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by Date, No., Articles, Yachts.

1998 - Jun  1   Sgoth of Lewis, US Coast Guard, Brixham trawlers, French dayboat, artist Napier Hemy, 
1999 - Apr  2   Thames barges, Cornish pilchards, Shanghaiing in Sanfrancisco, Eric Tabarly, Kuna Indians, 
1999 - Jul  3   Maine lobster fishery, modelling small craft, Irish famine ships, Washington report,  Josiah Shackford, 
1999 - Oct  4   Winslow Homer, building Scottish wooden trawlers, drontheim of Donegal, 
2000 - Jan  5   Joel White, Benjamin Mendlowitz, first lifeboat, Erik Ronnberg's models, praus of Indonesia, Henry Greathead, 
2000 - Apr  6   Big-class racing crews, lightkeepers of Canada, sails of Belize, art of scrimshaw, 
2000 - Jul  7   Decommissioning policy, CSS Alabama, Eddystone Light, Friendship sloop, Stan Hugill, chanteyman, 
2000 - Oct  8   Whitby's fishing fleet, Adirondack boats, Lt. M.F. Maury, open-boat whaling in Indonesia, Kaiser Wilhelm's racing yachts, 
2001 - Jan  9   Sandy Hook pilots, Dunkirk 1940-2000, the Ness yole, ocean-going steam tramp, an american in Brittany, Breton festivals, 
2001 - Apr  10  Tyne colliers, dghajsa of Malta, fishing fleet Hastings, Robert Cavalier de la Salle, voyage in the coal trade, 
2001 - Jun  11  Tuna fishing in the Azores, Roskilde port museum, british tugs, haven-finding art, 
2001 - Sep  12  American megayachts, Peter Anson, smacks of Essex, from Poseidon to Atlantis, traditional boat evolution, 
2001 - Dec  13  Hunting sharks off Ireland, goldrush ship, Hull's maritime history, rowing the Atlantic, what are replicas for?, 
2002 - Apr  14  submarine H.L. Hunley, American catboats, Samuel Walters-artist, Aland shipowners and fleets, classic sails, 
2002 - Jun  15  Alden, Herreshoff, Tancook whalers, weaving Viking sails, essay by Basil Greenhill, 
2002 - Sep  16  traditional Polynesian navigation, R.N.L.I., sailing Indians of the Great Lakes, Kaiser's Yachts, British lifeboats and life-savers, tumblehome, 
2002 - Dec  17  education under sail, traditional welsh boats, professional rowing in america, freedom of the ocean, 
2003 - Apr  18  New York 40s, Clyde shipping, Jerry Rose, Confederate States Navy, The ocean-going tug Abeille Flandre, gaff-rigged cruiser, 
2003 - Jun  19  modern Bristol pilots, salmon netting, faerings of Norway, artist Arthur Briscoe, search for Davy Jones, 
2003 - Sep  20  Maine trawler, Celtic boats, Columbia River Bar, Man of Aran, researching the past, the real Jack Tar, 
2003 - Dec  21  Herreshoff's Mariette, wrecks lake Champlain, Pitcarin Island, port of Peterhead, faerings of Norway, the vernacular zone, 
2004 - Mar  22  albatrosses, Captain Brown and yacht America, Max Oertz, dhows of Oman, institute of nautical archeology, artists: Fritz Hugh lane, Antonio Jacobsen,T. S. Robiins, experimental archaeology, 
2004 - Jun  23  classic whaling songs, Polynesian canoe, fishing on horseback, North Sea oil, Nova Scotian barque, rope and ropework, , individual satisfaction, 
2004 - Sep  24  bamboo sailing rafts in Vietnam, Scoresbys of Whitby - whaling,  Camden Crowninsheild knockabout, sailing Duyfken - Little Dove, crab fishing in Alaska, learning from an old boat, 
2004 - Dec  25  Newlyn, American photographers, salmon fishing Northumbria, viking sailing and manoeuvres, Chinchas and guano, Dutch masters, Erne Emil Christensen, 
2005 - Mar  26  Horatio Nelson's figureheads, classic whaling songs, build a Bekabune, barque Tovarisch, "which way the Cutty Sark"
2005 - Jun  27  Sailors Snug Harbor, Captain J. Dunn, fishing in India, Seattle wooden boats, Bremen Cog, replica ships, 
2005 - Sep  28  Pilot cutters, Tyne's shipping traffic, Chesapeake Bay skipjacks. Gotheborg, Orson Wells, full-rigged ships to multi-hulls, 
2005 - Dec  29  lumber trade in California, Matt Walsh westcoastman, Bantry gig, Guinness ships, finding Nelson statue Boston, 
2006 - Mar  30  Piscataqua gundalow, artist James Watt, stowboaters, cockling, John Gardner, Donald Mckay, pilot cutters in build, Thai fishing boats, new replica from Japan, 
2006 - Jun  31  Fishing with Cormorants in Japan, Nevins Yacht yard, Norwegian pilot boats, Mersey flats, Seattle's preservation force, fishing in Tunisia, poets in Oregon, 
2006 - Sep  32  Sea bass in Raz de Sein,Ticonderoga Lake Champlain, Delgado North West Passage Amundsen, models in bottles - Henri Rannou, Perama of the Aegean, 
2006 - Dec  33  Klondike - Bear, Royal Cork Yacht Club., letter Henri, american merchant service, Lochfyne skiff built on the Clyde. Early life rescuing devices, Minnesota marine art museum.
2007 - Mar  34  Hunting turtles with the Vezo, harpoons, Madagascar, Guide Me, luggers, Bluewater Bushmen, Sydney Harbour, Mr. Hardy Lee, His Yacht, Winslow Homer, Charles Ellery Stedman, Inland Seas Education Association