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[Notes dated mid-June 2004, subject to change, amendment]
[This summary does not replace or overide the Draft Business Plan]

     Borrowing from the recent Throne Speech, a defining characteristic of Canada, both nationally and internationally, is the "vitality and excellence of our cultural life" and it goes on to say that "Canada's artists and cultural enterprises are among our best ambassadors, as well as being an increasingly dynamic element of the knowledge economy."

     1. The purchase of the "old" Post Office to become a cultural centre on Main Street as the new home of the Archives and Collections Society and the Canadian Society Marine Artists which will enable us to contribute to the vitality of the cultural life, promoting Canadian artists and adding to the body of cultural body of knowledge.

     2. This initiative will be significant in helping to revitalize the downtown which has been ravaged with fires, with the restoration of the building to recall the original architecture. This important historical landmark will be preserved and have a walkway between the building and Benson Park with horticultural attractions, and space for community art shows in the new galleries. This will be a dynamic element inviting the people to visit and walk about.

     3. This centre will complement and strengthen the cultural attractions of the theatre, library and other art galleries, book stores, antique shops, etc, which are close proximity

     4. This will be part of the economic engine of the tourism sector with a draw of visitors not only from the County and region but farther afield. The centre will be open year round and this will also support significantly the local business of Main St. as well as the tourist industry. The attractions that are planned are permanent galleries and numerous special shows throughout the year; speakers and special classes and events will also attract visitors. This is in addition to the research facilities, reference library and archival holdings.

     5. New jobs will be created and the number is expected to grow with time.

     6. A legacy will be created future generations in honouring the past achievements

     7. All levels of governments are supportive, as is the BIA, Chamber of Tourism and Commerce and Taste the County and the private sector.

     8. The A & C society has a nine year track record, the CSMA one of 24 years, creating a sizable collection that is used locally, nationally and internationally for research and education

     9. The business plan for this expansion is sound and fund raising must start a.s.a.p. given various external pressures.


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