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Jun:1992	1			bi-monthly
Aug:1992	2			bi-monthly
Oct:1992	3			bi-monthly
Dec:1992	4			bi-monthly
Feb:1993	5			bi-monthly
Apr:1993	6			bi-monthly
Jun:1993	7			bi-monthly
Aug:1993	8			bi-monthly
Oct:1993	9			monthly
Nov:1993	10			bi-monthly
Jan:1994	11			bi-monthly
Mar:1994	12			monthly
Apr:1994	13			monthly
May:1994	14			monthly
Jun:1994	15			monthly
Jul:1994	16			monthly
Aug:1994	17	X-boats, sunbeams, friendship sloops. Peter H. spectre and Ralph Stanley, Chichester Harbour, the Broads.	Tofina, Tadore, Freedom, Offcut, Zara, Rosemary, Blue Bell, Serina, Melisande, Elfin, Irene of Bridgwater	monthly
Sep:1994	18	southampton Boat show, Mersey skiff, Mallard, cold moulded consruction, Judy Brickhill, Westrau 16, John Wastson artist, Isle of Mann	Sutton Hoo replica, Mutin, Provident, Emma, Vigia, Thelma, ZinniaLochudy, Aquila	monthly
Oct:1994	19	Falmouth classics, Loire, Hawkins half models, fishing boats of scotland east coast - flit boats, 	Isabella Ellen, Bloodhoound, Nephalia, Thendara's tender, suzette -6 metre, 	monthly
Dec:1994	20	artist John Chancellor, Cornish crabbers, Norfolk wherries, artist William Edwrad Wigfull	Rosinate, Tannis, Red Head, Roxane, Renard, Popoff, Etoile Molene, Joshua, Rona, Mallard	bi-monthly
Jan:1995	21	Gaff cutter, Finland, Salcombe trader, Denny Desoutter, artist Turner, Haryy Clow, Kittiwake, 	Hansteen, White Moth, Auther H. Davies, 	bi-monthly
Mar:1995	22	Finland, Portugal, Mallard	Red Gauntlet, Kilter, Fleetwing, Mathilde, 	monthly
Apr:1995	23	Lighthouses, thames slippers, Ewst Scotland fishing boats, dsigns of George Holmes, 	Cariad, stella, Andromeda, Melusine	monthly
May:1995	24			monthly
Jun:1995	25	Pram dinghy, smacks and bawleys, Shotley, artist Niemann, 	Celerina, Ethel, Ark, Cabby, 	monthly
Jul:1995	26	Scottish double ender, barge yacht, hollow masts, balast keel Wrren class pram dinghy, Tree boat, Ness Yawl, 	Batavia, P'tit Bonheur, Barican, gypsy, Laura	monthly
Oct:1995	27	prawners, wooden boat show Greenwhich, Artists -Lee, Wagner, Shipsides, Betham. Houston Bell Baxter, Broads boats, modern outboards, fleet trows severn, Golant Gaffer, canoe launch, strip planking, Italy	Scalloway, Magda, Moya	monthly
Sep:1995	28	Devon lugger, clinker boats, Horzens, Mallard rigs, fishing boats of Wales, Forbans of France, Longstone 16, dory construction, 	Omega, Romilly, Sapphire 27, Lizzie, Terna, Tern, Sparrow, Nobile, primavera, Antal	monthly
Oct:1995	29	Lugger of Devon and Cornwall, pilot cutter, Herreshoff 12 1/2 ,  	Peter Duck, Dolly Pentreath, Guide Me, Gannet, La grande Léjon, Girl Sybil, Our boys, Goosander, Le Seil, Mascotte, Dutch Maid, Roxae, Post Boat, Bonita, Roberta III, 	monthly
Dec:1995	30	Tidewater, clinker built, New Zealand, Falmouth 18 foot, 	Nathaniel Bowditch, Grace Bailey, Mistress, J & E Riggin, Alchemy, Whisper, Ptarmigan, Fanny, Mira II, 	monthly
Jan:1996	31	ice boating Netherlands shipmaster De Hoop, shrimper, Artic, Artist -Frank Wagner, bilge keeler British Columbia	Roxane, Alpha, Vagabond, Corentin, Vita, Sara Kjerstine, Arabella Rose, Andreyale, Mynonie, , Fanny, San Guiseppe Due	monthly
Mar:1996	32	Pilot cutter, flobarts of France, electric boats, Moray Firth, olden days Brightlingsea, Norfolk punt and pram	Annabel J, Mopsy,  Farthing, Suantress, Fanny, 	monthly
Apr:1996	33	Pocket crusier, Lac Leman, Nobby race, Plyboats design from a computer - then model, Lake Geneva, Artist- David Eston, Clinker dingy, Fanny, 	Aurthur Alexander, Palace, Felix the Cat, Sanderling, Ginger, Zela, 	monthly
May:1996	34	Ireland's east coast, shetland sixareen, Robertson II with scantlings for model makers, Yarmouth of old, Hastings fishing fleet, oyster dredgers, kattegat, Optimone build yourself, Bristol 96, 	star of the west, Vagabond, 	monthly
Jun:1996	35	Brest '96, Jack chippendale, cockle, Norfolk coaster, Adriatic of old, 	Cancalaise, Audierne, , smuggler, la Granvillaise, 	monthly
Jul:1996	36	Farne Islander, Captain Charles Nottage, Bristol '96, boats on the Humber of old, cove boat, 	Espanola	monthly
Aug:1996	37	Designs of Fred Shepherd, Sea Otter, Lively Lady, Greenwhich, Artists Sally Basset and Roger Hickman, the Flyer, estuary launch, Bridlington skiff, the Water Wags, 	Vivette, Selna King, Lady Betty Too	monthly
Sep:1996	38	lateen rig, Stintino, Sam Devlin, Carl Gustav Pettersson, dinghy cruising, Cormoran	Lady Hermione, Golden Hind, Winter Wern, Rapsody, Wiking X, Captain Flint, Finisterre, Marie Claude, Landrath Kuster, Spray of Wight	monthly



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