Some Titles referring to Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

See also: our fiction page for Hornblower, Ramage, Aubrey Maturin, etc, as the following list only contains non-fiction titles. Note also that books that have references to Nelson, HMS VICTORY, and the Napoleonic Wars – sometimes quite extensive – but are not solely dedicated to this subject matter, are not mentioned in this list (examples include our complete forty volume set of "The Naval Chronicles", 1799-1819, and Campbell's "Lives of the British Admirals" of which we have the first four volume edition, updated to 1779 and also the later eight volume edition, updated to 1817 thus covering the Nelsonian period – and to some extent the War of 1812.

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Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st Edition
Life of NelsonAllen, JosephGeorge Routledge 18521
General-at-Sea : Robert Blake and the seventeenth-century Revolution in Naval WarfareBaumber, MichaelJohn Murray0-7195-4706-719891
The Battle of TrafalgarBennett, GeoffreyNaval Institute Press0-87021--914-619771r
Nelson : the CommanderBennett, GeoffreyScribner's684-12886-119721
Lost Ships, Bound, MensunSimon Schuster0-684-85251-919981
Patriotic LadyBowen, marjorieDavid Bruce and Watson85127-050-619701
Nelson, the Essential heroBradford, ErnleHarcourt, Brace, Jovanovitch77-7311419771us
NelsonBryant, ArthurCollins0-00-192255-619701 2imp
Tears of VictoryBryant, ArthurCollins 19441
Nelson in the Caribbean : The hero emerges, 1784-1787Callo, JosephNaval Institute Press0-55750-206-420031
H.M.S. VictoryCommanding OfficerWaterlow Ltd.  1984
Nelson, the ManCorbett-Smith,Arthur (Major)Little, Brown 19321
The Battle of TrafalgarDavies, PaulPan Books0-330-02854-519721
Nelson's Favourite : HMS Agamemnon at war 1781-1809Deane, AnthonyCaxton Editions1-84067-430-x19962003
Nelson's PurseDowner, MartynCorgi Books0-552-15085-120042005
Napoleon's Lost FleetForeman, Laura and Phillips, Ellen BlueRoundtable Press1-56331-831-819991
Nelson against NapoleonGardiner, RobertCaxton1-840-67361-319971
Horatia NelsonGerin, WinifredClarendon Press, Oxford 19701
Trafalgar and the Spanish NavyHarbron, John D.Naval Institute Press0-87021-695-319881us
Emma, Lady HamiltonHardwick, MollieHolt Rinehart Winston03-081849-419701 2imp
The Nelson AlmanacHarris, David (ed)Conway Maritime Press0-85177-755-419981
Nelson Hattersley, RoySaturday Review Press0-8415-0288-919741
The Age of NapoleonHerold, J. ChristopherHarper and Row63-1113219631
Nelson, a personal historyHibbert, ChristopherAddison-Wesley Publishing Co. 19941
Trafalgar: The Nelson TouchHowarth, DavidGalahad Books, New York0-88365-272-219691
Waterloo : day of battle Howarth, DavidAtheneum68-2766319691 2imp
Nelson : the Immortal MemoryHowarth, David and StephenConway Classics0-85177-720-119881
Every man will do his dutyKing, DeanHenry Holt and Company0-8050-4806-919971
Nelson : Britannia's God of WarLambert, AndrewFaber and Faber0-571-21222-020041
Nelson and the NileLavery, BrianCaxton Editions / Chatham1-84067-522519981
Nelson's Fleet at TrafalgarLavery, BrianNaval Institute Press1-59114-610-020041
Trafalgar - an eyewitness accountLegg, Stuart (ed)John Day Company67-1461319661
Nelson and Sea PowerLloyd, ChrisotpherEnglish Universities Press0-340-12413-x19731
Anatomy of Nelson's ShipsLongridge, C NepeanNaval Institute Press0-87021-077-719611974
Great battles of the British NavyLow, Lt Charles R.George Routledge and Sons 18721
Fiddlers and Whores: the candid memoirs of a surgeon in Nelson's fleetLowry, JamesChatham Publishing1-88176-268-220061
Feeding Nelson's Navy: The True Story of Food at Sea in the Georgian EraMacDonald, JanetChatham Publishing1-86176-288-720042006
Most Secret and Confidential. Intelligence In The Age Of NelsonMaffeo, Steven ENaval Institute Press1-55750-545-420001
Sea Life in Nelson's TimeMasefield, JohnSphere books0-85177-313-319051972 3rd
The Naval HeritageMathew,DavidCollins 19441
Heart of Oak : a sailor's life in Nelson's navyMcGuane, James PNorton0-393-04749-020021
Broadsides: the age of fighting sail 1775-1815Miller, NathanJohn Wiley and Sons, 0-471-18517-520001
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 1 1777-1794)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-048-518441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 2 1795 - 1797)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-049-318441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 3 Jan 1798 - Aug 1799)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-050-718441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 4 Sep 1799 - Dec 1801)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-051-518441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 5 jan 1802 - Apr 1804)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-052-318441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 6 May 1804 - July 1805)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-053-118441997
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 7 Aug 1805 - Oct 1805)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-054-x18441997
Seize The Fire: Heroism, Duty, And The Battle Of TrafalgarNicolson, AdamHarper Collins0-06-075361-720051
Men of War: Life in Nelson's NavyO'Brian, PatrickW.W. Norton0-393-03858-019951us
NelsonOman, CarolaSphere Books 19471968
Life and Times of Horatio HornblowerParkinson, C. NorthcoteBarnes and Noble0-707-0944-019961970
Horatio NelsonPocock, TomAlfred Knopp0 394-57056-11988, 1st. US
The Terror Before Trafalgar : Nelson, Napoleon, and the Secret WarPocock, TomW.W. Norton " Company, New York0-393-05776-320022003 (first American edition)
The Young Nelson in the AmericasPocock, TomCollins0-00-216562-719801
Horatio NelsonPocock. TomKnopf0-394-5705619881us
Nelson and his WorldPocock. TomViking68-1644519681
Decision at TrafalgarPope, DudleyJ.B. Lippincott60-784819681
England ExpectsPope, DudleyWeidenfeld and Nicolson 19591
The Great Gamble, Nelson at CopenhagenPope, DudleySimon and Schuster671-21404-71972 
Life in Nelson's NavyPope, DudleyUnwin Hyman0-04-359008-X19811987
Hornblower's Navy, Life at Sea in the Age NelsonPope, SteveOrion0-75281-774-419981
Nelson and the HamiltonsRussell, JackCopp Clark 1969 
Nelson and the HamiltonsRussell, JackSimon and Schuster70-796381969 
Trafalgar - count down to battle 1803-1805Schom, AlanMacmillin and Company Ltd.0-689-10255-919901US
The Life of NelsonSouthey, RobertJ.M. Dent 18131922
The Life of NelsonSouthey, RobertGibbings and Co 18131911
Hearts of OakStables, Gordon MD, CMCahill & Co, Dublin 1893early reprint
The Trafalgar CompanionStillwell, Alexander (ed)Osprey1-84176-835-920051
the Quarterdeck LadderStyles, StonewellWilliam Kimber, London0-7183-0029-719821
Nelson : a dream of GlorySugden, JohnJonathen Cape0-224-06097-x20041
TrafalgarTerraine, JohnMason, Charter0-88405-387-319751 us 1976
TrafalgarTerraine, JohnMason/Chater0-88405-387-31976, 1st. US
With the Utmost possible despatch - poems of Nelson's NavyTurner, HarrySpellmount Ltd1-86227-175-520021
Nelson : love and fameVincent, EdgarYale University Oress 20031
NelsonWalder, DavidDial Press0-8037-6431-619781
The Nelson PortraitsWalkerRoyal Naval Museum0-9526377-5-819981
The Glorious First of JuneWarner, OliverMacmillan 19611 us
NelsonWarner, OliverFollett0-695-80541-x19751 us
Nelson's BattlesWarner, OliverB.T. Batsford Ltd 19651
A Portrait of Lord NelsonWarner, OliverReprint Society 19581959
Trafalgar Warner, OliverMacmillan Company, New York 19591
Hero of Trafalgar - The story of Lord NelsonWhipple, A.B.C.Random House 1955 
1797 : Nelson's year of destinyWhite, ColinRoyal Naval Museum0-7509-2699-619982001 1st pb
The Nelson EncyclopediaWhite, ColinStackpole Books0-8117-0013-520021us
Nelson : the new lettersWhite, Colin (ed)Boydell1-843-83130-920051
The Nelson CompanionWhite, Colin (ed)Bramley1-85833-765-819951997
NelsonWilkinson, ClennelLongmans, Green and Co, NY 19311
The Sea Warriors : Fighting Captains and Frigate Warfare in the Age of NelsonWoodman, RichardCarroll & Graf, Inc., New York0-7867-0855-720012001


The above represents part of our holdings on this subject - these books are all available for consultation - some of the older titles may be handled only by a Curator, or by a Member who has received approved training in the handling of archival material. Biographies, engravings, paintings, charts, etc are not listed.

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