Building project 2021

Bulding project 2021

This page, not publicly advertized, is designed for the work group concerned with our expansion project examining design, programmes, material layout, work flow and other aspects of our proposed building extension bordering Benson Park at the northern end of our property.

Documents currently available include:

Drawings :

Site plan -- general - showing location, gardens, neighbours (Rev. 3)
Elevation, North - as seen from Benson Park (Rev. 6)
Elevation, West - as seen from the Right of Way (Rev. 9)
Plan -- basement - semi-underground parking area (Rev. 5)
Plan -- 1st floor (ground) - including raised floors in addition, public access (Rev. 3)
Plan -- 2nd floor - mainly library extension, public access (Rev. 2)
Plan -- 3rd floor - temporary, to be completed
Section (north), ramp, etc -- ramp in semi-underground parking area (Rev. 5)
Stairwell details -- SouthWest; parking to 3rd floor (Rev. 5)
Exterior wall detail -- wall and column (Rev. 2)

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This page is for working contributions to our expansion project.

This is a work in progess.