmistad, HMCS Assiniboine, Charette II, Erewhon, Haida,water damaged, no cover1Dup Good Condition
Jan-1943LXXIII/IDinghy Sailing, North African Campaign, Compass Mount, Sail Training, Training, in sail, Ice BoatAmistadcover partially detached and torn at bottom left corner
Jan-1944LXXV /1Vosper, Motor Torpedo Boats, Power Squadron, Training, Training School, Packard Engines, Naval Waterrcraft Designation, Post War, Yacht, Yacht Design,Yacht Constuction, New Guinea, Green Dragons, Hulk, Schooner, Refurbishing, Refitting, MTL Tug, LCV, Boat Buying, Investment, West Indies, Cruising, 18 Footers, Arrow Class, Lake Michigan, Building Material, Plastic, Marine Applications, Ice Boat, Ice BoatRacing, Racing Techniques, Water Crft, War, World War II, LST, Yawl, Hull, Humber River, Collision, Half Hull, Half Hull Models, Modelling, Cruising Cutter, Construvtion Plan, 88 Foot Diesel Cruiser, Ketch , Clipper Bow Ketch, 34 Foot Power Cruiser, Motor Cruiser, Dinghy, 14 Foot International Dinghy, Rubber boatLittle Sister, Cheerio Too, UldraGood Condition
Feb-1944LXXV /2Singapore, Escape, Invasion, Ocean Voyage, Prahau, Post War, Yacht, Building Material,Yacht Constuction, William P Stevens, Yacht Design, West Indies St Thomas, Martinique, Iron Clad, Smoke Screen, Korea, Japan, Canoe, Ice Boat, Ice Boat Racing, Racing Techniques, Rig, Gadjets, Ketch , Clipper Bow Ketch, Farallone Clipper, West Coast 38 Footer, 32 Foot CruiserTurtle, Tomboy, Mashnee, Sederhana Djohannis, Nebula,Good Condition
Mar-1944LXXV /3Coast Guard, Patrol Craft, Sailing Patrol craft, Sailing Caft, Yawl, Outboard Motor, War, Ketch , Honolulu Race, Yawl Boat, Chesapeake Bay, Push Boat, West Indies, Martinique, Trinidad, Post War, Yacht, Building Material,Yacht Constuction, Bottom Paint, Skin Friction, Underwater Surface, Sails, Sailmaking, Motor sailer, Evolution, Design, Accommodation Plan, Sports Fisherman, Repair, Mast, Mast Repair, Dinghy, 14 Foot International Dinghy, Model testing, Pre Tank Model TestingStella Maris II, Santa Maria, Edlu II, Vagrant, Albatross, MayflowerGood Condition
Apr-1944LXXV /4Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter, Ocean Voyage, Pilot Cutter, Boat Biuilding, Wood, Timber, Building Material, Douglas fir, Oak, Cruising, Caribbean Sea, Cuba, Jamaica, Rights of Way, Collision Rules, Lake Mead, Inland Yachting, Inland Lake, Painting, Technique, Surface Preparation, Maintenance, Fitting Out, Yawl, Woman, Catboat, Coastal Patrol, Dover Patrol, Submarine, V Bottom Power Cruiser, 54 Foot Power Cruiser, Accommodation Plan, 54 Foot Fast Cruiser, Ketch Auxiliary Cruising Ketch, Spar Rack, Winnsette Splicer, Splicing,Tamalar, Frances, Evening Star, Pagan, Vida, Haidee, HMS Philante, Banshee IIGood Condition
May-1944LXXV /5Sails, Sailmaking, Bermuda Dinghies , Coast Guard, Boat House, Revenue Cutter, Design Contest, Cruising Auxiliary, Interior Arrangements, Sparkman & Stevens, Rescue Boat, War, 45 Foot Rescue Boat, 85 Foot Rescue Boat, US Army, Small Craft, Yawl, San Francisco, Seattle, Wartime, Cruise, Wartime Cruise, Larchmont Yacht Club, Race Committee, Schooner, Cape Verde Islands, Packet Service, Rights of Way, Collision Rules, Houseboat, Diesel Cruiser, ,Cruising Yawl, Spar Repair, Spar, Repair,Golliwog, Endevour, Goose, Massachusetts Dorade, Yukon, Dorothy G Snow, John R Manta, Ambrose Snow, When AS AN IfGood Condition
Jun-1944LXXV/6North Channel, Fort Makinac, Manatoulin Island, Georgian Bay, Cruising, Women, Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association, College Yachting, Yachting, Weather, Weather Prediction, Weather Forecasting, Plywood, Racing Yacht, Cold Moulding, Maine, AE Luders, US Navy, Sub Chaser, SC's = Sub Chaser, Rubber Boats, Little Navy, Engine Troubleshooting, Engine, Sails, Sailmaking, 18 Foot M Class, New Zealand 18 Foot Class, Design Contest, Power Cruiser, Accommodation Plan, Liability, Admiralty Law, Protest, Yacht Racing, Collision Rules, 40 Foot Motor Sailer, 29 Foot Knockabout, 42 Foot Post War Power Cruiser, 42 Foot Power Cruiser, Canoe, Racing Canoe, Gadgets, SandpaperMinx, USS Bullfinch, Puffin, Meremerus, Mawhiti, Sea Urchin, Red Hen, Ardee2 Dup 1cover torn and creased, spine damaged, Dup 2 Good Condition
Jul-1944LXXVI/1San Juan Islands, Pacific Northwest, Strait of Juan De Fuca, Cruising, Mine Sweeper, US Navy, Crew, Experience, YMS, Junior Sailing, Weather, Weather Prediction, Weather Forecasting, Dinghy, Maine, Cape Porpoise, Cape Clyde, Sails, Sailmaking, Sail Maintenance, Sail Repair, Herringbone Stitch, Charter, Yacht Charter, Power Cruiser, Design contest, Yachting Rules, Racing Rules, Cruising Auxiliary, Sea Scouts, Henry Scheel, 64 Foot Offshore Power Cruiser, 64 Foot Power Cruiser, Schooner Yacht, Auxiliary, GadgetsVamarie, Lady Fair, Scud, Puffin, Ida May, Yankee, Rainbow, Temptress,1Dup Good Condition
Aug-1944LXXVI/2Navigation, New York Yacht Club, Centennial, New York 30's, New York 40's, Destroyer Escort, North Atlantic, Storm, Convoy, Great Lakes, Michigan, Ohio, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Toledo Yacht Club, Holland, Sweden, Yachting, Wartime, Dory, Lanedrag, Scandinavian Folkbat, George Steers, US Merchant Marine Academy, Training, Sail Training, Crew, Heat Wave, Virginia Cruising, Navigation, Star Finder, D Day, Invasion, Invasion Fleet, Admiral's Yacht, Accommodation Plan, Power Cruiser, Double Ender, Design Contest, Racing Cruiser, 46 Foot Power Cruiser, GadgetsTemptress, Gimcrack, Corsair, Una, Maria, Magic, Cambria, Mischief, South Wind, Laura, Emery Rice, Felix Rosenberg, Forbes, Greshman Pagan1Dup Good Condition
Sep-1944LXXVI/3Heavy weather, Offshore Patrol, Patrol, US Coast Guard, Schooner, Mackinac Race, Chicago Mackinac Race, Port Huron Mackinac Race, Whaleship, Whaleboat, Voyage, Whaling, Yacht Club, Wartime, Operation, Weather, Tropical Cyclones, Hurricane, Fall Sailing, Sailing, Maintenance, Sailing Kit, Rig, Fittings, Barging, Yacht Racing, Chesapeake Bay Bateau, Larchmont Race Week, Gadgets, Cruisers, Owens Yacht Company, Twin Screw Cruiser, GadgetsBangalore Too, Duchess, Lassie, Vitesse, Blitzen, Stormy Petrol, Essex, Rosseau Vida, Iris, Tide Top,Good Condition
Oct-1944LXXVI/4Steam Schooner, Mendocino, Lumber,Model, Ship Model, Shipbuilding, Training Ship, Coast Guard, Windjammer, Whaleship, Whaleboat, Voyage, Whaling, World Cruise, Failure, Examination, Gulf Stream, Logistics, Cruising, Indian River, Rescue, Wreck, Great Barrier Reef, Sealing, Sealing Fleet, Sealing Steamer, Grande Dame, Power Cruiser, Newfoundland, One Design, Knockabout, John Alden, Gadgets Danmark, Kathleen, Essex, Baboon, Temptress, Southern Cross, Terra Nova, Good Condition
Nov-1944LXXVI/5Yacht Club, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Centennial, Penobscot Bay, Maine, Frenchman's Bay, Cheechako, Off Shore Patrol, Us Coast Guard, Yacht Design, Yacht Construction, Testing Laboratory, Treasure, Treasure Hunt, Fire safety, Fire Prevention, Inland Waterway, St Augustine, Elizabeth City, Patrol Boats, Navy US Coast Guard, Vosper, Torpedo Boats, Voyage, Nova Scotia, Gloucester, 3 Masted Topsail Schooner, Topsail Schooner, Us Naval Academy, Yawl, Academy Yacht Squadron, Design contest, Cruising Auxiliary, Hurricane, Racing Cruising Yawl, Motor Sailer, 67 Foot Steel Motor Sailer, Hinckley 32, Auxiliary, Aage Nielson, Gadgets, Mast CollarSan Pedro De Alcantara, Nellie Grey, Aquarius, Don, Swift, Gelouba, 1
Dec-1944LXXVI/6Hawaii, Yachting, War, Sailors, Sailing, Sail Training, Fiji, Ocean Voyage, South Pacific, Victoria, Hurricane, Maine, Cheechako, Cruising, Vinal Haven, Bar Harbour, Penobscot Bay, Frenchman's Bay, Inland Waterway, Dismal Swamp, Dismal Swamp Canal, Testing Laboratory, Engines, Rudder, Steering Gear, Propellers, Off Shore Patrol, Hurricane, Damage, Regulations, Dinghy, Maintenance,, Power Cruiser, Design Contest, Gadgets, Compass, Compass Correction, Alphabetical System of Compass Correction, Day Boat, 20 Foot Day Boat, SS Crocker, Schooner , Clipper Bowed Schooner, Henry Scheel, Block Island Type Fishing Boat, Fishing Boat, V Boat, Wykeham MartinBluejacket, Vema, Lorna D, Tiare Taporo, Mashnee, Avanti, Lotus, Danmark, Bessie
Apr-194578/4roaring forties, fire at sea, shillalah,
Dec-1946LXXX / 6Log of the yacht America, Ice yachting, the freindship sloop, ocean racing, Aquila, Brilliant, Sanderling, CHJ Snider of G Herrick Duggan1
Apr-194781/4brigantine, Irving johnson, miami nassau, rod stephens, stormy, ciclon, revonoc, Windy, 1
May-194985/5Georgian Bay , Baltimore, Owens 42, Hudsion River, Trent Severen Waterway, Coast Guard, Sail Training, Training Ship, Windjammer, Cadet Ship, Chesapeake Bay, Solomons, Tangier Island, Flash Flood, Mississippi River, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Meramec River, Rescue, Sailing, Pleasure, Gadgets, Comfort, Labour Saving Devices, Blue Water Medal, Cruising Club of America, Transatlantic Crossings, Spirit of Adventure, Seamanship, Harmswroth Trophy Race, Lake St Clair, Lines Plans, diagonals, Waterlines, Sheer Plan, Half Breadth Plan, Body Plan, Buttocks, Hull Design, Anchor, Anchor Handling, Windlass, Variation, Deviation, Compass, Havana Race, St Petersburg Havana Race, 50 Foot Fisherman, S&S, Sparkman & Stevens, Ortega 40, Henry Scheel, Twin Screw Fisherman, 23 Footer, Day Sailer, Norwegian 18 Footer, 40 Foot Cruiser, 30 Foot Sprt Fisherman, Mast, Triangular Mast, Blue Water Sailors,Brigadier II, Eagle, Joseph Conrad, Danmark, Georg Stage, Briny Breeze III, Hotspur, Sqvaap, Dorade, May, Arielle, Caplin, Igdrasil, Duckling, Miss England III, Miss America X, Tiny Teal, Bellatrix, Avilion, Katuna, Kinnereth, Mermaid, Iris, Gaucho22cnd Dup ? Good condition
Nov-195190/5Bahama cruise, towing tips, electrolysis, West Indies cruiseKhamsin, Rocking Chair II, Mangrove
Feb-1952Lang Syne's crusie firm Panama, Comet Class, Royal Canadian Yacht celbrates 100th, seaford skiff,Savita, Waltius, Dancer, Syosset, Loligo, Vagabondia,
Mar-1952South Seas cruise, MaydayLord Jim -James J. O'Neill, Minot's Light, rainbird, Gadgeteer, Roja IV Modesto II, Flying Dutchman, Spartan, Morning star,
Apr-1952conditioning a racing yachtHuslter, Yankee Doodle II, Zephr, Sabrina, Early Bird, Norhtumberland - model, Concordia, Squire, Gale II, Miss Great Lakes II, Water Witch, Aldon, Ocean Queen V, Caribee, ticonderoga, Malabar XIII, Hoot Mon, Escapade, Minot's Light
Jun-1952Heavy Weather sailing - Rod Stephens, Cruising Club of America, Mackinac Island- photoMara, Evening Star, Soliloquy, Moonbeam,Mustang, Grayfin, Mojo, Sopranino. Bloodhound, Lutine, Janabel, YankeeSlo-o-Shun IV, Bluebird1
Nov-1952Eastern shore - Oxford, Florida cruising, Hiscock with Wanderer IIFleetwood, Storm, Revenge, Spoondrift, vim. Chex Tous, Nixjoy III, eugenie VII, Flying Spray - Bluenose yawl
Dec-1952Caribbean chartering, Vancouver Island, Loomis' story, Frank Cabot Paine- obit.Carina, Niña, Flying Cloud, Brigand, 28 Express, Gallant Lady IV, Naiad - 1890's steam, Miru, Eagle, Pirate, Eroica, Nakoma, Trig ex. Fandango, Barlevento, Forest Friend
Jan-195393/1Alaskan waters, Bahamas, power racing, NY canals, model making, boat builders summary, engines and gear,Dawn Mist, Peggy M II, Atlantic, Lord Jim (James J. O'Neill), Caribee, Plucky, serenta cheng Ho, Palawan Peter W, Lark, queen Ocean V, Loki, Chance,Carina1 no cover
Feb-1953Carlton Mitchell, shellback sharpie, chinook 's voyageBlackhawk, Seal, Countess, Caribee, Killara, Sopranino, Catherine S, Highlander, amtea, Killer, Brillant1
Mar-1953Chespeake cruising, Bowditch, Alaska, Ann Davidson - first woman single handed across Atlantic, Sidney-Hobart, Bay of Quinte YC,Nautilis, Boss Lady, Moonbeam, Legend, Conejo, White Hawk, Frolic.Larry, Doris III, Caribee
May-1953Americas Cup History Spans 107 Years, Lake Ontario, Picton, Rhodes 46 -GDReverie, Janie, Mareva, Janet Jean, Sea Lark, Jolt Roger, Phylmar, Holiday, Little Annie, chipsa, Windward, Sonic 4, Caribee, Dirigo II,, Marelen III,
Jun-1953Snipe classBagatelle, Morning Star, Legend, Renegade, Ariel, Enchanta, Cyllne, Gem III, Ashanti, Escapade, Alva,, chanticleer, Charmae, Sirius,
Jul-1953Martha's vineyard, Kentucky, cat boats, San Francisco, Gold cup,Skaal, Stormalong, Aries,Avalon, Mary Adams III, Avalon, Vim, Mustang, Figaro, Gossip, Marguerita, Sirocco, USS Exploit, Sara
Aug-1953Huckins yards propulsion, Huckins Trophy, Honolulu race, Maine, Puget sound, Gold Cup, Staghound, Goodwill, An-Ge, Miladi, Content, Bolero, Argyll, Zadia, Criterion,
Oct-1953Philip Meville -artisit, inland waterway, Fastnet Race, upper Chesapeake, Marblehead race week, Gold cup winner new tail.Hallee, Favona, Lutine, Uomie, Jocasta, Gesture, Loki, Carina, Revonoc, Nina Cotton Blossom, Little Heron, Taali II, Groote Beer, Waltzing Matilda, Hobby V, Rogue, Sea Lark, White Squall, Departure , Salmagal, Flying Cloud, Mistress, Fleetwood
Nov-1953Artist Johan Polak, Ann Davidson sailing across, Florida, Rowdy, Whitecap, Chantey II, Mistress, Silhoouette II, Chiriqui, White Mist, Carina, African Queen, Jandy, Chollita, Carmac, Shelmar, Alcion Ganeet, Moonraker. Sea Swallow, wite Shadow II, Tulla, Rogue, Sea Prince,
Dec-1953Artist N. W. Wilson, Viking hulls, Bahamas, Florida -west coastRoyono, USCG Eagle, Flying Mike II, Nandeyara III, Medora, Sea Bird, Clara Brown, Starlight, Taber, Wentworth, Bolero1
Apr-1954Huckins -Corinthian
Jun-195597/6Motor boats for defense, start a ladies' sailing class, making the most of an outboard cruiser, steamboat days on the Penobscot, the yacht's magnetic compassspine damaged, cover patrially detached
Jul-195598/1Teaching piloting, your first charter, taking your dog along, steadying sails, windward tactics, mooring designs, first aid at seaGoodwill
Sep-195598/3Gold Cup returns to Detroit, portable cruising, International Cruiser Race, Mackinac RacesArabella, Tioga, Windigo1 - upper right corner torn
Nov-195598/5Cruising Florida's Gulf Coast, lake Erie, yachting in the Olympic Games, boat trailers and trailering, San Diego's yachting centers, electrolysis1
Jan-195699/1US Power Squadrons, rigging up for trailer cruising, ancestry of sea terms, useful knots and hitches, engines, Hawaiian cruise2
Jul-1956Rod Stephens- Bermuda race, Labrador cruise, echo sounders, desings C/32, G.P. 14, Whisker -Nielsen, Tetebelle, Garden 50, Floyd Georgex, Herbert L. Stone,El Lagarto, Sunset II, Jerob, Musketeer, windsong, Undina, Flame - 5.5 meter, Cholita, TopperII, Gollywog,
Sep-1956100 / 3boatbuilding -family,California Islands, automatic pilots, Mackinac race, Marblehead, Lachmont, Designs- yeoman Clss, S&S 40, Ray Hunt, catboatRhonda III, Tioga, Whisker, Gypsy, Indigo, Glory Bea II, Shanty I, Fleetwood, Copperhead, Revelry, Aurora IV, Miss Margaret, Vim,
Oct-1956100/4tall ships, Gold Cup, harmsworth, Elda, Dimari, Slo-Mo_shun IV, mercator, creole, 1
Jan-195750th Anniversary1
Mar-1957101/3What limits speed under sail, yacht brokerage procedure, Santa Barbara, history of outboards, Vancouver Island, outboard yachtingFinisterre, Leggie, Pilot, Northern Crown2
Apr-1957101/4Fitting out, family boats, sea skiffs, radar, Yacht brokerage procedure, history of outboardsUndina2
Jul-1957102 / 1Chicago-Mackinack, 12 metres, elizabethan ships, Mystic VII, Seafarer, Winnie of Bourne, 0
Nov-1957102/5Florida yachting, mechanical refrigeration afloat, Mallory CupFreedom, Bonte2
Feb-1959105/2Zihuatanejo, twin engine fuel system, radar landfall, downwind sailing, living aboard, small boat safari, dry rotSailfisher II, Valor1
Jun-1959105/6Honolulu Race, inboard engine silencing, wind behaviour, equipment and stowage, driving for the water skierSolent1
Jul-1959106/1Gold Cup, inflatable rubber life rafts, free wheeling spinnaker jibe, outboard cruising, New England Lakes, centerboards, rudders, North Channel, training youngsters, inboard engine silencingCousin Elisabeth1
Dec-1959106/6Caribbean, Bahamas, fuel system accessoriesFeather II, Sudi Jr.1
May-1960107/5Sail making and handling, predicted log observers, citizens radio service, aluminum, Olympics, Miami to St. PeteMaggie1
Jul-1960108/1 A Quiet Corner To Cruise In Lake Ontario Main Duck1
Aug-1960110/2High speed in rough water, fog piloting, TexasYankee2
Sep-1960Stormy Weather
Oct-1960110/4Harmsworth Race1
Nov-1960108/51no cover
Jan-1961109/1Boat shows, fiberglass power boats, inboard gas enines, rigging the racing boat, terminology for the boat buyer, sport fishing, All-American racing team, estimating current effects1
Mar-1961109/3Bermuda cruise, what makes a sailboat go, channel cruising, new racing rules,boat financing, propellersLove Light, Hatteras 411
Jan-1962111/1Boat show1
Feb-1962111/2Harmsworth Trophy page 921
Jan-1963113/1Engines: Post War - Tomorrow, Deepwater NavigationGretelBuyers Guide1
Feb-1963113/2Engines: Part II,, CookingCurlew, Princess, Kraft V, 2
Mar-1963113/3Cruising the Hudson River, Catamaran to Tahiti2
Apr-1963113/4Fitting Out, MaintenanceDoubloon1
May-1963113/5Santa Barbara Channel, Synthetic sails, documentationGypsy Moth II, Tartar, Aviza1
Jun-1963113/6Northwest Passage, St. Lawrence to Gaspe
Jul-1963114/1Weather, Running InletsLijack, Robin, Robin Too II, Outlaw, Alsanal, Nohaba, Pee-Wee, Nefertiti1
Aug-1963114/2Rideau RevisitedMorning Star, Dyna, Figaro, Westward, Sharelle, Shenandoa2
Sep-1963114/1Ondine, Blitzen Robin, Syltu, Bolero, Dyna2
Oct-1963114/4El Yunque, Offshore FishermanCoastal Queen, Capricia, Figaro, Carina, Outlaw2
Nov-1963114/5Florida-BahamasLady Van, Meteora, Empress, Fifty-Two Miles, Mar Claro, Spindrift2
Dec-1963114/6Wintering in the ChesapeakeGretel, Lazy L, Rangoon, Fidellia2
Jan-1964Buyers Guide
Jul-1964116/1Missouri River, Harbour Pirates, Doubloon, Serenity, Endeavor, Fei-Seen, Nina, Bandit1
Aug-1964116/2Fog, Charters, sails, MarbleheadPen Duck II, Miss Bardhal, Hurricane Carol, Carillon, Sabre, Storm,1
Sep-1964116/3America's Cup, American Eagle Active, Soveriegn, Kurrewa, Constellation, Gypsy, Constellation III, Windlass III, X-Barb,Talisman, 1
Oct-1964116/4Baja, NorpacTireless, Rehu Moana, Gypsy Moth III, Jester, Stardrift, Akka, Lively Lady, Ilala1
Nov-1964116/5Virgin Island Soveriegn, Antilles, Constellation, Oceanus1
Dec-1964116/6ChesapeakeAdios, Captain Handy, Moonraker1
Jan-1965Buyers Guide1
Jan-1965117/1Ladies' auxiliaries of the USPS, building a stock fiberglass cruiser, match racing tactics, outboard wells for the small auxiliary, radiotelephoneAdios, Typee1
Feb-1965117/2Marine science, match racing tactics, building a stock fiberglass cruiser, outboard well for the small auxiliary, gear and gadgetsBlue Fox, Rocking Chair3
Mar-1965117/3Mediterrean, Museum ship, Twelve-meter, Wooden-kit boatbuildingExact, Carousel, Wawona
Apr-1965117/4MaintanenceYankee, Wanderer, Hotspur, Out Islander, 1
May-1965117/5Great Lakes yachtingFigaro, Twinkle-Twinkle2
Jun-1965117/6Southern California, Sportfishing, North Channel - Lake Huron1
Jul-1965118/1Tempest, Distanct Star1
Aug-1965118/2Admiral's Cup, Cruising Down East, Erie canalEffie Jean, Sea Song, Caper, Windrose, Figaro IV, Tulla, Waupi, Zorra`1
Sep-1965118/3Gold Cup raceBlitzen, Gypsy, Huntress, Ondine, Reindeer, Geronimo, Goodly Fere, Force Seven, Lotus, tara2
Oct-1965118/4Leprechaun, Evening Star V, Windigo, Regatta Results3
Dec-1965118/6Classic Boats, IYRU Meetings, Valentine II, Good Question, Captain Handy, Camulin IV, Hattie Bell IV1
Jan-1966119/1Boat Show Issue, La Mouette II, Pipit, Brave Magpie, BiminiBuyers Guide1
Feb-1966119/2Athen to RomeElena, Atlantic, Sweet and Low,, Dove, Sjo Ag, Tioga, 1
Mar-1966119/3Deepwater Chesapeake, Offshore CruiserRew Brothers (sketch), Conecto, Vamarie, High Tide, Don't Barge, Mae Win, Nalu III, Ondine, Kialoa II1
Apr-1966Souther Ocean racing resultsStar Song, Ondine, Daffodil , CohoMaintenance Issue1
May-1966119/5NewfoundlandTempest, Star, Highlander, Thistle, Jacques Coeur, Figaro III, Maleo, Island Eagle, Tide Runner Maredea One of a kind regatta1
Jun-1966119/6Bermuda race PreviewStormvogel, Nina, Cotton Blossom, Barlovento II, Caper, Duchess of Devonshire, Juan Sebastian de Elcano,1
Jul-1966120/1New England yachtingEscape, Banknote, Old Baldy, Scorpion1
Aug-1966120/2BermudaTahoe Miss, Thunderbird, Meander, Clovelli II1
Sep-1966120/3Venture IslandsOndine, Flying Buffalo,Blitzen Gypsy, Solution, Passagemaker, Tina1
Oct-1966120/4Junior YachtingDjinn, Windsong, Bondell, Gamecock, Dame Pattie1
Nov-1966120/5Sothern YachtingSunkist Lady, Mollihawk, Scimitar, Roual Flush, Defender II, Windsong1
Dec-1966120/660th Anniversary IssueWanderer III, Antiope, Fleetwing, Vesta, Henrietta, Legartto, Jolie Madame, Adventure1
Jan-1967121/1Show IssueTitan, Meltemi Buyers Guide1
Feb-1967121/2Greek islandsColumbia, Bonita II, Karajan, Brave Moppie, Ghost Rider, Deaco, Thunderballs, Wanderer1
Mar-1967121/3EvergladesWongdoolie, Rainbow's End, Treasure, Cadence, Fidelis2
Apr-1967121/4Electronic Navigation - Part IWild Goose, Vamoose, Guinivere, Stampede, Cal Gal, Damn Yankee, Red Jacket, Circe II, Solution, Panacea, Figara, Robin, Starsight, Chubasco, Nina Rose, Aikane, ClarksarkMaintenance Issue1
May-1967121/5Small boat paradiseAmerica , Dame Pattie, Gretel, Vim, Palawan, Tortuga III, Pandora1
Jun-1967121/6First Aid, Canadian Yachting, , Rideau canalSalacia, Islander, Orent, Radian, Regina Maris,1
Jul-1967122/1Pacific Yachting, RadarGypsy Moth IV, Mara, Loon, Marie, Gidget, Pastime, Minnie, Wee Beastie, Tam O'Shanter, Little Gem G.L.R.1
Aug-1967122/2Gunkholing the GlensLoon,, Wing II, Butterfly, Miss Chrysler, A-Cat II, Adventure1
Sep-1967122/3Match Racing, America's Cup ChronologyDame Pattie, America, Stormvogel, Holiday Too. Escapade, Flyin Buffalo, Diavolo, Constellation, Columbia, American Eagle1
Oct-1967122/4Nine Seas and an oceanBotterel, Campbell, Constellation, Daniel White, Seadream, Chanticleerregatta results1
Nov-1967122/5Southern Yachting, roller furling jibs, practical skin diving, Cape Mendocino crisisIntrepid, Jarisa, Vixen2
Dec-1967122/6 Adrift and Alone, Vamoose, Anna Maria,, Syndical, Comanche, Bedlam II, Fancy Three2
Jul-1968124/1Tangier Island, KeelboatsKuu Ipo, Leda II, Leonardo da Vinci1
Aug-1968124/2Bahamas 500Good News (cover), Robin, Rage, Westray, Yankee Girl,, Thunderbird, Windquest1
Sep-1968124/3MackinacsHilaria, Comanche, Kangaroo, Optimist, Ondine, Conecto, Nyna Rose, Y Como, Release, Robon II. Aranji
Oct-1968124/4Vineyard Race, Olympics1
Nov-1968124/5Southern yachtingCarousel, Matuta, Sara B.1
Dec-1968124/6Two Gold : Olympic SailingAmerica (cover) Mona Lou III, Aura II, Lisa Ann, America, Fram, Compass Rose, fancy free1
Jan-1969125/1Show Issue, year in yachtingConstellation, Bluenose II, Spray, Eventide
Jul-1969126/1Around North AmericaFram, islander, Blackjack, Goucho, Grimet, Toogooloowoo
Aug-1969126/2South Pacfic islands, NavigationCarina, Philadelphia, Swanhilde, Give Up, Isbjorn
Sep-1969126/3Transatlantic, MackinacSea Eagle, Diavolo, Bay Bea, Pathfinder, Windward Passage, mir, Esprit, Kialoa II, Rosie Parks, Luna Quest, Rapparee, Nalla, eagle
Oct-1969126/4Fastnet and Admiral's cupPalawan, Maple Leaf IV, Gaucho, American eagle, Carina, Crusade, red rooster, Eventide, Intrepid, Regatta results
Nov-1969126/5Southern Yachting, Canada's CupSvaap, Owl, Tioga, Mystic Whaler, naitou, Niagara, Owl, Eventide,Jeanette, Uldra
Dec-1969126/6Americans in EuropeTalofa IV, Alexandra-Lisa, Y Como, Tzu Hang, Ruyam,
Jan-1970Buyers Guide
Mar-1970127/3Evinrude Award, armchair cruising, Princess Louisa Inlet, British Honduras, Haiti, ancient navigation, college sailing, Caribbean, Bruce King, binoculars2
Aug-1972132/2Bermuda race, Hans Fogh, greece, hurricanes, Canada's CupNoryema, Windward Passage, Tollycraft 40 tri-cabin cruiser1
Jul-1973134/1Naphtha launches, overhead wiring accidents, your safety and the weather, egines for offshore voyaging, closed-system engine coolingYankee, Cal 2-461
Aug-1973134/2Block Island week, Hawaii, Youth Championship, Naphtha launches, amrine coatingsCheoy Lee Trawler 47, Yankee, Equations1
Jul-1984Bruce Farr, down Easters, Halberg Rassy 49, Moody 41, Elite 37
Jan-1987161/1american starship, perfect 34, hatteras 65, gourmet dining, windship 72, radar, yachting's 80th anniversary, electronic trends,
Feb-1987161/2virgin islands charters, match racing, 12 meter, fleury michon 8,
Sep-1988164/3born to cruise, nouvelle cruising, gold mettle, worldwide charter guide, maine by marcia Wiley, Cricket, kookaburra III,
Jun-1989165/7safety at sea, Polynesian cruisingtorn cover
Jul-1989165/8Malcom Forbes, racing rules, yacht club burgees
Dec-1990168/6marine art
Jul-1991Classic boats, supplement
Jan-1995177/1America's Cup, downwind starts, Yacht Racing Association of Long Island,
May-1998183/5Viking 68, 72 SC. Baja to San Diego, Grenada
Aug-1998184/2Bahamas, Bertram, Hatteras
Dec-1998184/6Viking 50, hatteras 70, Key Largo
Feb-2001189 / 2Miami Boat showDonzi, chris craft,
Mar-2001189 / 3charters, fuel,bertram 540
Apr-2001189 / 4digital, radios, viking 60, sea ray 540
May-2001189 / 5Bob Bavier,magnum 60, sunseeker XS2000
Jun-2001189 / 6Electronics, gold standard, megayachts
Jul-2001190 / 1Yachts of the future, manatee, bahamas,silverton 43, charlie boy, nordic, tug,
Aug-2001190 / 2safety, sydney-hobart, guanaja, fantome, flying cloud, westship, hatteras, squadron 62,
Sep-2001190 / 3winter charter, , owners manuals, taipan III, bon bon,
Oct-2001190 / 4fall boat show, surveyors, sea ray, fitzroy, davis 45, moonen 120,
Nov-2001190 / 5megayachts, america's cup jubilee, stormy weather p 72,
Dec-2001190/6Ultimate Islands, trinity 126, ocean alexander 60, neptunus 56,
Jan-2002191/1yachting registry, custom yacht services, Burger 112, Lyman Morse 73, Turner 56, Fountain 38,
Feb-2002191/2miami boat show, electronics, Galapagos, lazzara 80,
Mar-2002191/3Summer charterazimut 80, horizon 76,
Apr-2002191/4Electronics, gold standard, megayachtstrinity 111, grand banks 64, Jarrett Bay 38,
May-2002191/5Power, engines, megayachts, 4 stroke outboardsSunseeker 94, intermarine 145,
Jun-2002191/6electronics, garmin, large yachtsLady Jenn, crescent cusatom 120, talaria 40 jet
Jul-2002192/1fishing, fishing boats, hargarve 45, bertram 570, gateway laptop, victoria of strathearn, kanaloa,
Aug-2002192/2refit, repair, legacy 52, baltic custom 78, pegasus,
Sep-2002192/3winter charter, broker guide, millenium 118, inspiration, kakela, starlite,
Oct-2002192/4ny/nj boatshow list, electronics, 420 sundancer, north star, pfd, marinas, excellence III, surprise,
Jan-2003193/1Design, 3-D custom interior designKrogen 58, Campbell Bay, Mikelson 70
Feb-2003193/2Miami boat show preview, best marinas, new electronics Ferretti 760, Genesis 153
Mar-2003193/3luxury charter, express cruisers, nav softwareJarrett Bay 68, McKinna 58, Morris 52
Apr-2003193/4KVH antena, marine electronicsSea Ray 500, Tiara 4400, Cheoy 72, Horizon 92
May-2003193/5new engines, diesels, sterndrives, outboardsPershing76, Spirata 68, Vicem 64, Sabreline 42
Jun-2003193/6luxury yacht showcase, shared ownership, scooters, cloud formationsLazzara 106, Rodman 565, Nordhavn 47, Hunt Harrier 36, Tiara 4200
Jul-2003194/1sportfishing special, Icom vhf/dsc
Aug-2003194/2refit, brave duck 83, symbol 58, silverton 48, Pangaea,
Sep-2003194/3on board office, Hargrave 94, Apreamare 16m, Florida backs, Better boating, Big Easy,
Oct-2003194/4Royal Denship 80 Open, Eastbay 58, Nuvari 63, rum, North Star Yachts, Mystic 150 - christensen, Egg Harbor 43, Rivolta 90, Cruisers 455, Rivarama 44, thomas Point 36, sea Ray 220, Luhrs 30, Chaparral 210 Ssi, burger 70,
Dec-2003194/6marlow, cruise, nordic1
Jan-2004195/1diva, northern france, rosenfeld
Mar-2004195/3swan 70, riviera, seychelles,
Apr-2004195/4Uniesse 72, Westport 130, Riviera 51, Chris Craft 36, sigle handed record sailing world, maldives, wine at seaIDEC
May-2004195/5Jimmy Buffet's Rybovich Express 42, charter week Antigua, Great Bay St. thomas, Nodhavn 57, Targa 62, sea Ray 390, Lyman-Morse 84, Baglietto 138, Miami boat showAcadia, Ariela
Jun-2004195/6cruising Virgin Islands, Rayburn 88, Sea Ray 550, Ferretti 500, Portsmouth Marine Cat 52, costa rica cruising and Tampa Bay,Alinghi racing in Newport UBS.Lady Aleida, Whisper
Jul-2004196/1Grenadines, Ocean 50, Altus 48, Aicon 52 Bahamas, Sir Peter Blake,Alfa IV1
Aug-2004196/2Cruising Bali, Hudson River, Northhavn Transatlantic rally, Lake Michigan, Palmer Johnson, Denison 119, Mirabella V, wine festival, Cabo san Lucas, Heesen 123, Great Harbour 47, Baia Aqua 54
Sep-2004196/3Antigua, Gibraltar, Italian boat makers,Nantucket lightship B&B, viking 57, Jefferson 82, Huckins 58, Day tripper 40, Monaco boat show1
Oct-2004196/4antarctica, North Star 105, Sealine 60, S&J 54, Riviera 42, Sardinia, Ferretti 880, Olin Stephens 75 years,
Nov-2004196/5chefs, 27 superyachts, alloy yachts, mirabella V, grand banks 47 EB, cruisers 400 express, 1
Dec-2004196/6Hinckley 42, W. Buckley on the croation coast, Cayman 58HT, surfhunter 29, Beneteau Antares, Symbol 880, Buccaneer 65, 40 Flybridge -Cabo,Heesen - Lady Ingeborg, Linda Greenlaw, King pacific Lodge1
Jan-2005197/1Hinckley T55, Atlantis 55, Camper and Nicholson 42, Viking 74, Johnson yachts and Dixon design, Sabrelline 36, Vicem 54, Shannon 38 SRD, MAS 28, Useppa Island, Bruce Schwab, giorgio Armani's1
Feb-2005197/2Miami baot show,Florida's Cheeca Lodge, Grand Banks 70, Tiara 40, Perni Navi 183, Azimt 116, Riva 85, Hatteras 801
Mar-2005197/3cruising Alaska, california, Cote d'Azur,, Marlow 78, silverton 38, Swan 601, Legacy 42, Sunseekseer 108, Trinity 157,1
Apr-2005197/4Denmarks racing couple, Ellen MacArthur, Barbados, Lyman Morse 80, Carver 41, chooy Lee 84,Oyster 82, Feadship 164, Alden 40, Hargrave 90, Novatech 55, Bahamas1
May-2005197/5Model boats, Riva 52, Bitter End, Marco Polo 148, Bertram 360, Hatteras 682
Jun-2005197/6super yachts of Allen and Ellison, St. Barts St Augistine, Dashew's 83 ft unsailboat, america's cupValencia
Jul-2005198/1Bertram, Hemingway's Pilar, Marlow 57, Nordhavn 72, Viking 68, Hatteras 64, Intrepid 35, Willis 67, capo San Lucas1
Aug-2005198/2Rolex trans atlantic race,, Roy Disney, Riva 68, Amels 162, Viking 67, Hatteras 58, Apremare 12 meter, souport 281
Sep-2005198/3WINTER CHARTER, Dubai,Mono boat show, jet drives, Ocean Alexander 58. Silverton 43, Norseman 48, Neptunus 55, Heesen 136, Baglietto, CaymanBoero, Uniesse 54, AiconGalaxy, Delphine. Antartica, Cassiopeia, Parsifal III, Serendipity Blue, Endeavour1
Oct-2005198/4boat show preview, Burger 106, Midnight lace 52, Swan46, Lyman-Morse 38, Pershing 56, BVI, Nantucket, Billy Joel,Nascar owners and boast, New York 30's.1
Nov-2005198/5superyachts and Katrina, caribbean dive spots, Cruisers 47, Altima 60, Moc 74, San Juan 48, Huckins 56, Westport 130, Transpac1
Dec-2005198/6Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, top trawlers, Abacos, Fleming 56, Persing 1151
Jan-2006199/1billfish battlewagons, sportfish, Monaco's megayachts, piratesOffshore 72, Jannace 43, Selene 48, Wally Power 55m, Lazzara 74
Feb-2006199/2Miami show, biggest, strangest sailboat, St. BartsCheoy Lee 95, Sunseeker 72, Benetti 183Otam 80, Tiara 39, Chris-Craft 33
May-2006199/5Italian boats, cruising PanamaGrand Banks 59 Aleutian
Jun-2006199/6American Yachts, Bermuda, Zeus vs. IPS drivesLaurel, Aicon 72, Baia 43, Intrepid 47, Rodriquez 60
Jul-2006200/1sportfish: best boats, gear, Flordia, Athena, Jaguar 36, Hargrave 108, Targa 38, Altura 690
Aug-2006200/2cruising: best boats, hot spots, Katrina, Windy 52, Horizon 70, Aicon 56, Marlow 72
Sep-2006200/3Davis 52 Express, superyachts, Monaco Yacht Show, Virgin Islands, 5 hottest charter boats and destinations, anti-terror device, EPIRBLady Madelyn, Orange II, God-speed, Cotton Blossom II, Privacy, Atlantis, Interceptor 70, Itama 55
Oct-2006200/4Valencia America's cup, Maritimo 60, Rivolta 40, Alden Yachts 52, Aicon 62, Northcoast 87, Lurssen 195, Fort Lauderdale baot show, Montague Dawson , Maine Maritime academy tows abdonned Yacht Dad's Dream,Epirb E changed frequency,
Nov-2006200/5fractional ownership, Heesen 154, Stewart Island New Zealand, Outer Reed65, Kingship 110, Riva 75, Swan 42, Baia 78, Cruisers 39, Craig Looms Design , Kingship China, Charleston, fast cars, Sardinia - Perini Navi world, Rertram 630, Ocean Alexander 98, Kogo to chrter,Alloy yachts, Ad Lib, Kokomo, Mirgab V, Buka, Givi, Gliss, Moneikos, Lady Linda, Ability,april Fool, Zulu, Maltesse Falcon, Laurel,
Dec-2006200/6Hawaii's whale valley, long-range trawler yacht design, autopilots, Hinckley T38R, Custom Line 97, Fairline 74, Earthrace, Caressa K, Bristolian, Athos, Viking 56
Jan-2007201/1Yachts of the Pacific Northwest, history of yachting magazine, Scotland, marine radar, lightning, global warming and superyachtsDelta 164, 85 Voyager, Sunseeker 90, Lazzara LSX75, Linda LouBottom torn
Feb-2007201/2Sportfishing, Miami show, roaring 20s, yachting photographs, America's Cup, navigation, chart plotters, spas Viking 54 Flybridge Sport Cruiser, Huckins 56, Regency 670, Discovery, Let It Be, Lady Sheridan, Lady Moura, Wally 143, Absynthe
Mar-2007201/3Viking, Sanlorenzo, helicopter-yacht, Corsica, Sardinia, charted Nigel Burgess superyacht, Cyclades, 1930s, internet, outboard motorsMirgab V, Renzo 4.0 Express, Wild Thyme, Christenson 160, Aquamarina
Apr-2007201/4Transatlantic crossings, design, 1940s, World War II, important events at sea in the last century, Lake Como, Northern Italy, maritime art, America's Cup, marine electronics, rescue, genset, Feadship, TahitiHampton 630PH, Hatteras 77, WallyIsland, Sarnico Spider, Anna, Bruckmann Daysailer 42
May-2007201/5Italy, sport cruisers, 1950s, propulsion, Singapore, Rolex Sailing Awards, America's Cup, drifting, diesel, Atlantis 50, Azimut 105, Grand Banks 47 Heritage Classic, Egret, Ice Dancer, Marco Polo, Selene, Technema 120, Mediterranee 43, Rania
Jun-2007201/6Gand Banks 47, cruising Darien, Trinity 161, Carolina Gulf,
Jul-2007202/1Hatteras 60, Davis 52, Broward 120, Gary Jobson on America's cup
Aug-2007202/2exotic cars for your boat, VHF Costa Smeralda, Wetport 130, New Sabre 52, ethanol and your engine, last voyage of Sir Peter Blake
Sep-2007202/3winter charter special,
Oct-2007202/4BVI, fairline 78, boat show preview,
Nov-2007202/5superyachts, sanlorenzo 108,
Dec-2007201/1best boats of all time, dorade,
Jan-2008201/1pacific northwest,
Feb-2008201/2Uniesse 70, Maritimo 550, Navetta 26 metre, island charter hop with private jet. FUBAR powerboat rally San Diego to La Paz, Miami boat show, Rolex Maxi Transat, Apreamare Maestro 51, Explorer sinking in Antartica, Riva Diva, marquis 405C,Symbol Classic 59,
Dec-2008204/6Europa Point, Shipwreck, Collision, Sea Lions, Cruising , British Virgin Islands, Riva 92, Hincley, Picnic Boat, PB37, Sparkman & Stevens, Passagemaker 60, NYPD Harbor Unit, Harbor Patrol, New York Harbor, Yacht Models, Scale Models, Azimut 103S, Sprort Fisherman, Vicem 63SF, Cold Molding, Navigation, Marine Electronics, Maruis 500 Spot Coupe, Tender, YachtTender, Spare Parts, Repair Kit, Friendship 40 CCFedra, Proteus Duchessa
Jan-2009205/1Caribbean, Cruising, Windward Islands, St Vincent, Mustique, Planning, Voyage Planning, Greenland, Nuuk, P5rince Christian Sound, Disco Baym, Uniesse 65, Buzzards Bay 30's, Nathanael Herreschoff, Belfast, Frenc & Webb, Motoryacht, Outer Reef 63, Panama Canal, Flying Bridge, Hargrave 120, Refits, Repair, Maintenance, National marine Electronics Association, Kanter 56, Sea Ray 43 Sundancer, Diesel Engine, Air Oil SeparatorWindhorse, Lady M, Quakeress II, Young Miss, Venture, Sandrine, Sirus Star
Feb-2009205/2Bertram 540 on cover and article, Eleonora a replica of Herreshoff Westward - classic yachts, Serenity a Cheoy Lee 68, aluminum Yachts by Sanlorenzo, Farley Mowat Viking fire, Miami boat show, La Paz, Beneteau 52 swift trawler, Bruckman 34e cruiser, Sparkman & StevensOculus
Mar-2009205/3ancient Greece, Gulf of Mexico, coast of Maine, Trumppy 63, Custom Line 112, Sunseeker 86, San Juan 40, Dayboat -Danish design, Caribbean charter show,squared rigger Balchutha in San Francisco, P2(Perini Navi), To-Kalon, Nero
Apr-2009205/4Lazarra LSX 92, razil Rio Negro, america's Cup, Maritim 60 sport, Hargrave 84 motoryacht, Sessa C46, Carver 44, Vende globe resuce off Cape Horn, Moorings 40th birthday in Tortola, Victory discovery,
Oct-2009Sea Ray 450, Puget Sound, Aeroyacht 100, Cuba, Resort property Washington Isalnd pacific, Viking 85 motorboat, Swan 90 FD, message in a bottle using gulf stream, Ocean Alexander 60 foot trawler, Premier 130,
Nov-2009Pershing 64, Affinity 90, Sabre 40, Regal 44, Grand Banks Aleuthian 53, Bahammas, Exumas, Royal Huisman- Ethereal, Benetti 172 Latinou, Why Yachts home and hybrid, Trinity Yachts Anjilis for charter,
Jan-2010Paragon 94, crusing from Florida to Venezuela on Aicon 64, H64 Café racer Avaiable, Viking Yachts, Sunseeker Predator 130, Rivera 5800 Sport Yacht, Wally Hermes Yacht a houseboat with beaches of deck,
Feb-2010Currents: An update from Laurent Bourgnon; we bid farewell to an industry legend; the Nordhavn 120; NOAA's new research project, Power Play: Conduct your pre-purchase sea trial like an expert, Performance: What you need to know about your fuel system, Design: The Kadey-Krogen 64 Expedition will go anywhere, Electronics: Thermal-imaging night vision is changing the game after dark, New Electronics: We shed some light on the latest night vision systems, Yacht Yard: Understand your transmission and keep it running smoothly, Yachting Brokerage Guide: Protect your purchase by knowing your warranty inside and out, Telltales: Blackberrys, On Board: The Ferretti 470 is a yacht designed for people who know how to really use their boats, Gear: Fresh from sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. Yachting's associate editor shares what he's learned about packing for a voyage, Cruising Yachtsman: Sea of Cortez53 Aleutian RP, Jambo, Nordhavn 120, Trident, Dream Boat?, Westport 112, Fleming 65, Protector, Back Cove 26 Open, Back Cove33, Back Cove 30, Back Cove 37, 34 Express, 42 Express and Sedan, 40 Sedan and Fly Bridge, 52 Express and Fly Bridge, Delfino 93, Tradition 105, Classic 121, Classic Supreme 131, Crystal 140, Vision 145, Vision Supreme 164, Sanlorenzo SD92, Retro Blue, Oyster 655, Pershing 72, Bertram, 86 Domino, Magallanes, Pacific Mariner 85, Ferretti 470, Hunt 52, Regal 52,
Mar-2010Change Agent: The new Sessa 68 reflects the vision of its passionate builder and designer, Naturalized Citizen: Though she is an Italian-born beauty the Mochi Craft Dolphin 44 is right at home cruising the waters of Long Island's North Fork and East End, Nip and Tuck:The latest Pacific Mariner 85 demonstrates that a successful cruising design can emerge through evolution, Finish Strong: Fickle Bahamian weather is no match for the adaptability of the Argos Gulfstream 92, Where Eagles Soar: The 161-foot Trinity "Destination Fox Harb's Too" offers great itineraries for golfers chartering in Nova Scotia, Of Ancients and Dreamers: Chartering along the ancient ruins and historic harbors of the southwest Turkish coast is hard to beat on the 144-foot gulet Mare Nostrum
Apr-2010Swan 62, Fiord, Panama Canal, Westport 40m, Elecronic Systems, Charter, Lyman Morse, Wallyships, Commuter Yachts, Marquis 500 Sport Bridge, Jeanneau 57, Gergian Bay, North Channel, Manitoulin Island, Mackinac Island, Bergn, Norway, Maritime Museum, 65 Sport, Uniesse, Castle Island, Kadey Krogen 58, Cruising, Planning , Circumnavigation, Yacht Designer, Chuck Paine, Nordhavn 47, Ipad,Whistler, Phonenix II, Wallyshadow, Early Purple, Equinox, Scratch, Bluewater,
May-2010Australia, Martimo 73, Horizon Vision 74, Distilleries, Scotland, Overhaul, Diesel, Turbo Chargers, Cylinder Block, Crankshaft, Fuel Injectors, Heat Exchanger Tanks, Drve Train, Couplings, Cylinder Block, Repwering, Monitoring Systems, Ron Holland, Pernini Navi Cup, Operation Costs, Maintenance Cost, Prevetative Maintenance, Chuck Paine, Yacht Design, Inner Hebrides, Lagavulan, Islay, Caol Ila Distillers, Jura, Oban, Yacht Charter, Maine, Brooklin, Symbol 60 Yachtfish, Symbol Yachts, Merritt 72, Merritt Boat and Engine Works, Deerfoot 70, Troubleshooting, Deep Ocean QuestRiela, El Jeffe, Eda Fransen, Mondo Mondango, Brier Patch, Knit Wits, Anhinga, Alucia
Jun-2010Seamanship, Antique Yachts, Ocean Reef Club, Vintage Weekend, Hargrave 101, Moonen 124, Broward marine, Frank Denison, Restoration, Moonen Shipyards, Wooden Boat, Express Cruiser, Americas Cup, Planning, Riviera 51, Sea Ray 540, Express Cruiser, Sabre 46X Salon Express, SabreYachts, Stability, Intact Stability, Damaged Stability, Yacht Marketing, Sanlorenzo, Bahia Mar Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Superboat Grand PrixVictoriano, Northlander, Ida May, Amorita, Kiyi, Eulipon, Alinghi, USA, Lady Jane, Genie 2
Jul-2010Viking 76, Lisbon , Cape Horn, Northcoast 125, Altoma 45 Euro Sedan, Grenada, Isle of Spice, Mount Cinnamon BeachPort Louis Marina, Charter, Maine, Motorsailer, Pumkin Island, Eggemoggin Reach, Sprtriva 56, Nortyh Coast Yachts, Tom Watson, Argentina, Green Technology, Batteries, Valence tachnology, Lithium Ion Batteries, Stabilizers, Fuel Filters, MochiCraft LR 23, Electronics, Disrtibuted Power,Burma
Sep-2010Refit teak deck, Winter charter guide, monohuls vs multihullsDiscover, Matau
Oct-2010Cruising Special, must-have safety gear, Humphrey Bogart and Hollywood boaters, Mystic seaportSantana, Gerda III, Venture II
Nov-2010Design trends, Virgin Island chartersRemember When, Big Fish, Ethereal
Dec-2010boatbuilding, gulf streamMeriweather, Alucia, Nordhavin
Jan-2011lake tahoe, charterThunderbird, True North
Feb-2011209/2Miami Boat Show, Hinckley Talaria 48, Selene 66, Grand banks 46 Eastbay SX, J Class Yachts, Vincem 78, Helm, Gyroscopic Stabilzer,Liara, Velsheda, Ranger,Rainbow, Lionheart, Enterprise, Big Zip
Mar-2011summer charter, Picchiotti 164, Prestige 60, antigua's splendor, Bequia yawl from Brooklin boatyard
Apr-2011Electronics special, Neil Young's dream boat, Sanlorenzo 150, Princess 72, Azimut 53, Spencer70 IPS, McAllister Towing
May-2011summer cruising, 50 best yachting towns, Hargrave 136, Grand Banks 53, Hinkley 44, intracostal waterway, Ferretti 570, Michigan, J/44, Mystique,
Jun-2011seamanship, circumnavigation Whale Song, Pod-drive repower, New York Yacht Club transatlantic race Sumurun, Leopard, Maltese Falcon, Vicem 54, Hampton 620, ths Ditch Beaufort SC to Stuart FL, Azimt 72S, Rebecca planking in Martha's Vineyard, - Nat Benjamin and Ross Gannon, GT63 by Hatteras, Derecktor Conn. building large yachts Cakewalk, 218 feet,
Jul-2011innovations, Ocean Alexander 85E, Pershing 80, Viking 70 EB, Oyster 72, William Garden designer died April, Infiniti 100, Hodgdon Yachts of Maine oldest boat builder in US, Cheaspeake Bay Deadrise, Whale song around the world,Bloodhound
Aug-2011New Zealand, North Pole, British Columbia Desolation Sound, Pacific New GuineaVixen, Coronet, Eilean
Sep-2011210/3Wooden BoatSchool, J Class, Lightning Protecion, Charters, Marina's, Morris M65, S&S, Sea ray 450, Viking 42 Open, Chesapeake Bay, Chester River, Italy, Yachts, Azimut 72S, Bennetti Crystal 140, Mondo 45, Sabre 48, Northeaster Dory, Fleming 55, The Long wayRanger, Velsheda, Sun Reef Che
Oct-2011210/4Rivera 53, Cabo 44 HXT, Hunt HBI 30, Panamax, David Martin, Gamefisherman Explorer 130, Smith Island, Dismal Swamp, Palm Beach 65, Florida, Apreamere 48, Sanlorenzo SL72, Shamrock V, Boston Waler 13, For your Eyes Only, Palawan VI, Wally Gator, Hyperion, Alva, Christina O Dorade, S&S, Personal Locator Beacons, PLB,EPIERB, Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons, Rescue, Offshore Boating, Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Ticonderoga, Sara Lu II, Callipoe, Liberty,Honey Fitz, Maltese Falcon
Nov-2011210/5Westport 164, Interior Design, Gondola, Venetian Water Taxi, Ferretti 620, W Class, Hunt 52 Sedan Cruiser, Maryland 53 Pilot Boat, Vicem 75Richard Mille, Wild Horses, Rambler 100, Sojana, Boardwalk
Apr-2012211/04Sabr's new 54, Lake Champlain, America's cup
Jun-2012212/01Fleming78, visit American twonsIsobel 75 sloop
Jul-2012212/02Alaska, Tahiti, Block Island
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