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Proposed expansion

Post Office / Customs House, Picton

Rendering of building
Architect Allan Rae's project
Rendering by David Dawson
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     The exciting news is that on the 28th of February the Society is closing the sale on the old Post Office / Customs House on Picton Main Street.

     This is the first step to create an exciting and dynamic centre of art and culture freely accessible to the community and visitors.

     Your support is needed as the project moves forward in phased rennovations to be able to utilize all of the building for all visitors.

     The following documents are presented:


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Members are always encouraged to contact us with suggestions as to content - both on our web pages and in our research library and archives in Picton Ontario.

We are continually expanding our collections - donations would be sincerely welcomed

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Last Updated on February 8, 2007
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