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The County Magazine - Index (raw)

by date, vol./no., index, vessels.

Sept. 1976	1	great craft boom, farming,Oronhyatekha and the six-metre, Nicholas island, unusual houses	 
Winter 1976	2	the second issue, clayton shuffles (Aleda O'Connor), grain dryers, the county on ice-pictorial (Ian S. Robertson), the reynold's homestead, a houseful of history, hitchon's block house (Dave Burd), the old leaven's homestead (Dave Burd), crafts for the season - dough wreaths - appleheads, the general store and its peddling wagon (Lucy Shortt), the legend of aaron connor (Pearl Connor Howard), furniture refinishing (Lloyd George), christmas on the atlantic (Ray Young), dickens-a ghost of christmas past (Ian S. Robertson), poetry (Annie Jones, Nigel Webb), tales of the pony express (Ian Robertson), the county-an overview-pictorial (David Mercer), the chivari (Nigel Webb), one hundred shining candles, (Janet Lunn), the quebec situation, the bus ride (Hilary T. Brown), the christmas concert (Nigel Webb)      	Armond, Destroyer Repulse, Revenge, Dunkirk, Q-boats
Spring 1977	3	showtime, county in the springtime (Harold Rowlatt), the waring homestead (Steve Campbell), maple syrup - a drop in the bucket (Ian S. Robertson), off waupoos shores (Aleda O'Connor), canadian pine furniture (Laura Lea Ruttle), handcrafted pine furniture production (Dennis Ruttle), life in patchwork (Marion Campbell), quilting through the ages, a storm to remember January 26 - February 1 (Ian Robertson), poetry (John Asling, Annie Jones, John Harney), everything a boy could ask for (Dick Lunn), snowgolf, birdwatchers are such funny people (Terry Sprague), bruce dennis, morden transport - 47 years on the road (Steve Campbell), vertical axis windmills (Dave Burd), anyone for mothball jets, spring	 
Summer 1977	4	the fourth issue, burt biddle (Aldeda O'Connor), the arts and the past - archibald mcfaul (steve campbell), the rebuilding of the chantry, natural heat and fiberglass (Steve Campbell), the heat pump, caterpillars (Ian S. Robertson), memories of the apples - well preserved (Howard Dulmage), charolais' angel (Ian S. Robertson), studies of nature (Gail Williams), scuba diving (Steve Campbell), poetry (James Hurst), tourist guide, coffee - tea or weeds (Marion Campbell), artists of the county (Ed O'Connor, Gerry Putman, Donnah Cameron, Lise Anne Johnsen, Ray 'Croft' Woods), sophiasburgh and the roblins (A. Osborne), ashes to ashes, school days and teachers (Howard Dulmage), herbs	 
Fall 1977 	5	the fifth issue, a home within a home (Ian S. Robertson), genealogies (Steve Campbell), house logs, putting the puzzle together (Mary Hagerman), threshings grain with steam engines, artists of the county (Conrnelius Reyn, Faby Finlayson), the blacksmith of south bay (Howard Dulmage), autumn in prince edward county (Harold Rowlett), scott's mill (Karen E. Ralley), the restoration of scott's mill, a view of fall (Ian S. Robertson), poetry (Al Young, Rita Nelson),  iron kettles (Marion Campbell), letters of willett c. west (Willet C. West),	 
n/a	6		 
Spring 1978	7	the seventh issue, a lifetime on the lakes - captain t. h. lighthall (Aleda O'Connor), janet keogh and flying, the talcott home in bloomfield, ice cream on a saturday night (Marion Campbell), archealogical find on eastern tip of huff's island (Ian S. Robertson), a visit with ella norton, sailboats (Karen Bongard), pictures on the wall, from the county to coober pedy, the motor bus versus the horse, poetry (Ian S. Robertson), aritists of the county (Jan and Mary Russell), poetry (Marion Lovell, Alida Lierman), the roblins revisited (C. Loral R. Wanamaker),  	bulkarier, Grampan sailboat
Summer 1978	8	the eighth issue, judge of law - judge wilfrid s. lane (Ian S, Robertson), the role of the jury (Ian S. Robertson), Hillier united church of 1912-60 (Penny Stuart), Quakers and crafts (Jean R. Woodsworth), rebuilding the Lazier homestead, the charles hurst house, work horses (Bernice Hardy), telecare (Steve Campbell), bay bridge (C. Loral R. Wanamaker),  the paradise (R.H. Mofina), visitors guide, loyalist heritage (Allen Walters), port milford - ghosts of days gone by (Steve Campbell), hobby horses, bloomfield yesterday ( Steve Campbell), bloomfield today	 
Fall 1978	9	ninth issue, county in review, the air show (Ian S. Robertson), colonial house (Steve Campbell), the bay of quinte ferry, the green point ferry (Don MacDermaid), lily morton (Bernice Hardy), the case of the vanishing apples ( Steve Campbell), auctions (Marion Campbell), westlake (Marion Campbell), woodburning stoves and fireplaces (Steve Campbell), rose hall, the last soldier (R.H. Mofina), mission of grape island ( Rev. Richard Boehme) 	ferry
Winter 1978	10	the tenth issue, searching for the oast, hynesite, wellington seed house,the heritage rock and mineral shop (Bernice Hardy), the joseph allen mill (Carolyn Love), counterweight (Margery Bowerman), the scottish baker - david young (Marion Campbell), how to become popular without really trying (Terry Sprague), UFO's in the county skies (Steve Campbell), index, PERCA - areas made to us ( Bernice Hardy), christmas cards (Ian S. Robertson), christmas crafts, poetry (James Hurst), christmas in other countries, r.h. mofina biography, i remember you (R.H. Mofina), mission of grape island part 2,	 
Spring 1979	11	verandahs, Phil Dodds, dolls, conserver society, john hughes, lynn cole, barn raising, almanacs, rescue hudgin ostrander dulmage, skimobile, grape island 3/3, 	OLIVE BRANCH,
Summer 1979	12	the 12th issue, return to the bijou, harry evens (Ian S. Robertson), house on lake- on- the- mountian (Steve Campbell), the waring homestead (Steve Campbell), times past antiques shop (Steve Campbell), front-end hay bale loader (Steve Campbell), temperance (R.H. Mofina), visitors guide, end of the ice age (Marion Campbell), women in agriculture (Dorothy Leavitt, Betty Cronk, Eleanor Silver, Jean Burrows, Jan Nicholson, Marianne Rau, Donna Rae McFaul), carryingplace flea market (Marion Campbell), garage sales	 
Fall 1979	13	13th issue, county review-bijou, William Goodswan (Steve Campbell), wishing tree lodge (Steve Campbell), concrete home in bloomfield (Steve Campbell), the regent theatre (Ian S. Robertson),  hillier general store and post office (Vi Marvin), john diefenbaker's visit to prince edward county (Ian S. Robertson), searching for wild mushrooms (Aleda O'Connor), growing mushrooms on a large scale (Ian S. Robertson), mushroom recipes, one-room schools (Steve Campbell), teacher's memories of teaching in a one-room school house,	 
Winter 1979	14	the 14th issue, the price of progress (Steve Campbell), James Plomer (Ian S. Robertson), the first christmas craft show, tammy hall (Steve Campbell), sourdough - monster dough, tales of athol township, surveyors of cherry valley puzzled, Bell X-1's bombing disaster over lake ontario,the central ontario railway (Vi Marvin), naomi macdonald (Aleda O'Connor), needlepoint (Marion Campbell), Nathan (R.H. Mofina), the farmer's advocate and home magazine yearbook for 1878 (Bernie Hardy)    	freighter, destroyers
Spring 1980	15	the 15th issue, lloyd thompson (Ian Robertson), hadden-holme on ferguson street (Aleda O'Connor), the seven commandments of gardening (Marion Campbell), letters from mrs samuel pedley dodds (Phil Dodds), glenwood cemetary (Marion Campbell), tombstone catalogue (C. Loral and Mildred Wanamaker), school photograph in hillier 1913 (Vi Marvin), farm living (Bernice Hardy), home remedies, vietnamese refugees (Aleda O'Connor), the dang family in west lake, the lam family (Sheila VanSoelen), language barrier with vietnamese refugees, poetry (Peter John Way)	 
Summer 1980	16	the 16th issue, the murcott home (Steve Campbell), the globe hotel, students searching for summer jobs, the 24th of may (Vi Marvin), the pastry house (Al Gummo), sheep shearing (Ian S. Robertson), local entreprenuers (Aleda O'Connor), harrison fisheries (Aleda O'Connor), the joseph morden story (Gordon Crouse), poetry (Barbara Clare Owens), thoughts and desires (R.H. Mofina), poetry (David Shoots, Lori Preston, Peter John Way),	 
Fall 1980	17	the 17th issue, harry rose (Marion Campbell), the cronk homestead (Steve Campbell), architectural techniques, the drew home (Steve Campbell), ian hofford (Bernice Hardy), the glenora ferry (Larry Turner), the mulberry tree (Marion Campbell), antiques and wood (Dick Piller), patent medicine and bulk food (Vi Marvin),	 
Winter 1980	18	the 18th issue, alfred purdy (Alan R. Capon), the way house, the piller house (Steve Campbell), antiques and wood part two (Dick Piller), christmas crafts (Marlene Campbell), horses (Bernice Hardy), Pearl Putnam (Marion Campbell), pine sculptures (Steve Campbell), family tree tracing (Gordon Crouse), tremeer's treasures - dollhouses, the village smithy - mr crippen (Vi Marvin), nails	 
Spring 1981	19	the 19th issue, willard metcalfe's scrapbook (Ian S. Robertson), the walmsley house (Steve Campbell), decorative woodwork, antiques and wood part 3 (Dick Piller), the hardy house (Bernice Hardy), lake-on-the mountatin (Larry Turner), the jones raising budgies (Marion Campbell), royal nippon chinaware collection (Marion Campbell), marvin apiaries (Steve Campbell), hillier township hall (Vi Marvin),	 
Summer 1981	20	the 20th issue (Steve Campbell), macalay house heritage (Steve Campbell), georgian style homes, pioneer life on the bay of quinte (C. Loral R. Wanamaker), wooden ducks (Steve Campbell), the writings of maude benson (Steve Campbell), norris whitney (Bernice Hardy), memories of five athol women (Ethel Brooks), roundabout, prince edward arts council, the alexandra hotel (Marion Campbell), the scotch bonnet (Vi Marvin), travels of the fry family (Marion Campbell), picton's queen's plate (Ian Robertson)	 
Fall 1981	21	the 21st issue, harry bisdee (Ian S. Robertson), the maples (Steve Campbell), touring the backroads of picton on foot (Peter Hypher), fences in the county, the west lake navy (David Fry), the gala life (Ian Robertson), quinte treasures - metal detectors (Marion Campbell), hillier's churches, home remedies, ode to a green thumb (Marion Campbell), tom black's joke  	skiff, steamboat
Winter 1981	22	22nd issue, the leder house (Steve Campbell), weather record books (Bernice Hardy), the international stationery company (Ian Robertson), the struggles of the pioneer ruttan family (Maude Benson), apples for christmas, four nights to remember (Vi Marvin), the escape of the royal george (Maurice Smith),   picton's training airfield (Peter Hypher), ghosts of christmas past (L. Ethel Brooks), santa's craft shoppe (Marlene Campbell), gasket island gertie (David Fry),	Royal George, Simcoe,
Spring 1982	23	different spelling of massassaga, the elmer young house (Steve Campbell), the american non-influence, frank haight (Steve Campbell), prince edward county -a yachtmans paradise (Beatrice M. Corbett), cory harris (Bernice Hardy), the international stationary company (Ian S. Robertson), poetry (David Fry), deep quest 2 expeditions (Steve Campbell), Robert Rolston (L. Ethel Brooks), the perils of magazine hunting (Ian Robertson), bird hotel (William D. Hanthorn), carl gilbert (Steve Campbell),	 
Summer 1982	24	the 24th issue, w.d. pollard - willie wright (Steve Campbell), picton's railway station - the whistle stop (Steve Campbell), a.j. downing, the meeting house (Bernice Hardy), hans waltimeyer (Ian S. Robertson), roundabout, the bitter-sweet of west lake (Vi Marvin), artistic stained glass (steve campbell), tudor house dolls (Marion Campbell), ss no. 6 athol schoolhouse log book, the evener (Bernice Hardy), the regent theatre summer festival (Lindsey Forrester),	 
Fall 1982	25	the 25th issue, limestone houses in prince edward county (Steve Campbell), building from stone, lady rose anne (Marion Campbell), calico cats (Bernice Hardy), subito studio, pottery - crockery and paint (Marion Campbell), the china cabinet (Pat Dalzell), down on main street, w.r. browne and his travelling general store, the meteor shower of 1832 (Maude Benson), my very own gold mine (William Hanthorn), poetry (John Way),	 
Winter 1982	26	the 26th issue, the mallory house (Steve Campbell), the whistle shop, the prospectors christmas (Tom Hiscock), brian wyatt (Lindsey Forrester), church and school bells (L. Ethel Brooks), spinning yarn (Marion Campbell), cousin of the conger (David Fry), an old fashioned christmas (Bernice Hardy), the glowing madonna (R.H. Mofina), crafts for christmas (Marlene Campbell), ray  young (Ian S. Robertson), moose hunting (William Hanthorn), recipes (Laurie Blair), the first settlement of marysburgh in 1784 (C.L.R. Wanamaker), county magazine index, time in its flight	 
Spring 1983	27	the 27th issue, the haight stapleton home (Steve Campbell), scoharie road (Marion Cambell), recipes (Laurie Blair), the mackenzie rebellion - 1837 (Steve Campbell), bartlett the man behind the etchings ( Ian S. Robertson), bed and breakfast, plant a tree (Dick Piller), see here sheperd (David Fry), the pioneers of marysburg (C.L.R. Wanamaker), the demise of string (Marion Campbell),	 
Summer 1983	28	the 28th issue, lakeview gallery (Cor Reyn), the mcleod house (Steve Campbell), miniaturist (Ian Robertson), ice cream parlour (Steve Campbell), lake ontario fishing (Bernice Hardy), roundabout, recipes (Laurie Blair), rum running (C.W. Hunt), a roman holiday (Bill Hanthorn), martin's outlet park (Marion Campbell), in praise of aging (Aruna Saroea -Alexander),	 
Fall 1983	29	the 29th issue, return to bartlett (W. Allen Dempsey), the danford young house (Steve Campbell) oscar parks' garden, life and times in demorestville (Marion Campbell), procrastination (David Fry), recipes (Laurie Blair), the fair (Ian S. Robertson, Steve Campbell), two master carpenters (Peter V. Alexander), rum running (C.W. Hunt), search for trees (R.J. Piller), being invisible (Steve Campbell),	 
Winter 1983	30	tales of rum running, skiff cove (Steve Campbell), welcome wagon (Marion Campbell), forty county newspapers (L. Ethel Brooks), the battle of thermostat (David Fry), recipes (Laurie Blair), christmas craft (Marlene Campbell), bill mclean (Ian Robertson), can this be me (W. Hanthorn), a guide to loyalist clothing, signs of the times (Steve Campbell),	 
Spring 1984	31	the 31st issue, a day for sir john, the maddern house (Ian S. Robertson), tom cruikshank (Steve Campbell), mosquito  (David Fry), county wrecks revealed (Steve Campbell), tree time again (Dick Piller), recipes (Laurie Blair), marjorie rinearson (Marion Campbell), the finicky fish (W.D. Hanthorn), neighbours by choice (Bernice Hardy), acrostic puzzle, the legend of lake on the mountain (Helen M. Merrill), the golfer (Janet Edwards)	Annie Falconer, Fabiola
Summer 1984	32	the 32nd issue, operation bicentennial tree planting (Dick Piller), the county courthouse (Steve Campbell), the white chapel (Steve Campbell), jake de vries taxidermist (Ian S. Robertson), roundabout, the heirloom (David Fry), peter van alstine (Larry Turner), prince edward county day centre (Steve Campbell), tom mathews (Marion Campbell), recipes (Laurie Blair), dash marine ltd, new beginnings (Dorothy Ashton), horse watching (Bernice Hardy), a new cat in the house (A. Lamont), the loyalists ( June A. Moody), dear henne	 
Fall 1984	33	the 33rd issue, the roche house (Steve Campbell), harry holland's miniature ducks, the courtship (Dorothy Ashton), recipes (Laurie Blair), carolyn love (Ian Robertson), poetry (David Fry), peter van alstine part two (Larry Turner), the friendship cake (Janet Edwards), remembering the county (Mary Shannon), Wm. Clements, loyalist parkway (Ian S. Robertson), no news is great news (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1984	34	the macnaughton house (Steve Campbell), bill reddick - northport pottery (Steve Campbell), recipes (Laurie Blair), tales of the donkey (Marion Campbell), george maycock (Annie Charboneau), lakeshore lodge (Ian S. Robertson), christmas crafts (Annie Charboneau), the prince edward archives (Marion Campbell), a tree is forever (Dick Piller), my baby grand chevrolet (Bill Hanthorn), the infant road (George VanKan, CET), a tale of two tourists (Mary Shannon)	 
Spring 1985	35	the 33rd issue, the sandling house (Steve Campbell), recipes (Laurie Blair), the emlaws (Bernice Hardy), lily mcintosh (Ian S. Robertson), burning question (David Fry), concecon (Julia Rowe Sager), ice fishing (W.H. Blake), the days of ice harvesting (L. Ehtel Brookes and Stanley Rankin), tally-ho-ho-ho (David Fry), life in katimavik (Laura McQuade), did you see a mouse (Ian S. Robertson), dang free press (Len Colp),	 
Summer 1985	36	the abuse of mirrors today (David Fry), strawberry fields (Steve Campbell), double decker bus (Ian S. Robertson), the woodcrafters showcase (Steve Campbell), schooldays in concecon (Nancy Baldwin), roundabout, the story of william d. hanthorn (William D. Hanthorn), getting the bugs out (Marion Campbell), fiasco at cressy flats (C.W. Hunt), retirement (Bernice Hardy), waupoos island pheasent farm part one (Ian S. Robertson), me against the world (Steve Campbell),	 
Fall 1985	37	poetry (David Fry), the merrill inne (Steve Campbell), life in a miniveep (Wm. D. Hanthorn), the women's instituites in prince edward county (Marion Campbell), norah schneider (Marion Campbell), coping with m.s. (Andrea Ring), the house that rico built, tracking down the family babcock (George Inrig), everything you wanted to know about stress (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1985	38	 isaiah tubbs inn (Steve Campbell), phonographs (Ian S. Robertson), little learners nursery school (Steve Campbell), rum runners of south marysburg (C.W. Hunt), alternatives for family abuse (Steve Campbell), christmas baking (David Fry), christmas crafts (Marlene Campbell), the deer of christmas past (Bernice Hardy), thistledown (Marion Campbell), poetry (Tom Hiscock, Glenda Piller, G. Macrae), city mouse - country mouse (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1986	39	the mcadam house (Steve Campbell), the home with prestige (Steve Campbell), spring fever (Dick Piller), cinderella henderson (Dorothy Ashton), maple syrup at maple brae farms (Katherine Brough), the romantic fisherman - jim mcconnell (C.W. Hunt), painting and wallpaper (Robin Lunn), lela durant and the murphy house (Marion Campbell), stewart wilson the picton pioneer (Gordon Crouse), nothing as sure as death and taxes (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1986	40	10 long year (Steve Campbell), a round house (Dave Burd), the new pioneers (Dave Burd), recording for the visually impaired (David Fry), the fish lake garlic man (Steve Campbell), the story of salmon point (L. Ethel Brooks), trapping skunks (W.D. Hanthorn), trans-atlantic sailing expedition (Marion Campbell), the sandbanks - a pictoral history, inn on the bay (Ian Robertson), bed and board country style (Bernice Hardy), county magazine index, tales of rum running (C.W. Hunt), local architecture (Gilles Miramontes), the county declares its independence (Steve Campbell)   	sailboat
Fall 1986	41	the hinchcliffe's schoolhouse (Mark and Dianne Hinchcliffe), big brothers - big sisters (Steve Campbell), the quinte draft horse association (Bernice Hardy), early commerce in picton (Colin Carter), love (David Fry), sunflowers (Steve Campbell), evelyn's pantry (Marion Campbell), the tweedsmuir histories (L. Ethel Brooks), the life of samuel jones (Ralph Bruce Anderson), Squirker that cherry lovin' pig ( Bruce Hardy), nightmare on whole number 6 (William Hanthorn), horsepower (Frank Wilson), bird decoys (Steven Lloyd), pitchers (	 
Winter 1986	42	the gingko tree (Steve Campbell), charles fraleigh (Ian S. Robertson), hotel in quebec (Frank Wilson), ecole fleurs de lys pottery (Steve Campbell), rum running - war on the lake (C.W. Hunt), the window box (Marion Campbell), schizophrenia (Bernice Hardy), downtown picton (Donal Macintosh), born loser (W.D. Hanthorn), wings - sir thomas picton, glinding (Kelly S. Johnson), an old fashioned christmas (Edna Fitz Patrick Otto)	 
Spring 1987	43	gena branscombe tenney (Steve and Marion Campbell), kitmill homes (Steve Campbell), hicks heritage farm, jamie emlaw (Bernice Hardy), a model hobby (Kelly Johnson), iron tresures (Dick Piller), early commercial life on picton bay (Colin Carter),  birds of lowlundale farms (Kelly Johnson), bicycles (Frank Wilson), From the days of the R.A.F. , Nye Yachts (David Fry), genealogical puzzles (Freleigh Fitz Osborne), uncle henry tweed's bush (Edna Fitz Patrick Otto), 	Nye Yachts, steamer Alexandria, King Edward, steamer Geronia, steamer north king
Summer 1987	44	the cornelius white house (Steve Campbell), janet lunn (Ian S. Robertson), horse-back riding (W.D. Hanthorn), focal points of the county town (Gilles Miramontes), sprout growing (kelly johnson), pleasure and speed boats (Colin Carter),  ju jitsu (Steve Campbell), spring cleaning (Marion Campbell), trip to australia and new zealand (Marion Campbell), recollections of s.s. number 1 (Carl L. Bedal), junior achievements (Michael Stiff), the country store and tea room (Kelly Johnson), secrets of my success (Steve Campbell), 	speed boats, skipper - Sea Bird, schooner, Arrow, Yellow Red, Merry Window, Madge, outboard, cruiser
Fall 1987	45	the morkis house (Steve Campbell), ramah quartzite (Mima Kapches), patrick macdonald, century farms (Marion Campbell), sinbad and sam - a tale of two cats (A.G.W. Lamont), quadriplegic ian hofford (Bernice Hardy), a bicycle tour of the county (Michael and Allison Goldstein), portraying picton's past (Gordon Crouse), transformation of an anson bomber (W.D. Hanthorn), great-grandfather's clock and the brothers twiss (Freleigh Fitz Osborne), christmas in the village (Marion Campbell), poetry (David Fry), as they say in the county (Steve Campbell)	Freddy
Winter 1987	46	the millen house (Steve Campbell), harmsworth trophy races (Fred Cederbreg), gilles miramontes (Steve Campbell), the good ship edith h (W.D. Hanthorn), pilot of the rcaf (Frank Wilson), tinsmithing revival (Marion Campbell), neighbours (Edna Fitzpatrick Otto), volunteers (David Fry), portraying picton's past (Gordon Crouse), tug boat - hero ( A.G.W. Lamont), bookbinding (Marion Campbell), denise belanger-taylor glassblower, adventures in homeowning (Steve Campbell)  	edith h, tub bout Hero
Spring 1988	47	royal modular homes  (Steve Campbell), spring (Edna Fitzpatrick Otto), the honour role, hockey (W.D. Hanthorn), rufus (David Fry), 4-H (Bernice Hardy), cornelis reyn (Steve Campbell), cake decorating (Marion Campbell), w.h. williamson insurance (Arlene Wright), chalk dust and ink wells (Marion Campbell), the county war of independence (Peter W. Johnson), the money pit (Steve Campbell),	 
Summer 1988	48	architectural splendour in wellington, long point (Lisa Meyer), the last county rumrunner (C.W. Hunt), stained glass (Steve Campbell), julian gallo aka wally williamson (Ian S. Robertson), the humbacked trunk (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), primitive rug hooking (Marion Campbell), english milford and prince edward county milford, Deborah Dacombe), a day in the life of prince edward county, 99 bottles of beer (W.D. Hanthorn), adventures in homeowning (Steve Campbell),	 
Fall 1988	49	the ellis house (Steve Campbell), jane everard - studio potter (Steve Campbell), bill hardy and the draft horse (Bernice Hardy), the trager approach (marion Campbell), the fair (Ian S. Robertson), a day in the life - the contendors, the county conflict (Peter Johnson), illegal spear fishing (W.D. Hanthorn), sunday afternoons (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), wooden decoy ducks (Steven Lloyd), rules make the world go 'round (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1988	50	macaulay's green (Steve Campbell), canada world youth, my philosophies (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), tribute to grandfather (Danute Crowley), harold wilkinson (W.D. Hanthorn), keith rogers (Steve Campbell), michael macloud (Steve Campbell), miniature history (Susan Molyneaux), a day in the life of prince edward county (Anthea Weese), portage road (Dr. Paul Germain), the battle of the marketplace (Steve Campbell),	 
Spring 1989	51	the noxon house (David Cox), seeding by plane (Steve Campbell), advanced flying training unit (Frank Wilson), night passage in the county (A.G.W. Lamont), origins of names of villages and towns in prince edward county (Joan Pearson), steamboats (William S. Gibson), musical talent in the county (Steve Campbell), snowmobiles (W.D. Hanthorn), rescuing pigeons in distress (David Fry), early bloomfield (Georgiana Fraleigh), clark's general store in milford) (Deborah Dacombe), a day in the life of prince edward county (Barb Dick), you are what you eat (Steve Campbell) 	hero, geronia, north king, varune, aletha, brockville
Summer 1989	52	 dr. sam hart (Steve Campbell), wellington's tara hall (Steve Campbell), aviator peter thissen (David Fry), first day on the job (Frank Wilson), smugglers of the county (C.W. Hunt), the marcenko family (Anthea Weese), raising pigeons (Marion Campbell), wyndham lawrence and cynthia mcquillan (David Cox), windsurfing, moonshine (W.D. Hanthorn), facts about the county (Georgiana Fraleigh), things that drive people crazy (Steve campbell)	 
Fall 1989	53	flying during a storm (Frank Wilson), the thimidis house (Steve Campbell), gerry foster (Steve Campbell), the stevenson market, potpourri (Marion Campbell), camp trillium (Steve Campbell), the car racing bakers (Norm Mart), alzheimer's (Steve Campbell), jessie stinson (Peggy Leavey), fishing (W.D. Hanthorn), it's a package deal (Steve Campbell),	 
Winter 1989	54	in search of the post office (Margaret E. Meyer), a visit with grandmother (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), timberframe house (Steve Campbell), windstead farms (Steve Campbell), britain at war (Frank Wilson), brad robinson (David Cox), ducks unlimited canada, harry rankin (Steve Campbell), wilbur 'web' brooks (Steve Campbell), the town band (Ruby Lockyer Ward), let's hit the road (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1990	55	the little stone jug l'heritage (Steve Campbell), memories of a harvard graduate (Frank Wilson), joe fisher (David Cox), the old house ( Edna FitzPatrick Otto), road signs (Gilles Miramontes), robert danielis - folk carver (Steve Campbell), the town band - music in the street (David R. Taylor), sunday band concerts (Glendon Minaker), sonrise christian academy (Steve Campbell), skunks (W.D. Hanthorn), sorry wrong number (Steve Campbell),	 
Summer 1990	56	the ward house (Steve Campbell), fairgrounds (Larry Turner), smiley (Frank Wilson), the character of the county town (Gilles Miramontes), gudrun heiss gell (David Cox), the reptile breeding foundation (Steve Campbell), a rolls royce restorer (David Taylor), glenwood cemetery (Ian Robertson), pets r us (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 1990	57	bay view cottages (Steve Campbell), the militia in prince edward county (David R. Taylor), mark despault  (David Cox), plate and doll collections, britania (Steve Campbell), the identity of the county town (Gilles Miramontes), esther dwight (Marion Campbell), autumn the leafless tree (Edna FitzPatrick Otto),the picton fairgrounds (Larry Turner), the return of pets r us (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1990	58	honeybourne - RAF operational training unit ( Frank Wilson), the morden house (Steve Campbell), emma barber, prince edward militia -call to arms (David Taylor), a truck rambling (James Davison), rug hooking (Marion Campbell), a loss of boots - rain (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), mike cole (Ian S. Robertson), a walk to milford (A.G.W. Lamont), corn stoves (Andy Prinzen), the evolution of structures in prince edward county (Gilles Miramontes), special this week (Steve Campbell),	 
Spring 1991	59	tillers of many soils (Frank Wilson), an extremely serious matter (A.G.W. Lamont), the malseed home (Steve Campbell), chef heinz haas (Steve Campbell), additions and deletions of county homes (Gilles Miramontes), stage life in the county (Ian Robertson), prince edward militia called to arms (david taylor), the reader (Edna Fitzpatrick Otto), pat busscher (Steve Campbell), poetry (David Fry), the great canadian depression (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1991	60	memories of la belle province (Frank Wilson), the greig house (Steve Campbell), an ethnic tapestry (David R. Taylor), bloomfield's bicycle, the deterioration of letter writing (Frank Wilson), renderings (G. Putman), summer - directions (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), cedar fences (Steve Campbell), Willis Metcalfe (Ian S. Robertson), rear additions to prince edward county homes (Gilles Miramontes), home winemaking (Steve Campbell), hands across the border (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 1991	61	the log house (Steve Campbell), south bay vineyards (Steve Campbell), Elizabeth Nind (Ian Robertson), involuntary participation in the war (Frank Wilson), picton habour new zealand (Ian Robertson), sandy sinclair (Marion Campbell), discovering and rediscovering the county (Noreen W. Charron, Louise O'Donnell, Harold Rowlatt) the miller's house (Joan Mackie), palace of the moon (Steve Campbell), memories of the palace of the moon (D.R. Young), reflections of rickarton (A.G.W. Lamont), the harvest - the ragman (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), hunting the wild bargoon (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1991	62	the reynolds house (Steve Campbell), the end of an era of rural post offices (Ian Robertson), a century of lighting (Dick Piller), additions and deletions of buildings in prince edward county ( Gilles Miramontes), county handspinners (Marion Campbell), the grove (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), a sense of community (David Taylor), dog sledding (Steve Campbell), my apprenticeship as a telephone lineman (Frank Wilson), someone's in the kitchen with chef etienne (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1992	63	the moore house (Steve Campbell), the legends surrounding daniel reynolds (David R. Taylor), quilters (Marion Campbell), prince edward the island (Frank Wilson), on the homefront (F.W. Inrig), traditional scottish country dancing, carl ackerman's photo album (Carl Ackerman), justice of the peace - marilyn robins, no dogs allowed (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), additions and deletions on buildings in prince edward county (Gilles Miramontes), doctors - dentists  and lawyers (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1992	64	cross-border camping (Frank Wilson), monmouth (Steve Campbell), the men behind the garden county (James McClelland), brian clark architect (Gilles Miramontes), friendship (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), woodcarver of west lake (Ian Robertson), roblin's mill (Martin Hamelink), the maple inn (Joy Mathews), being painted for posterity (A.G.W. Lamont), oh what's the matter with the kids today (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 1992	65	friends (Frank Wilson), the shannon house (Steve Campbell), a church revival (Steve Campbell), the gypsies (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), pleasant valley canners (Douglas A. Crawford), russell perkin (Ian Robertson), additions and deletions of buildings in prince edward county (Gilles Miramontes), jay telfer (Steve Campbell), if you can't play a sport learn one (Steve campbell)	 
Winter 1992	66	the river (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), cottages of the county ( Audrey Saltzman), bringing new life to an old lake (Steve Campbell), new light on the peter lazier murder (David Taylor), embarrassing moments (Frank Wilson), county jam goes to war (Douglas A. Crawford), anne thistle - basket maker (Marion Cambell), court noxon (Gilles Miramontes), leavitt burying ground (A.G.W. Lamont), grief counselling (Ted Goodier), what is a canadian (Steve Campbell),	 
Spring 1993	67	the gentile house (Steve Campbell), conley's tomato cannery (Douglas Crawford), virginia mitchell, suzanne pasternak (Gilles Miramontes), south bay cactus farm (Steve Campbell), harvey j mcfarlad (David R. Taylor), prince edward county woman's auxiliary (Steve Campbell), trains (Edna FitaPatrick Otto), in sickness and health (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1993	68	the gunn house (Steve Campbell), county characters (David R. Taylor), life driving a school bus (Gilles Miramontes), the writer (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), greer brothers canning company (Douglas Crawford), the foresters' island orphan's home (Steve Campbell), a sense of community (Steve Campbell), the cheese from black creek (Steve Campbell), poetry (J.D. Carpenter, Louise O'Donnell), three-headed mother has two-headed child and other stories (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 1993	69	why (Edna FitPAtrick Otto), old glory (Steve Campbell), jean woodsworth (Ian S. Robertson), cherry valley canners (Douglas A. Crawford), purple loosestrife (Barb Harris), music at port milford (A.G.W. Lamont), hobble house studio and gallery (Marion Campbell), how ensign bottum squashed prince edward county (David R, Taylor), the hungry munk herb garden (Diana Papiz), tales of the master renovator (Steve Campbell),	 
Winter 1993	70	little house on the corner (Steve Campbell), a flair for fashion (Barb Harris), willard wesley fitzgerald (Ruth Pollard), echoes of memory (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), a shattered vision (Gilles Miramontes), teddy bears (Marion Campbell), canned chicken (Douglas A. Crawford), laurie scott (Marion Campbell), antiqu dolls, a man and his car (Steve Campbell),	 
Spring 1994	71	tindale timbers (Steve Campbell), dorothy haight (Barb Harris), wapoos canning company (Douglas A. Crawford), celia sage (Steve Campbell), prince edward therapeutic riding association (Marion Campbell), ellen (Edna Fitzpatrick Otto), hetty and henry -metal birds (A.G.W. Lamont), glimpses of yesteryear, an introduction to the visual art (Gilles Miramontes), moving day (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1994	72	the sutton house (Steve Campbell), picton public library (Jo Munday), the language of drawing (Gilles Miramontes), PAWS (Helen G. Dayton), my neighbour's keeper (David Taylor), eggshell art (Steve Campbell), ernie franklin the lucky barber of picton (Ian Robertson), the chatelaine (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), sun-joy foods  (Douglas A. Crawford), popcorn butter in my blood (Steve Campbell),	 
Fall 1994	73	the blanchard-nancekievill house, the murray canal (Jo Munday), prince edward county barns (Gilles Miramontes), bergeron's exotic animal sanctuary (Kim Klaver), elderhostel, the baxter family and canning company in bloomfield (Douglas A. Crawford), the field (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), poetry (J.D. Carpenter), snakes and things that slither and jump (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1994	74	an elevated view of black river (Steve Campbell), the picton legion pip band (Ian S. Robertson), long point (Jo Munday), ralph rolston (Steve Campbell), a photo tour of schools of yesteryear (Barb Harris), freemasonry (Alan R. Capon and David Hickman), folkard canning company and edgewater canners (Douglas A. Crawford), i yup therefore i yam (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1995	75	a letter from thailand (D.P.R. Roche) the holt house (Steve Campbell), morley jackson - bloomfield's restoration man (Barb Harris), avro arrow (Ian S. Robertson), marilyn bradley (Jo Munday), silence of the llamas (Ian Robertson), marilyn reimers, chicken caning on east lake road (Douglas A. Crawford), the village band (Edna FitzPatrick Otto) lord I was born a ramblin' man (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1995	76	towers (Barb Harris), wellington's devonshire inn (Steve Campbell) lost in action (Rose Hitchen), summer storms (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), open garden (Henry and Annie Otto), peta hall - county potter (Steve Campbell), roblin's mill (Ian S. Robertson), the old homestead canning factory (Douglas A. Crawford), up in smoke (Steve Campbell),	 
Fall 1995	77	the drought (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), the mcmullen house (Steve Campbell), early photographers of prince edward county (David Taylor), stained glass, rum runners (C.W. hunt), abydos farms (Kim Klaver), the wilder brother of wellington (Eve Plumton), cherry valley's hyatt canning (Douglas A. Crawford), i fought the law and nobody's sure who won (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1995	78	the apple basket inn (Steve Campbell)silver dart 2 (Ian Robertson), ronald clayton burr (Douglas A. Crawford), post confederation photographers of prince edward county (David A. Taylor), winter (Edna FitzPatrick), William Henry Benson - canner (Douglas Crawford), picton model railroaders (Jo Munday), sam gentile and the struggle to keep the original county hospital open, donnah cameron (Barb Harris), around the continent at 80 mph (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1996	79	rural roots, uncle (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), the law home (Steve Campbell), wellington's flood of 1936 (George F.W. Inrig), command performance (Marion Campbell), the bloomfield packing company limited (DOUG Crawford), it's a small world (Sylva Graham), black slaves and refugees (David R. Taylor), confessions of an ex-packrat (Steve Campbell),	 
Summer 1996	80	wilhome farmhouse (Sylva Graham), bessie dulmage (Barb Harris), sign language (Menno Meijer), marcel s blanchette, canning factories of the county (Douglas A. Crawford), the prince edward yacht club (Jo Munday), one man's trash is another man's entertainment (Steve Campbell)	the commodore, Jada, Adios, Supertest 3, Miss. Supertest
Fall 1996	81	20 years, hadden-holme (Steve Campbell), milford community friendship circle (Barb Harris), prom night (Anita Hellstern), george hees (Ian S. Robertson), sprague foods limited (Douglas A. Crawford), population patterns (David Taylor), white rose (Steve Campbell), lifestyles of the broke and unknown (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1996	82	school days of yesteryear, windcliffe farm (Steve Campbell), the county cider company (Sylva Graham), the hungry year (Marion Campbell), and enigma (Edna FitzPatrick Otto), ostriches (Ian S. Robertson), the snoop sisters (Marion Campbell), demorestville and northport area canners (Douglas A. Crawford), bloomfield glassworks (J.E. Elson), men are from mars women are just insane (Steve Campbell),	 
Spring 1987	83	county goes digital, the maclaurin house (Steve Campbell), across two lakes on the stephen b roman (Matt Stiff), jeanette arsenault (Steve Campbell), worms - rats and carter brothers hardware (F.W. Inrig), the naked tree (Peggy deWitt), the manly art of ice fishing (Ian Robertson), memories may be beautiful and yet (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1997	84	rurual roots, timm's grandview manor (Steve Campbell), garden yarns (Peggy deWitt), graydon biard bush (Ian Robertson), westlake glass studio gallery (Brandi Cramer), canning factories of the county (Douglas A. Crawford), off-road cycling (Sylva Graham), municipal government in the good old days (David R. Taylor), tales from the charred depths of the bbq (Steve Campbell),	 
Fall 1997	85	helicopters, jackson's falls schoolhouse (Steve Campbell), canners seeds limited (Douglas A. Crawford), growing up in bloomfield (Sandra Woolfrey), first gas-electric railcar tested in the county (Alan R. Capon), janet kellough, (Jeanette Arsenault), murder most foul in quiet picton (Ian S. Robertson), a camel is a horse designed by a committee (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1997	86	rural roots, elegance on the bay (Steve Campbell), like drifting leaves (A.G.W. Lamont), fly away home (Sylva Graham), figurative sculptures (Steve Campbell), greg richardson (Steve Campbell), poetry (Court Noxon), cressy canning company (Douglas A. Crawford), i gots dem ol' winter blues agin (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1998	87	the rice house (Steve Campbell), frank johnston (Sylva Graham), picton canning factories (Douglas A. Crawford), peter sly (Steve Campbell), diamond j ranch (Corinne Garvais), war brides (Marion Campbell), another chestnut tree (Ross Parks), things my mother never knew (Steve Campbell),	 
Summer 1998	88	the musgrove home (Steve Campbell), fables - fantasy - fairy tales (Steve Campbell), crime stoppers founded by greg macaleese (Ian S. Robertson), doug boult (Corinne Gervais), canning factories in ameliasburgh township (Douglas A. Crawford), hust who is to blame (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 1998	89	waiting for the peddler's wagon, shannon-arsenault family home (Steve Campbell), when power came to the county (Graham Fraser), amelie silks (Dorothy Williams), dr earle taylor (Barb Harris), the piano (Marion Campbell), cherry valley and milford area canning factories (Douglas A. Crawford), riverside dairy goat farm market (Steve Campbell), life on crutches (Steve Campbell),	 
Winter 1998	90	sounds like the county, tammy love (Steve Campbell), azel guest (Margaret Haylock), sir john a macdonald (Dave Taylor), prince edward radio club (Jo Munday), massage therapy (Steve Campbell), bloomfield area canners (Douglas A. Crawford), corinne musgrove - gallery of rugs (Marion Campbell), the greatest inventions of all time (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 1999	91	another busy year in the county, susan cox (Steve Campbell), the free spirits-this land was made for you and me (Margaret Lodge), picton business collage (David R. Taylor), antique shops, peggy dewitt, wellington area canners (Douglas A. Crawford), the millennium (Ian Robertson), reach out and touch someone (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 1999	92	search for avro arrow, computers are also farming tools (Steve Campbell), the slander of hugh macdonald (David R. Taylor), cast-iron seats (Frank Wright), william r wright (Douglas A. Crawford), elements glass studio and gallery (Steve Campbell), bloomfield's helicopter scandal (Ian Robertson), the generation gap (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 1999	93	giant marshmallows take root in the county, pumpkins (Marion Campbell), ron pickering (Steve Campbell), the cenotaph (Judge George F.W. Inrig), a winery in waupoos (Steve Campbell), boulter and sons (Douglas A. Crawford), palliative care (Marion Campbell), how to start your own business (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 1999	94	new books in the county, tomatoes (Steve Campbell), a quaker cemetery in bowerman hill (Ian S. Robertson), the cenotaph (Judge George F.W. Inrig), mary lou ashton(Steve Campbell), homeopathic medicine (Michelle Luke), canadian canners consolidated companies limited (Douglas A. Crawford), the accidental cousins (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 2000	95	rural roots, century house (Steve Campbell), tanya huff (Ian S. Robertson), dennis poitras (Steve Campbell), boars (Benzie Sangma),canada's first jet fighters tested in the county (Ian S. Robertson), flu season (David R. Taylor), things I will never do (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 2000	96	the forcht house (Steve Campbell), shawn o'sullivan (Joe Scott), prince edward old boys memorial entrance (Joe Scott), maggie murdoch studios (Joe Scott), slickers ice cream (Joe Scott), a world of car parts (Joe Scott), a few-the proud-the lazy (Steve Campbell)	 
n/a	97		 
Winter 2000	98	rural roots, the henry house (Steve Campbell), a christmas conert tale (Ian Robertson), christian marchsteiner (Steve Campbell), chris lockyer (Steve Campbell), days gone by in milford (Morris Ellis), once upon a farm (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 2001	99	minerva (Lynn Rees Lambert), carruthers fine chocolate (Steve Campbell), quinte model shipwrights (Jo Munday), shattered stained glass and stonework (Steve Campbell), days gone by in milford (Morris Ellis), picton's past in photos (Ian Robertson), old mccampbell had a farm (Steve Campbell)	st lawrence, oliver mowat,
Summer 2001	100	new books on the county, woodrow blakely (Ian S. Robertson), the miller clan (C.W. Hunt), glenora springs brewery (Steve Campbell), frank de la roche (Steve Campbell), peril on picton bay (Francis D. Collins), picton's annual monster picnic (James Calnan), memories of picton (Morris Ellis), tribute to my brother (Steve Campbell),  	lillian, eva sea,
Fall 2001	101	rural roots, kevin gibson-cheesmaker to the county (Ian S. Robertson), teddy bears (Steve Campbell), homecoming (Roz Bound), the bald photographer gallery - graham davies (Steve Campbell), the gambling millers (C.W. Hunt), lake on the mountain community (David R. Taylor), on being short (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 2001	102	rural roots, earl tripp, stamp collectors (Jo Munday), entertainment in picton (Morris Ellis), santa art - cynthia mcmillan (Steve Campbell), the gamblers (C.W. Hunt), lake on the mountain community (David Taylor), the accidental break-in (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 2002	103	the bass log house (Steve Campbell), picton castle and sir thomas picton (Ian S. Robertson), chris and norah rogers (Steve Campbell), connie clark (Steve Campbell), a floating casino - the gamblers (C.W. Hunt), beaver meadow (Sylva Graham), the art of begin frugal (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 2002	104	the wild dogs (John F. Gartner), rural roots, suites on the lake, sir thomas picton and picton castle (Ian S. Robertson), antiques roadshow (Steve Campbell), lyne lusk - contemporary art quilter (Steve Campbell), miller's auctions (C.W. Hunt), arsenic and old lace revisited (Ian D. Inrig), the ku klux klan in the county (Ian S. Robertson), little bluff conservation area (Sylva Graham), do ya feel lucky punk (Steve Campbell),	 
Fall 2002	105	fall in the county  - rural roots, john bigg's garden, quinte women of distinction- margaret cahoon (Brenda Taylor), the gamblers - the final hand (C.W. Hunt), sherrill chase (Steve Campbell), whispers in the night (Ian S. Robertson), county pioneer roots, only an old as you feel (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 2002	106	rural roots, the devonshire inn (Steve Campbell), celine papizewska, yoga (Steve Campbell), carol burrill (Peggy deWitt), the canadian guards in picton (Ian Inrig), pioneer roots, in appreciation of the county (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 2003	107	prince edward collegiate institute 50th reunion, caruso's on king (Steve Campbell), clayt stuffles (Ian S. Robertson), computer spam (Ian Robertson), spring (Marion Campbell), gene ouimette (Steve Campbell), peddlesden wines (Steve Campbell), cows (Steve Campbell)	 
Summer 2003	108	county books, merrill inn (Steve Campbell), the pasture (Jennifer Lester), ladies of the five and ten (Marion Campbell), tess moffat (Steve Campbell), treasures of the past (Marion Campbell), summer dance pavilions in prince edward county (Jack F. De Long), in pursuit of pests (Steve Campbell)	 
Fall 2003	109	county show aids native children, a tale of two wineries - chadsey's cairns and black prince winery (Chadsey's Cairns), hastings prince edward land trust (John Monaghan), the house on the hill (Jim Young), catharine kingsman (Steve Campbell), birdhouse city (John Poneta), 3 friends meeting houses (Dorothy Fraleigh), a man and his septic tank (Steve Campbell)	 
Winter 2003	110	rural roots, the shannon arsenault house, battling the blazing forests (Ian S. Robertson), the mad doctor murders (Ian S. Robertson), ken hudson - digital artist (Steve Campbell), the cookie shop (Steve Campbell), shiny kids and christmas pageants, a take of fallen leafs (J.D. Carpenter), poetry (David Fry) where did all the iodine go (Steve Campbell)	 
Spring 2004	111	rural roots, the crawford foster house, six degrees to prince edward county (Janice Colleen Peck Bradley), poetry (Marcel Blanchette), thomas 'rusty' drew (Steve Campbell), life at the home (J.D. Carpenter), poetry (David Fry), marion casson (Steve Campbell), back lanes and sideroads (J.A. Campbell), yo-ho yo-ho a retail life for me (Steve Campbell)	 
summer 2004	112	scrapbook gallery, Hone King, Harrington House, ghost town, backlanes and sideroads - J. A. Campbell, county speak, diet and not lose weight, pratical jokes	 
Fall 2004	113	Hadden House, Tracy Douglas oils, Honey pie, the Hamper- D. Fry, memorable  summer - Michael Saunders, backlanes and sideroads - J. A. Campbell	 
winter 2004	114	Bobby Hull, Pierce Martin House, Camp Picton, Marta Smith, cycle tour, Jack Campbell memories, Bob Townsend	 
Spring 2005	115	McDermaid House, Upland slopes- Dulmage, Mckinney and Kiss,Ferry Tales -Glenora, peotry - David Fry, Sadie's Pottery, Camp Picton, back lanes and sideroads	 
Summer 2005	116	poetry (David Fry), de la Roche House, ClearWater Design -canoes and kyaks, hollywood county, Carl Wiens  illustrator, Trumpour Farm, Lakeshore lodge, back lanes and sideroads, handbook for the county	 
Fall 2005	117	MacKay House,  Pat York jams, Joan Grainger, Artist Graham Metson, Harry Evans, Jack Campbell,	 
winter 2005	118	pat Hacker hypnotherapist, the Stark sisters, Jenica Hammett singer, Mike Muli ice sculptor, Sheba's island, Massassaga point	 
Spring 2006	119	Mia Lane, Carolyn Love, Schroedter's Farm Market, 1918 flu pandemic,	 
Summer 2006	120	Jane Urquhart, A Map of Glass, Picton Ghost Walk, Lighthall Vineyards, steamboats, county memories, Ron Parlane, woodcarver, Bloomfield gas, food, and lodging, back lanes and sideroads, shopping	Aletha, Str. Brockville, America, Hamilton, Spartun, Corsican, Algerian, Alexandria, Resolute, Reliance, Deseronto
Fall 2006	121	Reachview Farm Organic B&B, Cressy, Wellington's Annie Dorland Saylor Library, Bloomfield gas, food, and lodging, ghost stories, Aidan HaleyJoan Grainger, back lanes and sideroads, Picton Ghost Wlak	 
Winter 2006	122	Alternative medicine therapy, Ainsworth  Funeral Home, Teasel's Drug StoreAngela Wagner, pottery, County Hospital, Picton ghost Walk, Back Lanes and Side Roads	 
Spring 2007	123	John Burns, Festival Players of Prince Edward County, Hillier, natural fruits and vegetables, Erika Wolff, Burt Riddle, winter, childhood memories, Margaret McFetridge, Back Lanes and Side Roads, Ainsworth Funeral Home	 
Summer 2007	124	charlie publow, copper kettle chocolate, norris whitney, bird observatory, bruce milan, ainsworth funeral home, paris london on a budget,	 
Fall 2007	125	Carolyn Lecker, County lavender farm, Phil Dodds, Milford, Peter Doyle dtained glass, royal visit 1951,	 
Winter 2007	126	royal hotel, hempsters, clayt stuffles, sunshine and water going green, dave taylor, larry spencer toymaker, public library, ghosthunter, cold and ni-q,	 
sprong 2008	127	Hasty Ps Regimental Museum, Anne Vanvlack, Cressy, C. F. Evans Lumber, Lisa Van Meer, Florence Chik-Lau - ceramic artist, mummified baby, man and his car.	 
Summer 2008	128	Art galleries, Jazz, Rita di Ghent, Peter Sage, History of 289 Main Street, the red barns, Richard Paxton, cressy,	 
Fall 2008	129	Waring Creek, Lynnell community theatre, Cressy , Rick Diamond photographer, gold cup races, early aviation 1918, rickarton Caslte, Jane Ann Thompson of Bloomfiled collections of roooyalty.	 
Winter 2008	130	Fox sisters and Susana Moodie, Twilite Indddustries, Sida Mcdonald Nourse house, Keri Samuel glalss jeweler,touring Cressy, Judge Lane family with Reg and Vernon Powers by CW Hunt, legend of Lake on the Mountain.	 
Spring 2009	131	Alexandra Bake in profile (Janet Davies), Canadian biplanes and World War I (C.W. Hunt), Prince Edward Horse and Pony Club (Lisa Van Meer), Prince Edward County marriages (Janet Davies), Cressy (C.W. Hunt), Tara Wilkinson and Andrew Csafordi (Janet Davies), McGinnis Coach Lines (Phil Ainsworth), memories of farm life (Jack Campbell)	 
Summer 2009	132	Square Daning in the County, Prince Edward county Archives in Wellington, Dairies - MacSteven's and Bell, Fifth Town Artisan chesse, Artists Terry and Joy Williams, Flying early days by C. W. Hunt, Glen Island, steamer North King.	 
Fall 2009	133	Dairies of the County, Anderson's Dairy , Millers Dairy, Picton Market Square, Funk Fest, Dancing in the Sky, Carriage House Cooperage,Sandbanks Winery,Teresa Westervelt, Mt View Cemetery, Cemeteries, Hares Arena, RCAF, Firehall	 
winter 2009	134	Jeanette Arsenault and Olympics, costumes ar Regent, Cherryvale organic farm, Herrington's Dairies,Old Orchard Dairu, W.P. Niles, Ppual Ross Woodturner, Roots of a 4 Leaf clover, Crssy,	 
spring 2010	135	Tribute to Reg Powers, Rural Roots, Made in the County: Cleave Energy, Diaries of the County: Wellington's Ogilvy Diary, 25 Years for Marysburgh Mummers, The return of Roblin, Artists of the County: Susan Moshynski, Roots of a 4 leaf clover, The back page: Steve's magic travel tips	 
Summer 2010	136	Young and Old (The Garlic Man and The Pepper King), teaching in South Marysburgh, Paul Peterson - Mustang Drivein, Grampa's Goodtime Gang, Forgotten Heroes, Sparkbox Studios, Wellington's Campbell Dairy, The Chivaree, Unsound Mind in a Sound Body (Kraft Dinner)	 
Fall 2010	137	Our Navy by Natalie Anderson and Madelaine Johnson, Tyler Atherton, George Devonshire and Harry Walmsley, Ken Koyama, Sheila Gribble, Hug Chrlebois, Mark Aulthouse, Spinning Lise Noakes, musician Bill Sallans, Tatyana Sylla, Myers dairy, occupation of Jersey by Barbara Balsillie, Pam Carter artist. church coming down	 
Winter 2010	138	forgotten heroes, county cooking, artists, dairies, ghosts	 
Spring 2011	139	County railway, Calnan dairy, horticultural society, Campney flying ace from County WWI and Wallace Earle by Hunt, offbeat weddings, Wellington characters by Ron Bailey,	 
Summer 2011	140	County goats at Gary Fox's. Latchford dairy, Bobby Hull, sandbanks,  Peta the potter in africa, Small pond art Krista Dalby and Milé Murtanovski, wellington stories	 
Fall 2011	141	Sandbank tales, lighthouses Main Duck,  beaches, Wellington, Belleview Dairy, folk artist Robert Danielis, farm stand Ed Taylor, Parliament,	 
Winter 2011	142	Baycrest Marina and boats, Point  Traverse lighthouse, Greenpoint and Cronk's ferry, drag races, Elsie Sprague, County Live, Gravity fest,	 
Spring 2012	143	Salmon Poaint and Scotch Bonnet lighthouses, Seamstresses of the county, family cars, holidays, fairy makers	 
Summer 2012	144	lighthouses Pt. Petre, Telegraph Island and pt. Pleasant, Asparagus farm- Brian Beatty, Bloomfield, Cows, Moses Dulmage, Sir John A. MacDonald's early life, artist Sharon Fox Cranston and Guy Cranston	 
Fall 2012	145	Ried Brothers barrel factory, County air cadets, Ken McConnell lighthouse keeper Main Duck's, nut orchard - Gary Caley, five sisters doll makers and folk art Renesville road.	 
Winter2012	146	False Duck lighthouse, Claudia J,. McCabe, Prince Edward Automobile  Club Rotary of Wellington,picking berries, breadmaking	 


Revised: 3 June 2012