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The Mariner's Mirror is the Journal of the Society for Nautical Research. The Society was founded in 1910, and publishes "research into matters relating to seafaring and shipbuilding in all ages among all nations, into the language and customs of the sea, and into other subjects of nautical interest". Subject matter ranges from archaeology and ethnography to naval tactics and administration, merchant seafaring, shipbuilding and virtually anything that relates to humankind's relationship with the sea. Our collection is complete, in bound volumes up to 1980 (Volume Number 66) and loose, slipcased thereafter. We continue to subscribe to the print edition.

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Collection: Stormy Weather

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Society for Nautical Research
c/o The Hon. Secretary, Alistair Roach,
Windy Corner, Weston Town
Evercreech, Somerset BA4 6JG, UK

Martin Bellamy (Editor)
Glasgow Museums Resource Centre,
200 Woodhead Road,
Glasgow, G53 7NN,

We have many duplicates, including some bound volumes, and a few early ones for exchange. Please contact us for donations or exchanges.



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