Some Titles referring to Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

See also: our fiction page for Hornblower, Ramage, Aubrey Maturin, etc, as the following list only contains non-fiction titles. Note also that books that have references to Nelson, HMS VICTORY, and the Napoleonic Wars - sometimes quite extensive - but are not solely dedicated to this subject matter, are not mentioned in this list (examples include our complete forty volume set of "The Naval Chronicles", 1799-1819, and Campbell's "Lives of the British Admirals" of which we have the first four volume edition, 1779, and the second eight volume edition, 1812-1817.)

See also: our HMS Victory and Nelson collection.

Title Author Publisher ISBN Pub. date Edition
Life of NelsonAllen, JosephGeorge Routledge 18521
General-at-Sea : Robert Blake and the seventeenth-century Revolution in Naval WarfareBaumber, MichaelJohn Murray0-7195-4706-719891
The Battle of TrafalgarBennett, GeoffreyNaval Institute Press0-87021-914-619771r
Nelson : the CommanderBennett, GeoffreyScribner's684-12886-119721
Lost Ships, Bound, MensunSimon Schuster0-684-85251-919981
Patriotic LadyBowen, marjorieDavid Bruce and Watson85127-050-619701
Nelson, the Essential heroBradford, ErnleHarcourt, Brace, Jovanovitch77-7311419771us
NelsonBryant, ArthurCollins0-00-192255-619701 2imp
Tears of VictoryBryant, ArthurCollins 19441
Nelson in the Caribbean : The hero emerges, 1784-1787Callo, JosephNaval Institute Press0-55750-206-420031
H.M.S. VictoryCommanding OfficerWaterlow Ltd.  1984
Nelson, the ManCorbett-Smith,Arthur (Major)Little, Brown 19321
The Battle of TrafalgarDavies, PaulPan Books0-330-02854-519721
Nelson's Favourite : HMS Agamemnon at war 1781-1809Deane, AnthonyCaxton Editions1-84067-430-x19962003
Nelson's PurseDowner, MartynCorgi Books0-552-15085-120042005
Napoleon's Lost FleetForeman, Laura and Phillips, Ellen BlueRoundtable Press1-56331-831-819991
Nelson against NapoleonGardiner, RobertCaxton1-840-67361-319971
Horatia NelsonGerin, WinifredClarendon Press, Oxford 19701
Trafalgar and the Spanish NavyHarbron, John D.Naval Institute Press0-87021-695-319881us
Emma, Lady HamiltonHardwick, MollieHolt Rinehart Winston03-081849-419701 2imp
The Nelson AlmanacHarris, David (ed)Conway Maritime Press0-85177-755-419981
The Age of NapoleonHerold, J. ChristopherHarper and Row63-1113219631
Nelson, a personal historyHibbert, ChristopherAddison-Wesley Publishing Co. 19941
Trafalgar: The Nelson TouchHowarth, DavidGalahad Books, New York0-88365-272-219691
Waterloo : day of battleHowarth, DavidAtheneum68-2766319691 2imp
Nelson : the Immortal MemoryHowarth, David and StephenConway Classics0-85177-720-119881
Every man will do his dutyKing, DeanHenry Holt and Company0-8050-4806-919971
Nelson : Britannia's God of WarLambert, AndrewFaber and Faber0-571-21222-020041
Nelson and the NileLavery, BrianCaxton Editions / Chatham1-84067-522519981
Nelson's Fleet at TrafalgarLavery, BrianNaval Institute Press1-59114-610-020041
Trafalgar - an eyewitness accountLegg, Stuart (ed)John Day Company67-1461319661
Nelson and Sea PowerLloyd, ChrisotpherEnglish Universities Press0-340-12413-x19731
Anatomy of Nelson's ShipsLongridge, C NepeanNaval Institute Press0-87021-077-719611974
Great battles of the British NavyLow, Lt Charles R.George Routledge and Sons 18721
Fiddlers and Whores: the candid memoirs of a surgeon in Nelson's fleetLowry, JamesChatham Publishing1-88176-268-220061
Feeding Nelson's Navy: The True Story of Food at Sea in the Georgian EraMacDonald, JanetChatham Publishing1-86176-288-720042006
Most Secret and Confidential : Intelligence In The Age Of NelsonMaffeo, Steven ENaval Institute Press1-55750-545-420001
Sea Life in Nelson's TimeMasefield, JohnConway Maritime Press0-85177-313-319051984 4th
Naval HeritageMathew,DavidCollins 19441
Heart of Oak : a sailor's life in Nelson's navyMcGuane, James PNorton0-393-04749-020021
Broadsides: the age of fighting sail 1775-1815Miller, NathanJohn Wiley and Sons, 0-471-18517-520001
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 1 1777-1794)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-048-518441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 2 1795 - 1797)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-049-318441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 3 Jan 1798 - Aug 1799)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-050-718441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 4 Sep 1799 - Dec 1801)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-051-518441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 5 jan 1802 - Apr 1804)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-052-318441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 6 May 1804 - July 1805)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-053-118441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 7Aug 1805 - Oct 1805)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-054-x18441997
Seize The Fire: Heroism, Duty, And The Battle Of TrafalgarNicolson, AdamHarper Collins0-06-075361-720051
Men of War: Life in Nelson's NavyO'Brian, PatrickW.W. Norton0-393-03858-019951us
NelsonOman, CarolaSphere Books 19471968
Life and Times of Horatio HornblowerParkinson, C. NorthcoteBarnes and Noble0-707-0944-019961970
Horatio NelsonPocock, TomAlfred Knopp0 394-57056-11988, 1st. US
The Terror Before Trafalgar : Nelson, Napoleon, and the Secret WarPocock, TomW.W. Norton & Company, New York0-393-05776-320022003 (first American edition)
The Young Nelson in the AmericasPocock, TomCollins0-00-216562-719801
Horatio NelsonPocock. TomKnopf0-394-5705619881us
Nelson and his WorldPocock. TomViking68-1644519681
Decision at TrafalgarPope, DudleyJ.B. Lippincott60-784819681
England ExpectsPope, DudleyWeidenfeld and Nicolson 19591
The Great Gamble, Nelson at CopenhagenPope, DudleySimon and Schuster671-21404-71972 
Life in Nelson's NavyPope, DudleyUnwin Hyman0-04-359008-X19811987
Hornblower's Navy, Life at Sea in the Age NelsonPope, SteveOrion0-75281-774-419981
Nelson and the HamiltonsRussell, JackCopp Clark 1969 
Trafalgar - count down to battle 1803-1805Schom, AlanMacmillin and Company Ltd.0-689-10255-919901US
The Life of NelsonSouthey, RobertGibbings and Co 18131911
Hearts of OakStables, Gordon MD, CMCahill & Co, Dublin 1893early reprint
The Trafalgar CompanionStillwell, Alexander (ed)Osprey1-84176-835-920051
The Quarterdeck LadderStyles, StonewellWilliam Kimber, London0-7183-0029-719821
Nelson : a dream of GlorySugden, JohnJonathen Cape0-224-06097-x20041
TrafalgarTerraine, JohnMason, Charter0-88405-387-319751 us 1976
With the Utmost possible despatch - poems of Nelson's NavyTurner, HarrySpellmount Ltd1-86227-175-520021
Nelson : love and fameVincent, EdgarYale University Oress 20031
NelsonWalder, DavidDial Press0-8037-6431-619781
The Nelson PortraitsWalkerRoyal Naval Museum0-9526377-5-819981
The Glorious First of JuneWarner, OliverMacmillan 19611 us
NelsonWarner, OliverFollett0-695-80541-x19751 us
Nelson's BattlesWarner, OliverB.T. Batsford Ltd 19651
A Portrait of Lord NelsonWarner, OliverReprint Society 19581959
Trafalgar Warner, OliverMacmillan Company, New York 19591
Hero of Trafalgar - The story of Lord NelsonWhipple, A.B.C.Random House 1955 
1797 : Nelson's year of destinyWhite, ColinRoyal Naval Museum0-7509-2699-619982001 1st pb
The Nelson EncyclopediaWhite, ColinStackpole Books0-8117-0013-520021us
Nelson : the new lettersWhite, Colin (ed)Boydell1-843-83130-920051
The Nelson CompanionWhite, Colin (ed)Bramley1-85833-765-819951997
NelsonWilkinson, ClennelLongmans, Green and Co, NY 19311
The Sea Warriors : Fighting Captains and Frigate Warfare in the Age of NelsonWoodman, RichardCarroll & Graf, Inc., New York0-7867-0855-720012001


The above represents part of our holdings on this subject - these books are all available for consultation - some of the older titles may be handled only by a Curator, or by a Member who has received approved training in the handling of archival material. Biographies, engravings, paintings, charts, etc are not listed.

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