Chronicles of Canada

Edited by George M. Wrong and H.H. Langton, published by Glasgow, Brook & Co, Toronto, 1915-1916, in thirty-two volumes.

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Part I. First European visitors.

  • v. 1. Dawn of Canadian history : a chronicle of aboriginal Canada by Stephen Leacock
  • v. 2. Mariner of St. Malo : a chronicle of the voyages of Jacques Cartier by Stephen Leacock

Part II. Rise of New France

  • v. 3. Founder of new France : a chronicle of Champlain by Charles W. Colby
  • v. 4. Jesuit missions : a chronicle of the Cross in the wilderness by Thomas Guthrie Marquis
  • v. 5. Seigneurs of Old Canada : A chronicle of new-world feudalism by William Benett Munro
  • v. 6. Great intendant : a chronicle of Jean Talot in Canada 1665-1672 by Thomas Chapais
  • v. 7. Fighting governor : a chronicle of Frontenac by Charles W. Colby

Part III. English invasion.

  • v. 8. Great fortress : a chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760 by William Wood
  • v. 9. Acadian exiles : a chronicle of the land of Evangeline by Arthur G. Doughty
  • v. 10. Passing of New France : a chronicle of Montcalm by William Wood
  • v. 11 Winning of Canada : a chronicle of Wolfe by William Wood

Part IV. Beginnings of British Canada.

  • v. 12. Father of British Canada : a chronicle of Carleton by William Wood
  • v. 13. United empire loyalists : a chronicle of the Great Migration by W. Stewart Wallace
  • v. 14. War with the United States : a chronicle of 1812 by William Wood

Part V. Red man in Canada.

  • v. 15. War chief of the Ottawas : a chronicle of the Pontiac War by Thomas Guthrie Marquis
  • v. 16. War chief of the six nations : a chronicle of Joseph Brant by Louis Aubrey Wood
  • v. 17. Tecumseh : a chronicle of the last Great Leader of his people by Ethel T. Raymond.

Part VI. Pioneers of the North and West.

  • v. 18. 'Adventurers of England' on Hudson Bay : a chronicle of the fur trade in the North by Agnes C. Laut
  • v. 19. Pathfinders of the Great Plains : a chronicle of La Veérendrye and his sons by Lawrence J. Burpee
  • v. 20. Adventurers of the Far North : a chronicle of the Arctic seas by Stephen Leacock
  • v. 21. Red River colony : a chronicle of the beginnings of Manitoba by Louis Aubrey Wood
  • v. 22. Pioneers of the Pacific Coast : a chronicle of the sea rovers and fur hunters by Agnes C. Laut
  • v. 23. Cariboo trail : a chronicle of the gold-fields of British Columbia by Agnes C. Laut

Part VII. Struggle for political freedom.

  • v. 24. Family compact : a chronicle of the rebellion in Upper Canada by W. Stewart Wallace
  • v. 25. 'Patriotes' of '37 : a chronicle of the lower Canadian rebellion by Alfred D. Decelles
  • v. 26. Tribune of Nova Scotia : a chronicle of Joseph Howe by William Lawson Grant
  • v. 27. Winning of Popular Government : a chronicle of the Union of 1841 by Archibald Macmechan

Part VIII. Growth of Nationality.

  • v. 28. Fathers of Confederation : a chronicle of the birth of the Dominion by A.H.U. Colquhoun
  • v. 29. Day of Sir John Macdonald by Joseph Pope
  • v. 30. Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier : a chronicle of our own times by Oscar D. Skelton

Part IX. National Highways.

  • v. 31. All afloat : a chronicle of craft and waterways by William Wood
  • v. 32. Railway builders : a chronicle of overland highways by Oscar D. Skelton.


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