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The Rudder Magazine

Our collection is very incomplete prior to December 1901. From then until Mar 1977, when publication ceased, our collection contains 912 individual issues (as of Spetember 2007) and is complete with the exception of the issues in the "Missing Issues" table below. We would appreciate any and all offers to help us complete the collection. We do have some copies available for exchange.

From July 1977 until January 1991, during which period the name of "The Rudder" was used by Inland Sea, Lakeland Boating, Lakeland Boating/Sea, Sea, Sea (Inland edition) and Western Sea, our collections are complete with the exception of March and April 1978 and March 1981.

The following issues have been partially indexed: Important note: if an issue does not appear in this indexed table, it does not necessarily mean that we do not hold it in our collections. On the other hand, if an issue does not appear in our missing table, then we certainly hold it.


The Rudder Magazine - Holdings
Mon / Year Vol / Num Articles Yachts
Jan:1891I / VIIIlog, naval reserve news, sailing dinghy competition designGossoon -Burgess design
Jan:18911 / 8naval rank insignia, logs, patent logs, history of the dinghy, raffie raffee p28, Urania,
Mar:18989 / 3steam yachts, dory, skimming dish caterpillar, knockabouts for American Yacht Club, Macedonian and 1812, Peregrine, Eleanor, Surprise, Rainbow watson schnr, Valhalla, Kennilworth 4-masted barque, Macedonian,
Mar:1898IX / IIIwomen on deck under sail, boston yacht skippers -Sherlock, Newcomb, Stone, Watson, Crocker, marine lamps, Lake Champlain - scow schooner?, Seawanhaka Knockabout-Stearns - Mongoose - Crowninshield, Bar Harbor -New York 1887, Rudder knockabout -Davis, war 1812 Eleanor, Peregrine, Surprise, Rainbow, Valhalla, Robert J., Bluebird, Riverside dory, Caterpillar, Kenilworth, Skip, Alfrida, Noreen, Hoodlum, Frigate Macedonian, Helen, Hawk, Rusalka, Trinket, Horicon, Defender
Apr:18989 / 4Niagara, Penatiquit Corinthian YC, voyage of the musket, bark after the gale, nautical artists, Geo. H. Clements, builder Samuel Wicks, Patchogue, RI YC Cruise, Niagara, Sweetheart, brig Curacao,
Nov:18989 / 11Bermuda dinghy, dingey, chicago-mackinack, cruise of coot, racer for $50, YRUNA measurement Rule, Sagola, Vixen, Hawthorne,
Aug:189910 / 8Columbia-Defender Races, Atlantic YC Cruise, canada Cup trials, Lawleys, acetylene lights, Columbia, Defender, Coronet p 295, Shamrock,
Sep:189910 / 9NYYC cruise, Canada Cup, Sachem's Head YC, poer dinghy, shoal draft schooner, Shamrock, Genesee, Henrietta 1866,
May:1901XII / 5Yachts built in Canada and US 1900-01, flags 
Nov:1901 America's cupShamrock II, Columbia, Sea Bird
Dec:1901XII /12Ice yachting, Iceboat design, ice boat measurement, build sea bird part II, Steam YachtsSea Bird
Feb:1902  White Heather, Opitsah III
Mar:19028 / 4Lake Ontario in a Lark, Snider, wedding trip on a catboat, building season 1901/2, lines of the Thomas W. Lawson, Sovereign of the Seas, Kanawha, Nevada,
Sep:1902  Thomas W. Lawson
Jun:1903 Dennys of Dumbarton, Yachts builtShamrock III
Nov:1903 Portland Maine, American Power BoatDolphin power launch
Aug:1904 Ocean race, lysistrata race, seawanhaka, manhasset bay, power boats, historic yachts 1840s, little rhody, northern light, coquette,
Jun:1905XVI / 6Ocean racing, Power boat racing, Seawanhaka cup 
Sep:1905XVI / 9Seawanhaka Cup, William Gardner, Duluth yacht club, regatta in vancouver BC, puget Sound, Ingomar's trophies, Kelpie, Meteor,
Jan:1912 Gibraltar, auxilliary whalers, fast ice yachts, Designs: R.K. Fry, Nellie F. II, Heron - B.B. Crowninshield, Ardea, Valkkyrie ex-Octalee V, Carlton Wilby,Sound of Jura, Wolerine, Jackfrost, Autocrat, Cima, Seriola, Hispania,
Feb:1912 Warren Shepard artist, Totem cruising,Sae Robin building -William Atkin, house flags,Designs: Crowninshield towboat and schooner, Hand, Watts, Ernest Roland (Montreal), New Stock riser,Enchantress, Sizzler, Mayflower -President's yacht,
Apr:1912 Block Island boat painting Warren sheppard, roaring Bessie cruising, Design: Block Island boat, Schooner George B. Cluett by Cox and Mower and building of for Grenville in Labrador, single handed coatawise cruiser Andrade, catboat Sea Hound, Fred S. Nock, Penny design, a land boat, 
May:1912 Design: shoal draft launch Sand Crab, S. Y. Christina by Gielow and Orr, Artmar, 12 ft. tender Cook, Carlton Wilb,Thelma, Josephine, lane, Alouette,
Jun:1912 Flying Spray by W. Sheppard, bugeye, Deesigns: ocean going cruiser Andrade, navy race boat,Dohema by Bowes and Mower, Matheson (Montreal), Vailima by Watts, 36' yawl by Nock, cruiser by James, Zetes by W. J. Roue (Halifax), pram by Cameron, Old Sam catboat Bowes and Mower, Spray and Captain Slocum, Altair, Mathews power boat - ocean passage to Russia,  
Jul:1912 collapsible boat, Louisianna, trip Washington to Lake George up the Hudson, Design: swasey, Raymond and Page, Deed, Arawan II Bowes and Mower, Detroit Motor Boat club, Royal Hamilton Ontario, Norderney Lightship, launching of Detroit for Thomas Fleming Day to go to Russia 
Aug:1912 Detroit on way to Bermuda W. Sheppard, Greeks boats in Florida, Lady Betty, Designs: Blue Fish Goeller, marigold - sloop by Crowninsheild , Talahassee by Hand, 67' schooner by Alden, Dream by bowes and Mower, Boulogne pilot boat, and on Solent, 
Sep:1912 TF Day, stability, gold cup, Bermuda race, Dream,Designs: Legeo II by Watts,Thousand Island Y C26' one design by William Gardner, International ten-metre by Alfred Mylne, power cruiser _ Morris M. Whitaker of Nyack, Kathemma Bowes and Mower,Mylne 10 metre, Detroit, Northwind of Cox and Stevens,
Nov:1912 Trans Pacific race, Designs: ice boat Ashley, houseboats by Jaehne, Nassy, Gager, Gager Derby, Theiste, schoner by Cox and Stevens, cruiser by Swasey, Raymid and Page,Seafarer, Hawaii, Lurline,Nattose, Okenagan, Istria 15 meter,
Dec:1912 China, the DETROIT motor yacht, 7-metres at Cowes, ice yacht cockpit, Taft-Cup class Catboat, 22 ft by Connolly, Goeller, 72' cruiser Bowes and Mower, stock cruiser by Desmond Co.proposed race New York-Paris,Ginevra, Quaker Girl, Vanity, Sea Bird, Meteor, Germania, Ostara, Mariska, White Heather,
May:1913 Detroit by Warren Sheppard, Salmon fishing, Hedge Fence Lightship, Build a Tommy Cod, Designs:Downs cruiser, Freeda by Watts, 24' yawl by Bowes and Mower, Britt brothers cruiser, Swasey cruiser, Voyage of DetroitBerlin,
Jun:1914 Genesia and Puritan by Warren Sheppard, America's Cup defenders, Panama canal, Shamrock IV Altomary, Sweetheart, Resolute and Defiance
Jul:1914  Shamrock IV,
Jan:1916XXXII / 1Sneakbox racing Barnegat Bay,build a Brooks 34, Design:Barnegat Sneakbox by Bowes and Mower,115' schooner by B.B. Crowninshield,patrol boat by Goeller, Toppan Cape Cat, raising the America,The Dawn,
Feb:1916XXXII / 2build a 30' cruiser, Designs: Piersol 43' yawl, Gielow and Orr motor yacht, Goeller Hippocampus, Mower Sandpiper,Coronet
Mar:1916XXXII / 3Harlem Yacht Club, City Island, show NY engines, Designs: Indaian Harbor Y.C. one design Alden, Seawanhaka onne design Herreshoff, 15' B.B. Crowninshield, yachts for sale lots of photos,May, Petrel, Golden Rod
Jul:1920XXXVI America'a cup yachts, 16ft. Hydroplane, Muskalonge, Designers Winslow, Millet, Seabury & Dearfra, Nichols 
Aug:1925  New York 40
Jul:1926  New York 40
May:1927XLIIIArtisit Warren Sheppard "The cosaster", Designs: Cabinette Junior, Ralph Winslow -brigantine, Dawn crusier, Chesapeake crusier, Malabar junior yawl, J. Murray Watts, thomas D. Bowes, American built enginesPrimrose IV, Chamaja, Kegonsa, Intag III, Hearrtsease, Steamer Cantebury, Belem Fantome II, Aries, Folkstone, Cressida,
Aug:1927XLIIIMiss California racing, H. E. Gumble fisherman's race, Dry Tortugas, Pirate designed for Gold Cup, Barnegaat Bay boat, designs: Lindy, William Hand, Cintra by Winslow, Watts, Primrose, Alden schoonerZapala, Curlew, Benjamin J. Packard, Heather, Duchess, Pleione, Atrocia,
Sep:1927XLIIINYC cruise, Thomas Fleming Day, Gold cup, W.A. richards - artist, Little Spitfire racing, Designs: Puffin,Lee and Brinton, Ian L. MacKenzie, Harry AldenNew York 40, Corsair, Ariel, Linx, Vanitie, Helence, Celeritas, Comoco, Marilou, Manursing,
Oct:1927XLIIICoconut cruising, Matthews Crusiers racing, Rod Stephen's Alicia, Vanitie, Resolute, Baltimore racing with paddle wheelers spectators, Designs: Valiant - winslow,Hand staysail schooner, Tritan - S.S. Cocker, Ian McKenzie, Barbett - Crocker design winner,Mashnee, Reomar III,Silver spray, Britannia, Sybarita, Alicia, Ida Q, Zapala, L.W. Wardle,
Dec:1927XLIIICaptain Nilson, American Power Boat Association, Designs: Cynosure - Hand, S.S. Crocker customs boat,Toxaway, Hanna design, Watts design,West wind - Winslow, Phil Rhodes small cutter, Varsanta Calypso II by Nedwidek, McKenzie fishing boat, Erico Kainer gearBretagne, Ocean Waif - Potter design, Chack-Chack,
Jan:1928XLIVRace to Spain, naval academy yachts, Daneil S. Crocker Sea Dawn, Watts - sternwheeler, Winslow crusier, Alden schooner, Richards, McKenzie, Nedwidek,Atlantic, Vagrant, Speejacks, Guinevere, Aloha, Evelyn V,Tamarack V, Rip II, Maid Marian II, Babette, Minx, Lea, Mirage,
Feb:1928XLIVMount Desert Maine, Grey Dawn II, Designs: Gordon Monroe, lakes Scout Cruiser, Eldredge-MCInnis, WattsToorac, Ara, talamar, Charloota II, Lizzie D. Peabody,
Mar:1928XLIVArtist Warren Sheppard, Rosenfeld photos, a hydroglider Winslow a tern, Munroe - schooner, Eldredge-McInnis, Crownshield and Burbank, Alden Knockabout, Tams and King, Bowes,Dauntless, Fontinalis, Savarona, Monsoon, yawl Eagle, Mary Foster,
May:1928XLIVRacing at Havana, Cruising in the Arctic, Labrador, craft of Iraq,Designs: 16' Barracuda, Cox and Stevens Express cruiser, Gold cup boat of Bendall,Norhtern Light, Ships: Ile de France, Dixie, Royal Mail, Saturina, S.S.Cap Polonio, Bermuds, I.M.M. Panama pacific,
Jun:1928XLIVDesigns:Collen - D.T. Dobson, William J. Deed, Watts, Cox and Stevens, Elco Works, boat builders, Cabin Cruiserswith prices.Atlantic, Vagrant, Cressida , Harbinger motor yacht, Ranelpe, Tanda, Pleione
Jul:1928XLIVPalisades marina Englewood (Alpine), Matthews cruisers, Designs: K. H. Scheel, John H. Wells, Winslow, Rjodes, Crew of Aajie, Mary Alcott Richardson winner power boatrace, Rules of the American Power Boat AssociationJosephine, Tomboy, Domino III, Ranelpe, Margo, Frolic III, Vitesse, Margaret F. III, Cigarette, Osprey II, Kilkair, Dragoon, Azara, Teal, Cressida, Malay, Windjammer, Namare, Malabar VII, Pandora, Wetaona, Talayha, Teva,
Aug:1928XLIVRace to Spain, Bear Mountain Race, Ulf, Designs: Bluebill by Hand, Andrade, Winslow, Howard and Munro, Migrator, S.S. Crocker,Jr., Eldredge-McInnis, Helena, Dauntless, Harry PigeonNew York 40, Guinevere, Atlantic, Elena, Mohawk, Isabella, Azara, Zodiac, Pinta, Nina, Islander, Rugosa II, Malabar IX, Malay, Idono, Thisle, Nourmahal, Nicoya, Robmar II,Francis S. III, Lura M IV,Helena, Picaroon, Mibar, Ducky, Agawam III, el Sueno,
Jan:1929XLVRalph WinsonImpudence, Dignity, Reometta, Sentinel, Memory III, Golden Hynde
Feb:1929XLVArctic fur trader, Hall Scott Yachts, Tams & King, E.B. SchockGolden Hynde, Olive K
Mar:1929XLV / 3Big Diesel yachtsAcania, Svaap
Apr:1929XLVPoinciana Cup, Dick Loynes, Major Segrave, Star Fleet, Windjammers, hydrofoil, centerboards, Palm Beach Regatta, Havana Star RaceMiss England, Emilyann, Svaap, Kingfisher, Colleen
May:1929XLVS.S. Crocker-13' knockabout, Shelburne Yachts, figurheads,R Class Races, Havana Races, Miami RacesKingfisher
Jun:1929XLVS.S. Crocker- staysail schooner Sea Dawn,Svaap, Sandspur, Yankee Girl II, Seven Seas, Amy G. Mckean
Jul:1929XLVfishing schooners, Alden design, shoal drafft auxiliary, Bear Mountain RaceLorawa, Svaap, Marchiones
Aug:1929XLVOcean Race, Gibson Island RaceNew York 40, Nina, Sachem, Quicksilver II, Svaap, Lorawa, Toorac, Acushla Machree, Fun Runner II, Vanitie
Oct:1929XLVNew York Yacht Club Cruise, Gar, Grosse Point Yacht Club, Gold Cup, Long Island Sound Harbours, Tams & King, pumps, Santa Barbara Regatta Fluing Cloud, Mary Margaret, Svaap, Colmena
Nov:1929XLVFlorida, City Island, Samona cruising southern Caribbean, Rhodes 60ft. Crusier, S&S 27' Kalima, Bowes 3 masted schooner, Hand motor crusier, Alden schooner, Hanna - CentaurAtlantic( 3 masted schooner), Hi-esmaro clipper diesel yacht,Colemena, Parquita, Queen Tyi, Pleiades, Amos Judd
Dec:1929XLVSea-Lyons, club offiers badges-bands-flags, designs:A.C.F. crusier, Phantom III, Alden schooner, Paine's Gypsy, McBride ketch, Rhodes houseboat, Tams and King motoryacht, Paine Qclass Cara Mia, Ontario news yachting.Aloha, S.S. Mexico, Solana, Migrant, Tusitala(Inveruglas, Shopie), Betty, Svapp
Jan:1930XLVIMotor boat show, A.C.F. Cruisers, Dee White Models, ice boating, arctic, esquimaux, binnaclesNew York 40, Olive K., Mariann, Northland
Mar:1930XLVILake Champlain cruise, twin-screw 64, Alden Schooner, square sailMigrant, Janidore, Nakhoda
May:1930XLVIMiami regatta , Chris Craft, Havana regatta, diesel tugAmerica, Robinson Seagull, Lorawa, Mona Marie, Svaap, Lotowana, Corthell
Jun:1930XLVIAlden Schooner, Rhodes DesignSeymour, Mesoma, Svaap
Jul:1930XLVItabloid schooner, cup racesNakhoda, Corsair, America, Columbia, Magic, Madeline, Svaap
Aug:1930XLVIhouseboating, poughkeepsie, New London Races, Riverside Yacht Club, Bermuda raceSunshine III, Paragon, Dolphin, Virginia, Black Douglas
Sep:1930XLVINew Rochelle Yacht Club, propellorsWeetamoe, Koranette, Virginia, Enchantress, Sylvia, Lamora, Enterprise, Dolphin, Shamrock V
Nov:1930XLVIGiant Ray, East Coast CanalSea Gull, dreadnaught, Nahlin, Mystery, Dreamer,
Dec:1930XLVIDudhope mutiny, yacht interiors, iceyachtAcania, Sheila, Peanut, Audrey II, Skal
Jan:1931XLVII / 1 hulls, America'a CupNormada, Freba, Jolie Brise, Queen Mab, Momej, Cygnus, Marbo, Abraham Rydberg, Carol
Feb:193147 / 2 Motor boat show, West Coast of MexicoThalia, Deliah, Wasco, Charles F. Morgan, Constellation, Dawn, Bonita
Apr:1931XLVII / 4Colorado rapids, Miami regattaOnika, Marlin, Lotosland, Svaap, Cockybird, Maitenes II
May:1931XLVII / 5America's foreign boat trade, Lipton trophy, New Welland Canal, Transatlantic entry, coralElco, Overton, Marchioness, Cora S., Miramar, All Alone,
Jul:1931XLVII / 7Transatlantic race, YukatanSazarac, Dorade, stella Polaris, Dorubob II, Snipe
Nov:1931XLVII / 11Florida's canals, Sir Thomas Lipton, tarpon, sharkNew York 40, Sea King, Cambriona, Lismore, Lady Isabel, Trudione, Mary-Mac, Terrapin, Narwhal, Alamo,
Jun:1932XLVIII / 6Seawanhaka, Albany, Argonaut, houseboats, Long IslandTusitala, Grampus, Mouette, Comet, Nahlin
Nov:1932XLVIII / 11Star Class Boats, The Southward Route, The St. Petersburg Yacht Club, Star Class InternationalsDanora, The Rex, Sayonara
Dec:1932XLIV /12How to Build a 12 Sq. meter Sharpie, Small boats on Long Island Sound, What the Naval Architect does, How to Plank a Boat, models, kite boat22 Sq. Cabin Class
Jan:1933XLIX / 1S&S, course correctionGimcrack, U.S.S. Saginaw, Globe Trotter, Conte di Savoia, Alrema, Wasp, Scout IV, Land Crab, Albatross, Renba, Bessie
Feb:1933XLIX / 2Motor boat show, submarine, Canda's Cup race, small oil engineExplorer, Quest, Valero, Skipper, Cutty Sark
Mar:1933XLIX / 3New York Forties, Hamburg Harbour, Scandinavian Circuit, Lake ChamplainShip Rainbow, Snipe Jr. models, Santa Rosa
Apr:1933XLIX / 4Palm Beach Regatta, cruise to Maine, model of NY model engineering Soc., lady cook on WandererGitana, Sonia II, Telsie II , Rexanne Ahto
Jun:1933XLIX/6Havana Race, Albany-New York Race, Snipes, Btitannia, Gitana,
Jul:193349/7swordfishing, radio, Alden, Houseyacht Tamerlane, Victoria Mary
Aug:1933XLIX / 8High Tide Wins the Gibson Island, How to Build a PenguinHigh Tide, model of Victory, Savannah
Sep:193349/9larchmont race week, block island, detroit power boat racing, gar wood, Miss america X, miss britain III, Flutterby, Grey Gull
Oct:1933XLIX / 10Harmsworth trophy, Moth Class, Great Lakes Schooner, Friendship, Olin Stephens winning 12 meters racing.Jubilee, Musketeer
Dec:1933XLIX / 12Trent Waterway, Norfolk, build iceboat,Chance, Atlantic
Jan:193450/1motor boat seamanship, power chamionship, Mistral, Atlantan, Panchara IV, Sea Wings
Feb:193450 / 2Elco, makaroff, Kermath Sea-Raider, Motor boat showOlivebank, Cimba, Endeavour
Mar:193450 / 3Lady skipper at helm, diesel power in yachts, Leboutillier's new boat, yacht racing clasesSea Wings, Pilgrim, Dog Star
Apr:193450/4international power boats Florida, Vema, Falcon I, Hussar, Acadia, Cyva
May:193450/5st pete havana, malabar story, saga of cimba, navigation, ensign, haligonian, Shomokin, Nodin, Bluebill
Jun:193450/6malabar story, Albany race, chronometer rainbow, endeavour, Starfire, Cimba, Ensign,
Jul:193450 / 7RORC, Malabars, Log of medusa, bermuda races past and presentStormy Weather, Edlu, Dorade, photo,
Aug:193450/8Bermuda race, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Honolulu race, Larchmont Race WeekShadow fay, Hussar, Rainbow, Nimrif, Va Bene, Cimba, Falcon, Malabar XI, Vamarie, Haligonian
Sep:193450/9Ocean race to Honolulu, Marblehead race week, New York Yacht Club Cruise, Baltimore regatta, Gold Cup, Olin J. Stephens IIYankee, Oriole, El Lagarto, Grey Gull, Gee Jay, Hispaniola, Cimba
Oct:193450/10America's Cup, President's Cup, Manhasset Bay Race Week, T.O.M. Sopwith, Hydroplane, Santa Monica regatta, canoeRainbow, El Lagarto, Endeavour, Yankee, Vita, Florence, Mallard, Powell Runabout, Dallas, Indian
Nov:193450/11Gerard B. Lambert, kayakLawhill, Splash, Intrepid, Hi-Esmaro, Altair, Skipit, Yankee, Endeavour, Seagull, Tamora
Dec:193450/12Nova Scotia barquentine, America's Cup, Bill McGonogle's engine, A.P.B.A. annual meetingGlenmore, Challenge, Jubilee, Rubaiyat, Tillamook, Manana, Manana II, Cimba
Jan:193551/1large American diesel yachts, Fairform Flyer, scootering, marine motors, hydroplaneAvalanche, Idalia, Cimba, Zephyr 225
Feb:193551/2Charles E. Nicholson, motor yachts, A.C.F., Fairform Flyers, fuel oil burner, Cap Cod Shipbuilding CorporationCimba, Hazard, Murray, tregurtha
Mar:193551/3fiiting-out, Coronado Yacht Club, Samuel S. Crocker, Sparkman & StephensElco 48-footer, Patsy, Almera, Minnow
Apr:193551/4Santa Monica Harbour, bronze bottom paintNarcissus, Moorease, La Dahama
May:193551/5boat building lumber, Thomas W. Ratsey, Lake DistrictEcho bay, Valkyriw, Mistral
Jun:193551/6W.P. Stephens, marine engine fuels, wishbone, Sparkman & Stephens, Fred Jacoby, Albany marathonYankee, Pendragon, Vamarie, Skookum, Cheerio, Arcturus, Brilliant, Mary Alice, Bounty, Wilmaru, Talty, Truth, Ranger, Tern,
Jul:193551/7swordfishing, upholstery, buoy system, Roderick StephensNormandie, Kidneybean, Socker , Sea Bird, Consort Jr., Miriam, Kiboko, Fab, Buckaroo, Coaster III, Cero, Stromy Weather
Aug:193551/8Transatlantic race, Larchmont race week, wishbone rig, radiophoneArethusa, Bonnie Dundee, Stormy Weather, Yankee, Ranger, Cheerio Too, Blue Heron, Barnswalloa, Mandoo, Danell, Anita
Sep:193551/9Larchmont race week, S&S, Olin Stephens II, Gold Cup, celestial navigation, propeller, George cup, Mystic River DinkHussar, L'Avenir, Meteor, Paisano, Mauretania, Saga, El Lagarto, Playmate, Ednandy, Catalina Fleet, Maja, Cimba
Oct:193551/10NYYC Cruise, large yachts, Red Bank power racing, Indian Key florida, boat buying, Drake Sparkman, hydroplanes, driftwood removerSuomen Joutsen, Dorade, Stormy Weather, Miss Canada, Pendragon, Binker
Nov:193551/11German warship, San Diego Yacht Club, Seawanhaka Cup, President's Cup, Sailing canoe, Alden, National outboard championships, S&S,.Herzogin Cecilie, Florence V, Challenge, Harwell, Galley Bird, Coaster III,
Dec:193551/12celestial navigation, ice boating, small boat trailer, S&SCimba, Antares, Cutty Sar, Santa Monica, Nordlys, Bonnie Dundee, Winsome Too, Buckaroo, Vavite II
Jan:193652/1Key west, S&SEscape, Lanai, Zelbi jan, Pan-American Clipper, Sonny, model of Bounty and Queen Mary, Grenadier, Porgy
Feb:193652/2Motor boat show, Margaret, Modray II, Golden Hind, Dog Star, Southern Cross
Mar:193652/3Tasman Sea, Rod Stephens, square knot, James R. Thomson, Yachting clothes, RappahannockLanai, H.M.S. Sussex, Stormy Weather, Morewa
Apr:193652/4S&S, Sonny, cutter, H.M.S. Rowena, Waterwitch, Rumba, Amorita
May:193652/5Influence of Ocean Racing on Yacht Design, The Glorious(?) Days of Sail, Building the New York Yacht Club 32-FootersCimba, Semloh, Queen Mary, Pike,
Jun:193652/6S&S, game fishing, moth racing, varnishing, fresh water cooling system, figureheads, canoe design contest, Walbri, Pike
Jul:193652/7Three Ocean Racers, Twenty-Seven Sails in Twenty-Six Minutes, S&SKatrina, Diana, Kirawan, Stormy Weather, Nippon Maru, Herzogin Cecilie, Queen Mary
Aug:193652/8Kirawan Wins Bermuda Race, S&S, Canada's waterways, ocean race to Honolulu off Santa MonicaSavarona, Minett, Stormy Weather, Kirawan, Consort IV, Zeearend, Brilliant, Diana, Santana, Dorade, Paisano, Bagheera
Sep:193652/9S&S, Gold Cup, Mackinac Race, Libra II, Dorothy Q, Destiny, Blue Peter, Grebe Cruiser, Impshi, Baccarat, Sea Cloud
Oct:193652/10N.Y.Y.C. cruise, celestial navigationDorade, Alice, Mercury, Vamoose, Sea Nymph, Grampus, Nina
Nov:193652/11S&S, President's cup, deck beams, Clinton Ferguson, ice boatingRainey, Aphrodite, Yin Yang, Elco, Ma-Ja II, Diana
Dec:193652/12Vancouver Island, S&SConsecon, Sea Foam V, Dacena, Bonito, Chris-Craft, Streamline Dream
Jan:193753/1National Motor Boat Show, S&S, Dunphy Boat Corporation, Tiffany Motor SailorWinsome Too, Silverheels, Gay Head
Feb:193753/2chartering, Nova Scotia, S&S, Herman WhitonOnza, Endeavour, Lady grace, Namsang, Panchara, Bounty, Indian Scout
Mar:193753/3America's Cup, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Florida canal, S&S, Mizpah, Endeavour II, Alamo, Silver King, Folderol, Ramona, Sea Horse, White Cloud
Apr:193753/4Nassau RaceStormy Weather, Judy XI
May:193753/5S&S, double-enders, transom sterns, Avanti, Sirocco, Pollack, Adriel, Babe
Jun:193753/6children afloat, Hudson River MarathonGibson Island, philante, Hope III, White Cloud, Elizabeth McCaw, Yankee, Endeavour
Jul:193753/7America's Cup, T.O.M. Sopwith, small boat masts, S&SPhoenix, Gleam, Avanti, Nanuk, C
Aug:193753/8America's Cup, Ken Davidson, Model Tests of Sailing Yachts, Drake Sparkman, S&S, photo fo Rod Stephens, Olin Stephens, Drake H. SparkmanManitou, Avanti, Karina, Endeavour II, Ranger
Sep:193753/9America's Cup, Larchmont race, the moon and weather, interiors, small steel boats, big S&S add, Ranger, Philante, Zaida, Carobina
Oct:193753/10N.Y.Y.C.Cruise, bay canoes, fire, S&SWee Joe II, Notre dame, Armade II, Alondra, Bluebird, Spookie, Joseph Conrad, Seven Seas
Nov:193753/11Adamless Eden, St.Lucie Canal, Federal law, President's cup, night racing, New Rochelle Yacht Club, hydroplane, 32's, United Brotherhood of the South Seas, Reinhart, cooperative commonwealth, cannibalismBig Bonanza, Pommern, Hurricane, Endeavou, Shady Lady, S&S full-page add photos, Sonny, Quissetta II
Dec:193753/12S&S, vee-bottom boats, plank shapes, documentation, hydroplanesPenrith, Yucca, Malahne, Vega, Baltica, Pound Boat
Jan:193854/1Tachometers, Chelsea clocks, Motor boat show, S&SVibration, Crusailer, Bremen, Pommern
Feb:193854/ 2The Mariner's Museum, Houseboat, Robert Vaughan, Sweden, Lippincott rule, fire protection rulesKobenhaven, Vagrant, Pendragon, Valencia, Noah's Ark, Arev
Mar:193854/3Nassau Race, Lloyd's Register of American YachtsStormy Weather, Sonny, Kirawan, Eldu
Apr:193854/4havana race, trade winds, S&Spetrel, stormy petrel, starlight, Circumstance, Sonny, Kingfisher
May:193854/5Scrod, gasoline engines, National Dinghy Championships, model hydroplanes, S&S, Nawaia, Azura, RoyonoIII, Damajo, Avanti, Crusailer, Nawaja, Azura, Little Sister,
Jun:193854/6rigging, S&S, Rod StephensFlorence C. Robinson, Lucky Star, Shrimp, Kirawa II, Eldu, Dorade, Avanti, Sea Bird
Jul:193854/7S&S, week-enders, Bermuda race, Lord Ailsa, yacht insurance, Historic American Merchant Marine Survey, Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff, Southwester, Southerly, Sea Bird, Bloodhound, Baruna, Nyala, Nieuw Amsterdam, Escapade, Eldu II, Santana, Avanti, Winslow
Aug:193854/8J.J. Taylor builder of B. wings, S&S, Ken DavidsonBlue Wings, Escapade, Santana, Marian Eleanor, Weldwood, Nansipat, model Ranger, Avanti
Sep:193854 / 9atlantic race summary, NYYC cruise, Ocean Racing news, wire rope, stopping up light sails, S&S, Transatlantic racenorthern light, avenir, Countess, Eldu II
Oct:193854/10Scandinavian Gold Cup, Ice Yacht, radio call signs by yacht, S&SMercury, Nancy Lloyd, Goose, Vagamundo, Alma F, Jacpau, Blitzen, Morning Star, Avenir
Nov:193854/11route to southern waters, ice yachting rules, class e design, radio call signs alphabetical, modern yacht rigging, S&S, week-enderspassat, tamaris, Wakiva, Far Cry, So-Fong, Snooky Belle, Seven Seas
Dec:193854/12tuna, yacht rigs, Thebaud, bluenose, Hurricane, Odyssey, Tamaris, So Fong
Jan:193955 / 1motor boat show, skipper Anna, lookouts, yacht clubs and harbours, airial photos, S&Srendezvous, Crusailer 52, Lightning Knockabout
Feb:193955 /2marconi spars, building, iceboating, marsala, fairform flyer, Nebula, Wakiva, lucia II
Mar:193955/3Stormy Weather wins Nassau,National One Design Class, The Stock Auxiliary, Sea Scenes, Pointers for Small Boat Sailors, S&S, week-ender, Ken DavidsonShemara, Sea Cloud, Stormy Weather, Avanti
Apr:193955 / 4aluminum mast head, henry nevins, blitzen wins to havana, Dismal Swamp canal, Rod Stephens p.29polly, Panair IV-A, Prelude
May:193955/5Square Riggers, Snaps from a Seagoing Sunshooter, Taking Lines from a Model, S&SOrion,Jarramas, Najalden, Goose 2, Sea Nymph
Jun:193955/6Electrolysis, water skiing, S&SPolly, Eldu II, Our Lizzie, Prelude, Escapade, Yucca, Vim
Jul:1939LV / 7Trent Valley waterway, plywood kayak, S&S, Peterborough lift lockBegoda, Dorade,Bunky, Crawfish, Eskimo, Clemencia, Florence C. Robinson
Aug:193955 / 8new zealand racers, gasoline or diesel, S&Simelda, florence c robinson, Trouper, Chubasco, Orient, Cirrus, Florence C. Robinson, Lightning Knockabout
Sep:193955 / 9 honolulu race, larchmont, ship's wheel, S&Sblitzen, yankee, Chubasco, Pelican
Oct:193955/10Stormy Weather second is Gibson's Island cedar Pt. Race.The Gold Cup, Western Yachtsmen, Snipe Class Internationals, Cub Class One Designs, S&SMalabar XII, Betty Boo, Vim, Tioga
Nov:193955 / 11florida yacht harbours, president's cup, S&Smiss canada, driftwood, Rudder 20 footer, Raceabout, Falcon II, Perroquet
Dec:193955 / 12early photos square rig, frostbiting, ocean racing, S&S, Joshua Slocum, circumnavigatorsdel-dee, Sea Cloud, Vesta, Coquina, Voyager, Nyala, Spray, Morning Star, Teaser, Fantome II
Jan:194056 / 1rosenfeld, deep seamanship, boat show, S&S, patrol boat, Morris Rosenfeld, nice photos, tarpon, stormy weather (rosenfeld), Nina
Feb:194056 / 2snipes, boom crotches, gallows frames, S&Ssea cloud, ghurka, innisfail, Gaviota, Raceabouts
Mar:194056 / 3bosun's chair, long island sound, joseph conrad, luther little,
Apr:194056 / 4cube, miami, river sailing, S&S, Joshua Slocumseapine, cayom, condor, ada, Spray
May:194056/5radio phones, cuba, elso diesel, modelshummel hummel, Meteor, Aldebaran
Jun:194056 / 6teredo, S&Sbobkat III, caribee, Fleet-O-Wing
Jul:194056 / 7hydro, shaft alignement, bermuda, nordlys, Padisa, Hummel Hummel, Aquila
Aug:194056/8mosquito fleet, block island, S&S, Nevins' yard, Marjorie Young, Frank Pembroke HuckinsAbraham Rydberg, Hummel Hummel, Cheerio tree
Sep:194056 / 9tramp trading, tide currents, Gaspe, S&S, Lake Ontario Lays, European WarRed Head, Spray, Venture, Perroquet, Nyala, Rattlesnake, Onaire III, AdaII
Oct:194056/10S&SCardita, Sea Cloud, Red Head, Mariann, Bonnie Dundee, Westerly
Nov:194056/11President's cup, Handicapping racing yachtsNotre Dame, Hal-Win III, Bonnie Dundee, Ptarmigan
Dec:194056/12S&STessie, Nordleys, Gleg, Nemudo, Countess
Jan:194157/1Down-Easter on the Yankee, Five Thousand Miles for a Boat, Curious Records of the Sea,Stormy St. Petersburg Race, list of staandard boats built by makersThe Yankee, Vim
Apr:194157 / 4around the horn in hummel-hummel, US sail boat classes, malihini, y-flyer,
May:194157/5moonsail, figureheads, friendship ketch, Y- flyer,USS Chicago, Hummel Hummel, Yankee, Drifter, entre Nous,
Jun:194157 / 6cruising on yankee, mexico, scale drawings, jinia III, Janirve, winslow,
Jul:194157/7Rascal - Star Boat of the Year, How to Build a Sandpiper, A Down-Easter on the Yankee pt VIIThe Yankee, Rascal, Avanti, cottonblossom III`
Aug:194157 / 8Los Angeles-Honolulu Race, James Craig trophy Race, S&S, Chris-CraftPajara, Stella Marris II, Magic Carpet, Mistral, Pagan, Revenoc, Blitzen, Sea wolf, Avanti, Cheerio Tree, Amethyst
Sep:194157/9honolulu, larchmont, Southern California Championship Regatta, Matthews 34 foot sedan, "Stormy Weather" non-sticky, rubberised suits for yachtsmenNina, Avanti, Edlu II, Wasaka, Escapade, Altura III, Rascal
Oct:194157 / 10huck's motor torpedo boat, jib head rig, mosqito boats, Chris-Craft, International Star Class World's Championship, S&Sfire tug new york, blitzen, Mimosa II, Ruth, Wistaria II, Wakiva
Nov:194157/11inland waterway, S&SVagrant-SS design.Yankee, Gesture, Windward, Rascal
Dec:194157 / 12iceboats, Chris-Craft, sailing surfboardQuascilla, Kingfisher
Feb:194359/2H28, inland yacht club,sally, 5 masted schooner,
Mar:194359/3Mrs. Roosevelt christens Pine Tree bargeThomas W. lawson -seven masted schooner, barge Pine Tree
Apr:194359/4canoe, western boatspuffin, eph tutt,
May:194359/5seamanship, H28, letters of a sea lawyernellie brush, concordia,
Jun:194359/6fish, marblehead, ho214, chafe, lapping jibs, spinnakers, coriolanus barque, tamea V,
Jul:194359/7gadgets, nutty naval nomenclature, canoe safety, liberty schooner,
Aug:194359/8sparmaking, whitehall boat, enterprise, james e newsom,
Sep:194359/9skipperette, seamanship, plastics, alerion, foz do douro,
Oct:194359/10Mackinac race, quadrant, Paul E thurlow, cumberland queen, nellie brush, lafayette, normandie,
Nov:194359/11plastics and plywood for boatsAvocette III, Joann, Evelyn W.Hinkley
Dec:194359/12iceboat skiperettesVega, Roamer, Pacific Queen
Jan:194460/1small boats at war, coast guard corsair fleet, Stephens Brothers war craft, canoe, Dragon WagonConstellation, Sally Persis Noyes, Serva La bari
Feb:194460/2vessels of the pastJohn Ena, Zebedee E. Cliff, Lightning, Gooch, Nanki Poo, Freya
Mar:194460/3offsets of models, trade winds, S&SMigrant, Blackfish, Sally E. Ludlan, Black Magic, Vinalhaven II, Puritan
Apr:194460/4Cruise of Makai, celestial navigation, Saguenay and St. LawrenceIstalena, Malabar VII, Tioga, Herbert Fuller
May:194460/5S&SStrombus, Pleione, Bonnie Lassie, Perroquet
Jun:194460/6Grenadines, Henry Nevins' yardSchooner Mistral, Abraham Rydberg renamed Seven Seas
Jul:194460/7 Glory of the Seas, Adele, Seth Parker, Georgette, Minerva, H 14
Aug:194460/8icebergs, yacht design Herreshoff, Lipton cup seriesAlbatross, Star of shetland former Edwrd Sewall
Sep:194460/9hong kong, junk, mackinaw, courtney c houck
Oct:194460/10journey cakes, driscoll, tusitala
Nov:194460/11broken mast, laminated timber, hurricane, danmark, leona and marion,
Dec:194460/12Baby bluenose, Stephens Brothers "Post War" modelAngelus, Bretagne
Jan:194561/1Truscott, war record, chesapeake, manana, red jacket,
Feb:194561/2Boat Designers, Cape Breton, Olin Stephens, Rod StephensManana, Marco Polo, Island Belle
Mar:194566/3Cape Breton, cruise of Vagabond, american designersLaura Annie Barnes
Apr:194561/4Cape Breton, Bluenose, American designers,Olin Stephens awarded honorary degree by Steven's InstitutePuritan, Anna R. Heidritter former Cohasset
May:194561/5weather Long Island SoundNightwind I, George Scholfield, Gallant
Jun:194561/6ore boat, American Yacht designersHMS Bounty, Marco Polo H 55
Jul:194561 / 7cruising Chicago Michigan, Schooner Mystic owned by granfather of Drake SparkmanTheoline, Mystic
Aug:194561 / 8spar designMonongahela
Sep:194561/9A Mason Pootzie, fram dinghy, Prudence H 23, figureheadsH 28, Stanley M. Seaman, Bangalore Too,
Oct:194561/10Brazil Class_SS, S&SHouqua, Persephone, Gesture, George E. Klinck, Sloop
Nov:194561/11June bug -catboat, Gold CupPendleton Sisters
Dec:194561/12Huckins Huskie, rudders, Cruise of the Naiad-Sharpie,sundial and planetarium, Farallone clipper-S&S, aluminum canoesMalabar X111, The Alpha, Polly, Sea Maid, A.G. ropes
Jan:194662/1Cappy Robinson,Geiger sloops, Herreshoff on sails, 5 masted schooner, stock boats, Morse instrutment company, yacht supplies,Intrepid -30ft., Soliloquy, Junketeer, Marco Polo 55, Farrell, Malabar Jr., Dorothy Palmer
Feb:194662/2Cape Hatteras, fresh water schooners -great lakes, pen and ink sketches, Crocker design yawlHelvetia, Mobjack,Argilla, Red Hood,
Mar:194662/3Owens cutter, ply catboat, Nema, Wabun, Elliot Ritchie (Harriet Lane), H 28,
Apr:194662/4sternboards, carving, baby Bluenose, Fairmile converted -Malibu Marlin,Tradewinds, Lucy Evelyn, spray
May:194662/5Atlantis - Wood's Hole, Puget sound, Hartlepool pilot cobles, Havana Race, Elco fleet, Chicago boat showOlympic, Monsoon,
Jun:194662/6cover Sea Fox, Great South Bay -Long Island, Cuba,gasoline engines, subchaser Q class,Matha J, Nancy Lee, Ulidia, shona
Jul:194662/7S&SChristian, Reliance, Pomelion, Monsoon, My Sin, Tempo VI, Stanita
Aug:194662/8Stropped blocks, Matthews 38, Mystic seaport, fisherman's dory, America's lines,Volante, sandbaggers, Bermuda Race, S&S 
Sep:194662/9Stability, Whaleboat, C Hitchcock skipper to Hawai, inland waterway, S&SBlitzen,Hades, Outlook, Athene cock RobinII, Sea Bird, sondr boat, Doris, doris , gloriana, Polaris, Irolita, Flying Cloud, Irolita, Elena, Dorello, Adventuress, Avenger, Joyant, Gypsy, Resolute, Istalena, Pleione, Bonnie Lassie, Questra, Nor'easterV
Oct:194662/10West Coast Regatta, S&S, Captain Uno Ekblom, model, Labrador, Lombardo, Gold Cup, Roderick StephensEckero, Petrel, Mustang
Nov:194662/11S&S, ice yacht, historic models of old ironsidesAway, Freelance, Massachusetts, Quiet Tune
Dec:194662/12S&S, ice boatingCondor, Gothenburg City
Jan:194763/1Gold cup- Guy Lombardo, boat builders and suppliers, engines, chris craft, Truscott, S&S 
Feb:194763/2S&SChantey, Antares, Zingara, Marlin, Marco polo H 55, Baruna on cover
Mar:194763/3S&S, Nereia, N.G. Herreshoff
Apr:194763/4Miami-Nassau race, S&SEagle, Nereia, Stormy Weather, Away
May:194763/5S&S, Havana Race, W. Starling BurgessConstellation, Ciclon, Carol Ann, Nambay, Stormy Weather, Away
Jun:194763/6Ground TackleWindjammer II, Indian Landing 20, Seven Seas
Jul:194763/7S&S, Albany Marathon, Mary-Pauline Mac AdamNereia, Vendaval
Aug:194763/8Newport Annapolis race, Steel Sylph, Alar, Eagle
Sep:194763/9International Gold Cup Regatta, Stephens Bros California, Bay of Quinte cruising Prince Edward CountyMiss Peps V
Oct:194763/10S&S, registration numbers, Red Bank's National Sweepstakes, Siver Cup, Guy Lombardo Miss Great Lakes S&S Wind Call on front cover, Terra Nova, Haida
Nov:194763/11President's Cup, Harwood Trophy, Van Blerk, International Lightning regatta, S&SLille Dansker, Aquarius, Nereia, Egret, Eroica
Dec:194763/12single handed, S&S, compass, Bernard Gilfoy, ArcticSo Fong, Blue Heron, Pacific, Mary Fortune
Jan:194864/1ship's models, 1948 boat show, S&S, Victorian Ladies Yacht ClubSea Cloud, Great Harry, Marylyn, Spica, Solent
Feb:194864/2S&S, West Coast Intercollegiates, Scandinavian boatsTriton, Chanticleer, Sotavento, Robesan IV
Mar:194864/3S&S, Tokyo Bay fishing skiff, names of yachtsMustang on front cover, Alice Wentworth, Defoe, A.F. Warren, Yakima
Apr:194864/4King's Cup, squaresailsVigilant, Stardust, Story II, Caribita
May:194864/5S&S, running Turk's head, St-Petersburg-Havana Race, West Coast boats, Captain Charley Barr, export number, gasoline enginesSanta Maria, Windjammer, Stormy weather, Blue Heron, Santana, Loch Lomond, Minerva, Navahoe, Clara
Jun:194864/638' Inland scow, Charley Barr, sailing vessels of Brittany, Guy Lombardo, Captain Charley Barr, astro-compass, sailing vessels of Brittany, Old Ship, New England churches, Governor's cupManuahi, Sabrina, Mokuola, Avenger, Atlantic, Reliance, osprey
Jul:194864/7S&S, Hudson River Marathon, Felix Reisenberg, Vikings, Keith Nash, CanadaBosun Bird, Llanoria, Ostkust, Exen, Rosalie Metis
Aug:194864/8Bermuda race, S&S, Roderick Stephens, Crocker,,Baruna, Triton, Newport, Prudence, Meadow Lark
Sep:194864/9Red Bank regatta, S&S, Gold Cup,Miss Canada III, Picton Larchmont Race Week, Lightning Atlantic Coast Championship, Perce, Escuminac, Table SailerHurricane III, Loretta II, Monsson
Oct:194864/10S&S, Harwood trophy, Marine Art, German sailing vessels of the 1920's and 30's, Inland Lake Yachting Association Ragatta, N.Y.Y.C. cruise, Lunenburg Infanta, Marco Polo, Stella II, Ronaele
Nov:194864/11Lightning Class International Championship Regatta, model makingHilaria, Sea Skipper, Nereia, Skookum III
Dec:194864/12S&S, Bute Inlet, women pirates, Ann Bonny, Mary Read, Lucy BrewerMeadow Lark, Alotola, Constitution, Old Ironsides, J.T. Wing
Jan:194965/1California Viking class, sail in the Caribbean, N.G. HerreshoffBlackfish, Tautog, Windrift
Feb:194965/2ice yachting, art, sailfish, transition from sail to steam, N.G. HerreshoffEscapade, Nebula, Chick,
Mar:194965/3N.G. Herreshoff designs, mariner girl scouts, Fort Lauderdale to cat Cay Ocean RaceBlackfish, Tautog, Windrift, Katuna
Apr:194965/4S&S, Miami-Nassau Race, Henry the Navigator Prince, Lipton Cup Race, HerreshoffCiclon
May:194965/5export number, Gar Wood, S&S, St.Petersburg-Havana Race, ocean swells, Bill Weld, HerreshoffSomers, Fleetwood, Avilion, Bellatrix, Starlight, Blitzen, Ciclon, Morning Star, Pagan
Jun:194965/6City Island, Chesapeake, Richard S. Danforth, Henry B. Nevins Yacht Yard, St.Elmo's Lights, rubber boat crosses Atlantic, HerreshoffKarin, Nonparail, Sailski
Jul:194965/7S&S, offshore radio beams, Hudson River, Potomac, HerreshoffZodiac, Sailski, Twanoh, Kathleen, Marileen, Margaret, Now Then
Aug:194965/8S&S, Gold Cup, Newport-Annapolis Race, HerreshoffBolero, Trade Winds, Coquina, Clara, Baruna, Gallant, My Sweetie
Sep:194965/9S&S, Honolulu Race, Transpacific race, sharks, Larchmont race week, HerreshoffEstelle III, Gallant, Kitten
Oct:194965/10Mrs. Charles Francis Adams Trophy, National Sweepstakes Regatta, Snipe World's Championship Regatta, N.Y.Y.C. cruise, Harwood Trophy, Guy Lombardo, George Sarant, HerreshoffMercury V, Windigo, Avenger, Lady Jane II,
Nov:194965/11air mass, Manhasset Bay race week, Knickerbocker race, HerreshoffHot Box, Plastigo, Shangri La II, Doris III, Water Witch
Dec:194965/12S&S, Bermuda Race, Salton Sea Regatta, Petticoat Sailing Association, HerreshoffAlva, Adonde, Black Jake, Gloriana, Intrepid, Maraa
Jan:195066/1Cruising Bahamas, boat show, HerreshoffCassiar, Eagle, Manatuck, Watermelon, Saraband, Mikaro, Endeavor I, MY Exact, Yankee, WEEtamoe, Watermelon, Vanitie, Pat
Feb:195066/2Canada's one design Y, bobby Somersett _Iolaire, Kinney, HerreshoffChanticleer,Santa Maria, Isolde, Japonica, Defender, corona Vigilant, Dacotah
Mar:195066/3Fort Lauderdale-Cat Cay Race, HerreshoffAlert, Ciclon, Malabar XIII, Onkahya
Apr:195066/4Miami-Nassau race, Chris-Craft, Palm Beach Ragatta, Sir Thomas Lipton Cup Race, HerreshoffPegaso, Conchy V, Delta, St.Lawrence skiff, Ticonderoga, Onkahya, Windigo, Blitzen, Escapade, Pavana
May:195066/5Chris-Craft, St.Petersburg-Havana Race, HerreshoffMaxman, Edmared, Windigo, Manatuck, Astrea, Lycon, Indra III
Jun:195066/6steam Yachts racing, HerreshoffMary Celeste, Cyclops, Spookie, Athene, Mineola, Columbia, constitution, Humma, Altair
Jul:195066/7Chesapeake, Albany-New York Marathon, HerreshoffGerda, Merry Maiden, Baby Ruth III
Aug:195066/8Bermuda race crews photos -20, Rod Stephens, Winnebagoland marathon, water skiing, HerreshoffArgyll, Rumak II, Bolero, Reliance, Hanahuli, Abenaki, Mistress, Nina, Mustang
Sep:195066/9Gold cup- Guy Lombardo, Larchmont race, Maclinac Race, Andrew Paterson, Bermuda Race personalities, HerreshoffEscapade, Caryki, Slo-Mo-Shun IV, Venturon, Lou Kay
Oct:195066/10Star World Championship, Harwood, Don McClave, George Sarant, Rick Keller, Guy Lombardo, HerreshoffScout II, Nova, Loon, Polaris, Etta, Branta, Can't Wait, Outlook, Doris, Gloriana
Nov:195066/11S&S, Chris-Craft, Sans Souci, Caribbean Crossing, HerreshoffFun, Piquant, Aloha, Astrea, Salador, Irolita, Sonya, Adventuress, Istalena, Hot Box
Dec:195066/12S&S, Lippincott, Las Perlas, Manta, Gold Cup, HerreshoffWallaby, Westward, Elena, Joyant, Vagrant, Flying Cloud
Jan:195167/1N.G. Herreshoff designs, boat show Vagabondia-Rhodes design, Alden design yawl built by Hinkley, Full Moon, Nina,Yankee sails, Lord Jim, Willit, Citation, Snow Goose, Bounding Home, Chinook, Latifa, Katoura, Resolute, Ticonderoga, Latifa, Katoura
Feb:195167/2Betty co-ed raceColine, Welin Flying Bridge Master Cruiser, Argyll, Baruna, Bolero, Manxman, Ticonderoga, Piquant, Bumble bee
Mar:195167/3Making plywood boat, weather by Eric Soane, Chris-Craft, HerreshoffWindigo, Blizten, Starlight, VixenIII, Avilion, Ungava, Pursuit, South Wind, Destiny, Santana, Swift, Lady Patty, Caribee, Mercury V, Wildfire, Ventura, Grayling, Thistle, Lucinda
Apr:195167/4Miami-Nassau crews, Rod Stephens, Lipton Cup Race, John Wells, Santana's crew, Humphrey Bogart, HerreshoffBolero, Tondare, Adia, Pompano, Katurna, burma, Mustang, Revonoc, Ocean Queen, Caribbee
May:195167/5Mary Kinney, Palm Beach RaceWater Nymph, Sea Chest, Polaris, Santa Maria, Yankee Boy, Lady Geraldine, Stephen Taber, Rambler, Mistress, Lady Patty, Marelen III
Jun:195167/6William H. Harriman, Dorrie LewisTiconderoga, Bounding Home, Wesley M. Ola, Balmy Days, Argosy, Outwit, Vistona
Jul:195167/7Cartagena, Winslow Wilson artist, Grounding of Valor,Westlake, Paranda, duende, Phantom II, Alcion, Intrepid
Aug:195167/8Newport Annapolis race, America 100 years, sailing GreeceAmerica -L Francis Herreshoff, Eleuthra- Alden, Ticonderoga, Mustang, Baruna, Windjammer II, Tearana (Vega), Sprindrift, Little Heron, Gerda, Maria Dan, Arion, Bolero
Sep:195167/9Slo-Mo-Shun wins Gold Cup, Mackinac Race, Sailing curacao, Chris-Craft, Noah's Ark, Ships in bottlesSlo-mo-shun, Marla, Catalina, Coaster, Revonoc, Jo-Leen,
Oct:195167/10Passage to Hawaii, Angle of Heel, Rochester Race, Nautical coins, figureheads, S&S, N.Y.Y.C. cruisePleione, Miaha, Penguin, Nahra, Kawamee, Escapade, Nina, Manxman, Caribee, Starlight,gypsy, Gesture, Bantu, NimrodV, Mistress, Bolero, Golden Hind, finn MacCumhaill
Nov:195167/11Cloud Capers, Bermuda Plymouth race, Teredo, Brazil, Bermuda dinghies, gold cup - Martinsville, Lake ChamplainAmerigo Vespucci, Seaqueste, Cohoe, Roya IV, Hell's Angel, Honey Bee Too, Tropic Bird
Dec:195167/12Race your boat, Galapogos. National one design, Florida and Maine, Block Island, Rod Stephens winning unusal seamanship contest, S&SThe wollybear, Steel Cruiser, Skipjack, California, Pavane, Simplissima, Nahra
Jan:195268/1Virgin Islands, Man-O-War, Boat show, S&S, Chris-CraftSeer, Vin-Van III, Lolgo, Gesture (inside), Alva, starlight, Minot's Light, Temptation, Vagabondi, Philbet III
Feb:195268/2Canoe cruising, Oolooloo, Lightship, Nyack Power SquadronLeyanne III, Souris, Golden Hind, Davy Jones, Little Vigilant, Alibubu,
Mar:195268/3Compleat cruiser, Woods Hole, S&SVersatile, Blue Heron, Valkyrie, Morning star, Selene,
Apr:195268/4Edward Turner -artist, Rob-Roy canoe,Sea Nymph, Caribbee, Hoot Mon, Prowler, Jeanne d'Arc,
May:195268/5Weather , wiring, Star class Vancouver, AnguillaKatuna, Yankee, Dove, Star, Audusta Verde, Istar,
Jun:195268/6Beach dolly, Bermuda racing - Warren BrownBagarre, Sea Lion, Windfall II
Jul:195268/7Haiti, sharpie, Fite Memorial MarathonEscapade, An-Ge, Romance, Sauntere, Santa Lucia, Cacopa, Sagamore,
Aug:195268/8Sailing on Annie Ruben, Bermuda Race, Rod Stephens and various crew pictures, S&SSea Lion, Blood Hound, Lutine, Mustang, Bolero, Tigress, White Mist, Royono, Carina, ciclon,
Sep:195268/9S&S, Mackinac Race, paper canoe, hydroplane, Royal GaboonSerenata, Nixjoy III, Africa, Fleetwood, Wataridori, Casco, Cardboard Doll, Double Eagle, Meadow Lark
Oct:195268/10Trip Hudson, Erie Canal, Gold Cup, Tugs racing in Hudson River,Jubilant, Charilanne, Escapade, Buxey, Rascal II, Scuttbutt
Nov:195268/11Lake Cayuga building Mardah, Captain Cook, President's Cup, Skate sailing,Porpoise, Rozinante, Tropic Bird
Dec:195268/12S&S, Claymore, Escort, Warroo, Sailski, Evasion, Jo-Carol-Too,
Jan:195369/1National motorboat show, S&S, Erie canal, BlackheadKillara, Nina, Warroo, Vagavbondia, Kayak, flying Spray, Squid, Matthews, Lymington
Feb:195369/2Princess Louisa Inlet, English and American YachtsBlack Pearl, Cyllene, Foto, Sea Lion, Vael, Zaida, Mary Jane
Mar:195369/3S&S, motor sailors, folkbot, Coconut Grove Sailing ClubMad Marlin, Saree, Kawanee, Bosun Bird, Naramatac, Lord Jim, Malabar XIII
Apr:195369/4Palm Beach Regatta, diving, Miami-NassauSquarehead II, Doris III, Caribbee, Flying Cloud, Bolero
May:195369/5S&S, Iron Clippers, Mrs. Shirley GwynnGreater Kudu, Capri, H 28, Doris III, Larry, Courageous, Caribbee, Djinn, Kawamee, Adventurer II, Janet Jean, Petrel
Jun:195369/6Old New York, transom carvingChick-A-D, Rainbow XI, Pioneer, Debby, Wung, Dirigo II
Jul:195369/7S&S, Rideau River, Transpacific RaceCaribee, Mary Adams III, Thalia, Polly II, Rapture, Bellatrix
Aug:195369/8Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Balsa modelEvelyn B II, Galway Blazer, Taali II, Lark, An-ge II
Sep:195369/9Chris-Craft, free diving, Colin L. Fox, Mackinac Race, S&S Hobby V, Aschanti, Dorothee, Mystere, Deben Pace, Fleetwood, Saleema, Cynthia, Vim
Oct:195369/10S&S, William F. Crosby, Nautical AstronomyShowan, Johnson Prowler, Slo-Mo-Shun IV, Blue Waters, Serenata, Barunita, Playtime, Groot Beer, Hobby V
Nov:195369/11S&S, Nautical Astronomy, Steam Box, North American Sailing Championship, Eugene H. Walet, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, hydrofoilsRowdy, Sea Bird, Maybe, Goose, Sea Diver
Dec:195369/12Canadian Dinghy Association, Toledo Rebel RegattaCorinthia III, New Horizon, Jose Gasparilla
Jan:195470/1Chris-Craft, boat ownership costs, canoes, motor boat showLaurelia, Sea Flash, Clara, Gator, Salmagal II, Constellation, Snowflake, Dolphin, Margaretta, Lorelei, Mystere, Lively Lady
Feb:195470/2Raymond Cruickshank, airboats, log canoe racing, Humphrey Bogart Trophey, George W. DavisBridges, Playtime, Adios, Jimax III, Windmill, Terrier, Enchanta
Mar:195470/3S&S, slaveships, Gladding family, Flying DutchmanWesterly, Dolores, Ferret, Saltessa, Gentle Julia
Apr:195470/4Miami boat Showcase, soap boxesTiconderoga, Morag, Escapade
May:195470/5St.Petersburg-Havana race, rowing, oceanic wind systems, modern chinese sampan yachtEscapade, Vixen, Valiant, Doris, Iolanthe, Beatrys, Fryska, Ho-Hum
Jun:195470/6Marine Museum of the Seamen's Church Institute of New York, models, double paddle canoe, Oceanic Wind SystemsWelcome, Seven Seas, Skeena, Sea Flash, Water Wagon, Vael
Jul:195470/7the gentle art of boat watching, girl scout mariners, canoe club design, main trysail rig, Canada's Cup ChallengeFreedom IV, Delphine, Diablesse
Aug:195470/8Chris-Craft, Bermuda RaceBar-L-Rick, Malay, Bolero, Fjord III, Trucha II, Circe, Bontina
Sep:195470/9Mystic Seaport, S&S, Mackinac Race, Larchmont Race week, college sailing, canvas workJoseph Conrad, KPO, Irene, Manitou
Oct:195470/10Chris-Craft, lighthouses, S boat, diving machine, tarantella, Pacific coast regatta, Louis NutaCarina, Jada, Puff, Queen II
Nov:195470/11SteamboatsFleetwood, Tioga, Flame, Molly U IV, Bantam Belle, Gpvernor Parr, canoe Boris model
Dec:195470/12Tahiti to Canada single handedMoonraker, Susabelle B, Alola Kiki, Makai, Wanderer, Lascar III, KPO, Fancy Pants
Jan:195571/1Boat Show, Hudson River, ship models, herreshoff semidory rowboat, Jean Lafitte, Gillette Smith, Chris-CraftFlying Cloud, Wapen von Hamburg, Majo, Makai, Tidal Wave, Aristide, Tiki, Hot ice, Vamarie
Feb:195571/2S&S, airboat, Hubert Richmond, Frostbite Dinghy RegattaInfanta, Little Fish, Hurricane IV
Mar:195571/3Miami Winter Regatta, Miami-Nassau Race, Canadian Y-flyers, British boat shows, MississippiHitty, Perpetua, Shelduck,
Apr:195571/4fibrous glass, Palm Beach Regatta, Transatlantic raceBagatelle, Prowler, May Helen, Joseph and Cecelia, Makai
May:195571/5Gota CanalAcadie, Rhonda III, Melora, Fidalga III,
Jun:195571/6Joshua Slocum, Webb Institute, Firefly Association of North AmericaMakai, Acadie, Miranda, Ned Buttler, Queenie, Ater II, Nelta IV, Yankee Girl, Jedediah
Jul:195571/7Stern wheeler, Tattoo, Island trading schooners, Joshua Slocum, circumnavigationSuwanee, Palawan, Snuffy, Benicia, Tamara, Togua
Aug:195571/8Annapolis Race, Alaska, sea waves, seven foot pram dinghy, S&S, celestial navigationKenilworth, Dolphin Bay, Andante, Windigo, Prelude, Samariten
Sep:195571/9Larchmont, S&S, Mackinac Race, Japan, Halifax RaceHurricane III, Wanderer, Harriet Lane, Carina, Kormoran, Circe, Ortac, Stavenger, Peter von Danzig, Fleetwood, Gypsy, Rangoon, Luxen, Little Bear, Fiesta, Guiding Star, Maja, Kazahaya, Trident, Malay
Oct:195571/10double paddle canoe, Gold CupCarina II, Millie Jean, Alabet, Nancy, Little Goose, Jereno, Wild Swan, Wdac II, Avanti
Nov:195571/11Newport-Marstrand, Herbert L. Stone, President's Cup, International canoe cupVedersein, Vim, Schlussel Von Bremen, Tempo VII
Dec:195571/12Newport-Marstrand Race, Neval, Balladier, Coradina, Stardust, Marco Polo,
Jan:195672/1Newport-Marstrand race, ground tackle, electronic aids to navigation, Sir Ernest Shackleton, South PoleMaraa, Fairwinds, Vaya,
Feb:195672/2Fowey Rocks light, Fort Schuyler, surfboard, trailboards, figureheadsVarua, Almardon, Rumac III, Newport, St. Mary's, Empire State, Alden
Mar:195672/3gas turbine, Australian wool trade, USPSAurora IV, Armata, Loch Vennacher
Apr:195672/4Lipton CupDanmark, Finisterre, Thistle no.1, Varua
May:195672/5Scott J. Matthews, widow's walkVirginia Reel, Wallaby, Kialoa, Virginia Reel, Serena
Jun:195672/6N.Y.Y.C. race, Rideau Canal, Fort Montgomery, Hudson river, Bermuda RaceDinnari, Marj-Anne, Chevy Clipper, Georgie Nay
Jul:195672/7S&S, hydrocycle, PapeeteGolliwog, Marlin
Aug:195672/8Bermuda race, Guy DaufresneScelp, Finisterre, Nina, Bolero, Carina, Figaro, Fortune, Venturer, Merry Maiden, Petrel
Sep:195672/9Mackinac race, Bermuda race, Transatlantic race, S&SLady Eve, Creole, Winifred, Friend
Oct:195672/10Cuba, Coral Harbour Yacht Club, Stephens motor YachtMeteor III, Privateer, Heloise, Makai
Nov:195672/11John Noble, Finland, Goofey, Cotuit Mosquito Yacht Club, Chris-CraftChurchill, Half-Moon, Sea Lion, Santa Maria, Westlake II, Target, Erika, Diddikai
Dec:195672/12Yankee Clipper cards, Caribee, S&S, Connequot Dinghy Club raceHarrier, Tolarida, Mai Tai, Adara, Seaflower, Tomadrus
Jan:195773/1Chris-Craft, National Motor Boat ShowConstellation, Katingo, Gaffer II, Spray replica, Tropic Bird, Viobi II, Seaflower, Caribee
Feb:195773/2Miami-Nassau power boat race, America's cupSeacoma, Goodwill, Ocean Queen, Doodles II
Mar:195773/3Rod Stephens, Jamestown festivalBolero, Deborah K, Mustang, Susan Constant, Fellicity Ann, Sirius, Spray, Walrus, Admiral Blake
Apr:195773/4Biscayne Bay Regatta, Miami-Nassau Race, Solveig Sloop, America's cup, Canadian Dinghy Association's regatta, Tomadrus, Criollo, Alisa V
May:195773/5steaming up the hudson, Transatlantic race Santa Maria, oceanus, Allegra, Albatros, Cecelia J, Caballo Marino
Jun:195773/6Commodore John Barry, Transatlantic, aluminum yawlHelen G II, Blue Moon, Black Prince, Alfred
Jul:195773/7S&S, Chris-Craft Corsair, America's cupBrisote, Mayflower II, shallop, Julie, Mustang
Aug:195773/8Annapolis- Newport race, amphibian plane, America's cupFinisterre, Aquarius, Carina Victory, Caper, Senta, Apache, Altair, Cecelia J
Sep:195773/9Mackinac Race, Transpacific Race, Andros Yacht Club Windbourne II, Slic Chic, Dyna, Novia Del Mar, Silver Fin, Senta, Carina
Oct:195773/10Transpacific, N.Y.Y.C.Cruise, Gold CupGeorgia Lee, Legend, Bonte, Firefly, Blixtar, Nina, Magic, Caper, Dolphin, Mistress, Barlovento
Nov:195773/11S&S, America's cup, Persident's Cup raceFiesta II, Columbia, Santa Lucia III, Sally Dee, Carinita, Delight, Minwasin, Nirvana, Boma, Madel IV, Pilot
Dec:195773/12Old Roche Harbor, Jean Gau, Jean LacombeWesterly, Bar-L-Rick
Jan:195874/1Sea manners, courtesy and etiquette, planking, S&S, Barbary Coast, Chris-CraftSea Bird, Mockingbird, Slalom-Mae
Feb:195874/2S&S, Acapulco race, America's cup, Radio Free EuropePimpernel, Talaria, Dolphin, Bar-L-Rick
Mar:195874/3Houseboats, SanDiego-Acapulco, Rosenfeld, Manatuck, Rima, Marinette, Pandora, Waltzing Matilda
Apr:195874/4supplement Introduction to Yachting, Chris-Craft, Miami-Nassau race, da Gama, Miami International Boat ShowHalf-O, Comanche, Roxana, Jose Gasparilla, Mogu, Sunbeam
May:195874/5S&S, International Optimist Pram Class Regatta, Introduction to yachting, Southern Ocean Racing Conference, America's CupCriollo, Intrepid, Highlander, Earl King, Tuscarora, Wanderer, Felicity, Seadrift, Queen Merrie
Jun:195874/6Supplement America's Cup, runabouts, S&S, Blue Heron, Gerda, North Star, Vim. Rainbow, Ranger, Endeavour II, Columbia, Spectre
Jul:195874/7Bermuda Race, America's Cup, Apple Cup hydro race, American Yacht Club, Chicago Mackinac race, Storm Trisail Race, Swiftsure raceLeila, Nourmahal, Alva, Seaward, Columbia, Windigo, Seal, Serena, Valentine, Maruffa, Diamond Head, Ono
Aug:195874/8America's Cup preliminary trials, hydro-foil runabout, Bermuda raceXCH-4, Panic, Fearless, Uomie, Good News, Legend, Touche II, Glory, Pisces, Blue Sky, Columbia, Ondine
Sep:195874/9America's Cup, Ship Models, George Richard Orr, Girl Scout Mariners, Alta Grant SamuelsCopro II, Vim, Colombia, Weatherly, Easterner, Pride and Joy, Scout, Vema
Oct:195874/10cats, Gold Cup, Jack Regas, Pearl Rush to HikueruLio Kay, Hike, Felix, Hawaii Kai III, Cambria
Nov:195874/11S&S, stamp collectingHurricane III, Sea Dawn, Finisterre, Whitecap, Vesta, Ambassadress, Guadalimar, Falcon
Mar:195975/3First transatlantic raceTejana
Nov:195975/11Tradewind passageAnn McKim
Jul:196076/7Melges, L. Francis Herrshoff yachting, guy Lombardo marina 
Aug:196076/8Bermuda race, Philip Rhodes, Cape cod Island boat,Cyane, Finesterre, Palawan, Dyna, Katama, Venturer
Sep:196076/9Capt Nat PalmerGalatea, Jigmil IV, Brigantine Yankee
Oct:196076/10Peter J Barrett, Race to Sweden, painting of Independence (Texas Navy), Corvette Claymore _ Victor Hugo 
Nov:196076/11Bequia, Alaska to Seattle outboard marathonCutty Sark -ketch
Dec:196076/12Guy Lombardo 
Jan:196177/1Capt. Reid brig General Armstrong 1812 
May:196177/5Rozinante - how to build,Thomas Fleming Day 
Jun:196177/6Block Island 1661-1961 
Sep:196177/9Block Island 1661-1961, Long Island Marathon 
Oct:196177/10Harmsworth - Picton 
Nov:196177/11Bob Hayward's death 
Dec:196177/12Mutiny on the Frank N. Thayer 
Jan:196278/1Barbara Moran -tugboat Annie, yachting etiquette 
Feb:196278/2Canadian fjords 
Jun:196278/6Bermuda Race, Chanty, Shanty,Hattie B,
Jul:196278/7american canoe,lighthouse sketches,America's cup, loran,miami nassau power racesdesigns_Guerke, Eldredge_Mcinnis
Aug:196278/8Bermuda race, block and tackle, W. Garden powercrusier 
Sep:196278/9America's Cup trials,design Utzan sloop, R.Carlson sport fisherman 
Oct:196278/10crusing Bahamas, docking, outboards,designs V. Harasty ,Kenneth smithGorth Fock
Nov:196278/11West Indies, figureheads, president's cup race, designs Maclear and Harris, D. Martin 
Dec:196278/12fiberglass boat buildiing, magnetic compass, crusing in the desert,designers J. Alden, Taylor Newell, W. Garden 
Jan:196379/1crusing catamaran, designer P. Rhodes 
Feb:196480/2Boat Show,  
Jul:197769/7Cat 39, Bertram 35, Beaver Island 
Aug:197769/8C&C 36, Uniflite 38, Detroit mini cruise 
Sep:197769/9Michigan harbours , Columbia K-9.6 
Sep:197769/9Santa Barbara cruise, Fidalgo, ULDB 
Oct:197769/10Newport Harbor, Mystery Bay, Outboards 1978 
Oct:197769/10North Channel, cumberland River, Pacemeaker 30, O'Day 23 
Nov:197769/11Lakes in Kansas. Santana 28, America's cup 
Dec:197769/12Level of Great lakes, Ericson 34T 
Jan:197870/1Caribbean chartering, Hatteras 37, San Juan 28 
Feb:197870/2Michigan crusing, Morgan 45, PennYan 26 
May:197870/5Great Lakes radio beacons, Grand Banks 42, Buccaneer 335 
Jun:197870/6Mackinac Race. North American 40 
Jul:197870/7Manitou, Scows, Grand Bateau 46, Choy LEE 38 
Aug:197870/8Marine museums of Midwest, Milwaukee, Sea Ray 300, Mariah 31 
Sep:197870/9Marine radio stations,Fairways 38 trawler, Seafarer Swiftsure 30, Traverse Bay, Isle Royale 
Oct:197870/10Crealock 37, Kelleys Island,silverton 34, sail lofts 
Nov:197870/11Thunderbird formula 26, Gulfstar 50, Hannibal on Mississippi 
Dec:197870/12Dufour 2800, Glastron V-266, Honduras cruising,Tortola 
Jan:197971/1viking 35, Ranger 22, Louisville river cruising 
Feb:197971/2Irwin 39, Stanas 26 French canals, Bahamas, Norfolk broads, Deluth Lake Huron 
Mar:197971/3Bertram 33, S2 11 Meter, Lake Huron 
Dec:197971/12Christmas story, Santa Cruz 50, 
Apr:198072/4Endeavour 37, Chris Craft 26 corinthian, Traverse Bay  
Dec:198035/12Thousand Islands, Trent Severn, Lake Ontario, Huron, Erie, Superior 
Jul:198338/7Mackinac races 
Feb:198476/2Olin Stephens 
Mar:198476/3Olin Stephens 

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