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Charles Henry Jeremiah ("Jerry") Snider was born 26 May 1879 in Sherwood, Ontario. His education - fairly normal grammar school - also included a term at the Auditorium of Art (now the Ontario College of Art. In 1891 he first served aboard Great Lakes ships (lumber and coal trade) and attained the qualification of First Mate. In 1897 he joined the staff of the Toronto Evening Telegram, and rose through the ranks, with stints during both the First and Second World Wars in Europe as war correspondent. He died in Toronto on 12 December 1971, in his ninety-second year, after being associated with the Evening Telegram for the better part of his life, having served the paper for over six decades. His highest position was that of Managing Editor and he also was a trustee of the estate of John Ross Robertson, the Telegram's founder.

Title Publisher Published
In the wake of the eighteen twelvers : Fights & Flights of Frigates & Fore-'n'-afters in the War of 1812-1815 on the Great Lakes Bell and Cockburn; and John Lane, the Bodley Head 1913
The Glorious "Shannon's" old Blue Duster and other faded flags of fadeless fame McClelland and Stewart 1923
The Story of "Nancy" and other Eighteen-Twelvers McClelland & Stewart, Ltd 1926
Under the red jack : privateers of the maritime provinces of Canada in the war of 1812 Musson Book Co Ltd 1929
Leaves From the War Log of the Nancy: 1813 Rous & Mann 1936
Annals of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, 1938-1954 : with a record of the club's principal trophies and the contests for them Rous & Mann Ltd. 1937
The Griffon Rous & Mann Press Ltd. 1956
Tarry Breeks and Velvet Garters : Sail on the Great Lakes of America, in War, Discovery, and the Fur Trade, Under the Fleur De Lys Ryerson Press 1958

We also hold microfilm copies of approximately 1300 articles that Snider wrote for the Toronto Evening Telegram under the General Heading "Schooner Days" from the early 1930s to the 1950s.

The above represents part of our holdings on this subject - these books are all available for consultation - some of the older titles may be handled only by a curator, or by a Member who has received approved training in the handling of archival material. Engravings, paintings and charts are not listed.

A fair proportion of his manuscripts (which are extensive) can be found at the Ontario Archives' C.H.J. Sider fonds.

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Schooner Days . . .

. . . 1931 to 1957

C.H.J Snider wrote nearly 1,300 "Schooner Days" articles for the Toronto Telegram; most of them cover the last of sail and early days of steam on the Great Lakes. We are slowly, but surely, making them available here.